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  1. Federerkblade

    Grigor agassi and losing hair

    Grigor working with agassi interesting He looks older has shaved his hair and has had hair loss What the hell has happened to him
  2. Federerkblade

    The guy next to Valida all week In Shanghai

    What's his name pls He was wearing a yellow shirt in the final yellow Lacoste t shirt that is ?
  3. Federerkblade

    Read the kokk broke his knee cap on advertising board

    If so abolsute disgrace it was in a dangerous place and he should sue The video is disgusting for that to happen at monte Carlo
  4. Federerkblade

    Novak Monte Carlo interview - honest and worth watching

    If anyone wants to see it will post link
  5. Federerkblade

    Novak changed service motion back wiyh Vajda

    Noticed the slight change in Novak service motion Expect him to play much better today
  6. Federerkblade

    Jelena message on instagram-novak

    not here to create rumours every relationship has ups and downs Jelena message on live story instagram “A mans success is measured by what his wife and children say about him. Money and accomplishments mean nothing if you let your home fail “ Very profound and true and deep.. Explains the...
  7. Federerkblade

    Agassi one line Novak

    Agassi split was bad evidenced by one.single line in statement Sptepanek went amicably Novak is acting really bad Sacks whole team Vaida etc Andre helps Novak no charge Now agrees sptepanek no longer Whoah Novak what are you doing and have become
  8. Federerkblade

    Agassi Novak disagreements - what about ?

    What were the disagreements about ? His weight ? His serve motion ? His change of string pattern ? His schedule ? What were these two arguing and debating about ? No silly inhumane answers pls . Let's keep it genuine.
  9. Federerkblade

    Novak Miami interview - wow at 3mins 55 he gets ..

    Novak yes a lot of.comments about him being done But these are the factors Physically looks slim and not strong Service motion redesign.. cannot serve with same speed and accuracy Change of frame - less visible lead and 18*19 pattern instead of 18*20 Hitting balls long Cannot make...
  10. Federerkblade

    Novak and the changes - is he done

    Novak yes a lot of.comments about him being done But these are the factors Physically looks slim and not strong Service motion redesign.. cannot serve with same speed and accuracy Change of frame - less visible lead and 18*19 pattern instead of 18*20 Hitting balls long Cannot make...
  11. Federerkblade

    Novak interview tennis tv

    so confused Novak is talking in the interview saying he expects to be injury and pain free in elbow after the small surgery No explanation how it was solved yet he said in Aussie 18 each matxh their was pain ....
  12. Federerkblade

    Head lynx yellow 1.25 and 1.20 v poly tour pro yellow 1.25;1.20

    Anyone compared and tried both .
  13. Federerkblade

    Propulse 3

    One of the most 7nderrated best shoes from babolat Babolat bring back !
  14. Federerkblade

    Is come on allowed

    With so many road runners these days in tennis when they can track any ball down Is a come on allowed when the opponent finally hits the ball in the net or hit the ball long after retrieving it from all over the court ... Or is it frowned upon. Not seen nadal do it in a while or am I wrong ...
  15. Federerkblade

    Chung Glasses make

    anyone know the make
  16. Federerkblade

    Chung Racquet/String and Tension

    anyone know actual Reality of the great new star up and coming Chung
  17. Federerkblade

    XI98 vs Exone 98

    sadly without the ability to pick up an ezone 98 can anyone offer a direct comparison to the xi 98 Thanks kindly
  18. Federerkblade

    Cross tension less than main ....

    Is this a fair statement or true Rather than doing the main and crosses at the same tension doing the crosses at 1.5lbs tension allows the ball to pocket more on the string bed as opposed to pinging off without pocket if the mains and crosses are the same tension The pocketing gives more...
  19. Federerkblade

    New Tifoe strings and tension

    Looks like Tifoe has moved to poly tour pro Can a tournament stringer confirm his gauge and set up and whether he is full bed poly tour pro pls ?
  20. Federerkblade

    Tech fibre T Flash powerstab

    anyone buying or any reviews
  21. Federerkblade

    Nike cage 3 v court balleestics 4.3

    I love the 4.3 s anyone who's had both ? Can they compare and contrast pls
  22. Federerkblade

    Pure drive 2018

    hi when will you be getting the pure drive 2018 which is released shortly as well as the new yonex ezone 98 Do you still have a fully functional rdc ?
  23. Federerkblade

    Pure drive 2018 Instagram

    Hi TW I saw your Instagram teasing the pure drive 2018 being tested . What are your initial impressions in regard to comfort ref previous versions and how different this version is v prior ?
  24. Federerkblade

    How to tell if yonex frame is fake

    I have been reading it it very unlikely yonex tennis frames will be fakes from the v core xi and ezone xi days but are there tell tale signs to check ???
  25. Federerkblade

    Final 8 men's Aussie String log and tension

    Would be great to know Aussie open string log more so tension log for the final 8
  26. Federerkblade

    Novak kissing fan stepanek match

    anyone see where Novak and a boy hug after the match and he kisses Novak That is unbelievable I can't see any of the other top 4 allowing a fan to do that Novak is very generous to allow that
  27. Federerkblade

    Head instinct 2017 initial views

    last review of the year how is it ? And how is it different from previous generations the last 2
  28. Federerkblade

    H22 18*20

    what a frame ? Solid powerful It may not be novaks exact frame but gives a glimpse of what he's using The sweet spot could be larger for sure anyone customised a h22 with lead on the hoop and know where lead reacts best for the h22 I'm also not sure if the sweets pot is more in the middle...
  29. Federerkblade

    Babolat Propulse Fury

    HI TW can you confirm the Babolat Propulse Fury is similar to the Propulse 4 in many ways The propulse 4 were brilliant but this years babolat shoes were aweful The design somewhat looks similar to the 4 s
  30. Federerkblade

    awesome set up alu soft/ spireltek cross

    It lasts weeks and has all the spin, control and durability