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  1. Forehand Forever

    TW Review: Head Youtek Speed Pro

    I think you just need to relax a little bit plasma. It's just a racquet.
  2. Forehand Forever

    Roddick always does better on odd years

    I think Roddick had a foot injury during that match.
  3. Forehand Forever

    Why I look forward to the Wimby Final

    I will love to see Roddick win after seeing you say this. LETS GO RODDICK
  4. Forehand Forever

    roddick white propulse in wimbledon

    I'm pretty sure they won't be released. Roddick has worn white Babolat shoes every grass season but they've never been released.
  5. Forehand Forever

    Andy R took that 3.5 volley

    Why do you base everything off the players racquet? Obviously for Roddick he feels the 100 sq inch racquet is easier to use than Sampras' 85 sq. inch. Racquet use is based purely on opinion.
  6. Forehand Forever

    Which top 4 player has the best girlfriend?

    Kim is niiiiice while Brooklyn just takes it all. Roddick has the #1 ranking in this department. Mardy Fish has a nice looking wife too.
  7. Forehand Forever

    Will NBC Show Fed-Karlovic Tape Delayed?

    NBC is terrible. Really, ESPN does the job 100x better than they do. Why would they show these taped matches when theres live tennis being played. Stupid.
  8. Forehand Forever

    A little love for ESPN (even if they still suck)

    I cannot stand this fixation over "Big Babe Tennis" shut up...
  9. Forehand Forever

    why is nadal's english so poor?

    Last time I checked it wasn't a requirement to learn English.
  10. Forehand Forever

    My Wimbledon Mens Prediction:

    Andy Roddick will win.
  11. Forehand Forever

    I want...

    That match was amazing. Probably the best match any of us will ever see.
  12. Forehand Forever

    james blake thinks roddick can win

    If you've ever watched Karlovic and Federer play you would realize that almost every time their match goes into tiebreaks.
  13. Forehand Forever

    Tommy Haas talking to himself!

    That's probably the funniest thing I've seen all day. "You are a ******!"
  14. Forehand Forever

    Is Tennis...

    Nascar is not a sport.
  15. Forehand Forever

    ESPN2 Coverage sucks as usual

    I watched the TTC streams yesterday and the commentators were horrible. The bottomline on ESPN barely takes up any of the screen and I'm not sure where you're getting these "street ball" scores from unless you're talking about basketball. Theres other sports out there besides tennis.
  16. Forehand Forever

    Best Tennis Roddick has played in his career?

    Thank god this video is back, Federermagic had some of the best tennis videos on youtube.
  17. Forehand Forever

    Roddick: A Pusher?

    Roddick doesn't make that many UE's anymore...
  18. Forehand Forever

    '09 Monte Carlo May be the Fairest Draw this year

    I think any draw on clay looks easy for Nadal. He doesn't lose on clay.
  19. Forehand Forever

    Roddick: A Pusher?

    Roddick has said before that he had been a pusher all his life before the tour and the coaches that changed him.
  20. Forehand Forever

    R Nadal vs. JM del Potro ::: Miami QF

    I'm still in shock that MSG would switch to hockey a few points into the tiebreak. That's BS.
  21. Forehand Forever

    Roddick hugely surprised me

    If Roddick only cared about image and rich celebrities why would he have made the push to get a lot fitter, lose weight and hire a new coach? He would've just stuck with his brother as his coach if he did that.
  22. Forehand Forever

    Nadal's hat

    The hat is what started Federer's downfall...
  23. Forehand Forever

    Hawkeye Needs to be Removed

    I'm not sure if you saw the end of MSG's coverage today but they showed how hawkeye caught the second bounce instead of the first. That was why it was off by so much. EDIT: Damn, VGP beat me to it.
  24. Forehand Forever

    karlovic with babolat

    That would be the Pure Storm Tour
  25. Forehand Forever

    Should PJ's be banned?

    That Aston Martin is beautiful...
  26. Forehand Forever

    Indian Wells Prediction

    Roddick all day.