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    What does it say about today's talent that Federer was forced to play 'til 40?

    Forced? Lol - he’s just playing tennis and having fun. He barely sweats
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    What do you tell people after they do 1000 reps and still get it wrong?

    +1 One needs to learn how to undo - to relax muscles that we don’t even realise we use. Yoga is perfect to compliment that, video footage to ensure you’re on three right path, dedication and training.
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    Djoker's father: he will most likely skip the Australian Open

    Shouldn’t be a surprise. Pigs are more likely to fly than Djokovic defy his moral beliefs and inoculate himself
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    Forehand Release or Tight Arm Problem

    Too tense. You can get golfers elbow with that swing. Relax
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    Zverev and Medvedev match not visually aesthetic

    Agree I find Medvedev very interesting and enjoy watching him play. I also enjoy his relaxed approach like he just got out of bed and popped round to the park for a hit.
  6. J

    Federer trying to play professional tennis again is ridiculous, the more I think about it

    If he wants to play and have some fun why not? His achievements won’t go anywhere
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    Zverev era has come.

    Maybe - not much in it. A lot of players can catch up quickly if they improve their level of pushing a tad
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    Why is no one talking about how easy Medvedev’s US Open draw was?

    Draw is always going to be weak when the generation is weak. The question should now be, can Medvedev improve on a court with a lower cpi? If so, then he is in contention on being and holding onto no1 for a while
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    Jelena Djokovic congratulates Zverev

    Nice act of sportsmanship. I have only ever known Novak to lose with grace as well.
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    How was the 2021 season for you as a tennis fan? What were the highs and lows for you?

    Highs: - Exciting mix of tennis breaking through with youngsters. - Emma Raducanu, Leylah Fernandez - Djokovic arrival to the 20 club and his level (we won’t see for a long time) Lows: - Low quality breaking through in ATP - we have been blessed the last 20 years, no one seems to want to take...
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    Novak interview... Biggest criticism of ATP I ever heard...

    I am sure pay of lower ranked players can significantly increase even without equality being met
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    Novak interview... Biggest criticism of ATP I ever heard...

    He isn’t the atp - distribution needs to be systemic - not empathetic
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    Djokovic: I want to be in front of Nadal and Federer...

    The tortoise may have won the race but he can never claim to have been the fastest. Sorry Djokovic - that is too late
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    Medvedev Is Pure Savage

    Did Medvedev throw a tantrum? No Did he throw a racket? No Did he argue with the umpire? No Did he willingly and thus sportingly give a point to Sinner when it could have gone through drama of umpire and challenge? Yes Did he acknowledge the partisan fans without sticking two fingers up to them...
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    Peng Shuai missing after accusing official of assault

    Tennis is looking out for her just like a mother would look out for her missing child.
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    Roger Federer confirms he’ll miss the 2022 Australian Open. Says 2022 Wimbledon is also in doubt

    Knees. Recovery takes ages. Even if it’s just a cartilage snip. And they are never the same, no matter the recovery. Hard court will be a killer - carpet manageable.
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    The truth is, Novak has it all

    We A difference of opinion :) all good - take care and thanks for your opinion
  18. J

    The truth is, Novak has it all

    Yeah I saw them all. And I can tell you Sampras was up there with them. Also saw him live and his volleying was a sheer joy
  19. J

    The truth is, Novak has it all

    Sorry but that’s absolute rubbish. He was amazing
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    Berrettini describes pre-Wimbledon final emotional breakdown

    Didn’t matter - harsh, but relaxed or not, there will only be one winner with him and Novak in a final
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    Andy Murray – the Rocky Balboa of tennis

    It’s not about how hard you hit your forehand, it’s about how hard the forehand hits you and you keep it in. How hard the backhand hits you and you keep it in
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    Which player sullied the reputation of tennis the most?

    What about players throwing balls at ball girls?
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    Fully formed functional and powerful 2HB after 2.5 months and 30 hitting sessions

    Never settle, keep improving. Lovely foundations
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    Osaka returning...?

    She should smile more.
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    Tsitsipas “there is currently only one big player: Novak Djokovic. He’s still the best in the world.”

    I have to say I think it’s an exciting era. But a weak one. Murray is a great barometer for this: old, sluggish with man made hips and still the youngsters still have to drop every sweat of blood to beat him. Murray would have eaten them for breakfast in his 20s. Djokovic is the last fit ATG...
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    I think Nadal wins the Slam Race at 22. Fed/Djoker end on 20.

    Djokovic needs to win quick he is running out of time
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    Barty hits triple figures as world #1!

    Because she is beautiful, has a contagious smile, young and has an appeal to China as well as other countries
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    Does Stefanos have tennis elbow ?

    Too many toilet breaks have taken their toll
  29. J

    Sinner: "Tiafoe Went Too Far"

    I believe I just did…
  30. J

    Sinner: "Tiafoe Went Too Far"

    From the highlight reel it looks like Sinner lost to some very clever tactics from T - he gave him no rhythm and frequented the net. I think it was that simple - Sinner needs to chill out, focus on what he really needs to improve on