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  1. guitarra

    ATP or WTA- which one do you prefer to watch these days?

    It really depends on the matchup.
  2. guitarra

    Problem with the WTA

    ATP is about to become as generic as WTA if not more with the servebot pushing by the likes of Medvedev or Zverev.
  3. guitarra

    The Alcaraz forehand is closest to...

    Federer's but I think it's unique it its own way.
  4. guitarra

    Rafael Nadal Tennis Academy Documentary

    Finally - some informative thread in this cesspool.
  5. guitarra

    Will Dimitrov ever win a slam?

    If he switches to doubles soon enough then he has a shot.
  6. guitarra

    Becker willing to bet his house Nadal won't win RG again

    Does he still have a house? I thought he already pawned all his trophies.
  7. guitarra

    Who has the better backhand: Zverev or Sinner?

    Yeah, "potentially". But as it stands now Zverev is clearly the better player. Sinner needs to improve his serve and add variety to his game to become a contender in the later stages of the slams.
  8. guitarra

    Who has the better backhand: Zverev or Sinner?

    The thing is even if their backhands are comparable the overall game of Zverev is so much better than Sinner's that there's no even remote match between these two players.
  9. guitarra

    Nick Kyrgios sister

    So can Nick sing?
  10. guitarra

    2021 French Open - Ladies Discussion

    True. But don't know if you noticed but during this RG it's a bit lower.
  11. guitarra

    2021 French Open - Ladies Discussion

    True. One thing people seem to forget is the extremely windy conditions during that match. They seemed to trouble Iga a lot more than Barbora.
  12. guitarra

    Federer and Barty practicing together at Wimbledon

    Rafa practised* with Iga during Roland Garros this year so Roger has to make amendments. ;) *of course it was just a short hit for the media buzz but still fun
  13. guitarra

    Which country deserves a Masters tourney?

    Out of those which don't have it nor a slam Germany comes to mind.
  14. guitarra

    Fed fans: So who rooting for now at RG 2021?

    Tsitsipas then Musetti for me. Guys with the most pleasing and eye-catching games.
  15. guitarra

    Greatest threat to Swiatek

    I think the main favourites are: Tier 1 (Top Contenders): Świątek, Barty Tier 2 (Legit Contenders): Sabalenka, Muguruza, Svitolina Tier 3 (Dark Horses): Gauff, Badosa, Muchova Tier 4 (Rather Unlikely): Osaka, Andreescu, Azarenka, Kvitova, Williams
  16. guitarra

    Bautista Agut's forehand

    It's easily the TOP3 FH of the current era. One of the most underrated shots in today's game of tennis.
  17. guitarra

    Denis and Felix need to learn from Bianca

    Bianca is a unicorn. You can't learn from her.
  18. guitarra

    Will Sinner win slams?

    The question isn't "IF" but "HOW MANY". I won't be surprised if he ends double digits.
  19. guitarra

    President of French Tennis Federation "Dare Not Imagine" Roland Garros Cancellation

    It's shocking to me some "fans" here would want a slam to get cancelled. They must be sick or simply dislike tennis. Go switch to darts, clowns.
  20. guitarra

    Your Top 5 volleyers of all time?

    1. Edberg 2. Sampras 3. Federer 4. McEnroe 5. Becker special mention to Navratilova but I ranked only men
  21. guitarra

    How will Medvedev celebrate his maiden Grand Jam title?

    Depends on whose avatar he'll use on his playstation console.
  22. guitarra

    Is Medvedev a bigger threat than Thiem was in any of of the Rg finals vs Rafa.

    Big threat indeed. Losing in straights, imploding and folding like a cheap tent. The only thing lacking was asking injured Novak for a selfie after the match.
  23. guitarra

    Australian Open 2021 4th Round match :- Dominic Thiem (world no. 3) versus Grigor Dimitrov (world no. 19)

    Dominic's level is pretty high. He got tight today vs Kyrgios because he couldn't handle the hostile crowd. Once he cooled down and started playing his normal tennis is was never in doubt. From what I've seen Grigor is playing good tennis again and the surface (fast a pretty low bouncing) is...