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  1. SweatyGrip

    rate me pls (BE GENTLE, I AM NEW HERE)

    here's some ball machine footage of yours truly, obviously I slow down at times to catch my breathe and recover a bit now since i cant afford a coach pls help me wisemen of the forums
  2. SweatyGrip

    What racquets or racquet lines shouldn't exist or should have never existed in the first place

    My picks: 1. MGX 2. The new Extreme line 3. Pure Aero VS 4. Burn line I don't even know where to start with Yonex. Ezone, Ezone DR, Vcore, Vcore SV, Vcore Dual G. O Ports should be outright banned, gives us stringers one heck of a hassle.
  3. SweatyGrip

    Nadal será el mejor de todos los tiempos

    DIOS ES ZURDO lo he dicho le he escrito SE CUMPLIRÁ
  4. SweatyGrip

    Mids are literally the 'tennis fedora'

    prove me wrong pro tip: u cant
  5. SweatyGrip

    Custom Pure Drive paint job

    Currently I am in the process of repainting a babolat pure drive lite that I bought off some dude on an auction site (that I will not disclose but you already know which one) for like 50 bucks. This is it covered with paint thinner, I went ahead and bought new...
  6. SweatyGrip

    rate me backhand pls

  7. SweatyGrip

    I need help finding a grommet for my Wilson K Factor Ksixone 95 18x20

    Title says all, I had this racquet passed down to me unstrung. The grommet is all torn up and wasted so I need a new one. I was looking on the TW section for Wilson grommets and I found these: "Wilson BLX/K-Factor Six-One 95 18x20 Grommet", "Wilson K Factor/KBlade/BLX Blade 98 (18x20) Grommet"...