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  1. forzainter

    Nike Summer 2010 pics

    That's the Federer stuff Thats the other stuff, the white ballistecs are clay specific only.
  2. forzainter

    Road bikes: some advice please?

    I'm going to be competing in road races for the first time this year, my current bike is Giants cheapest road bike from 3 years ago. I'm going to be buying a new bike and I want to know if anyone more experienced than I can tell me which of the following two would be better for me: Felt F95...
  3. forzainter

    Can you mix maximuscle cyclone with hot water or does it have to be cold?

    It says mix with water, I dont think it would make any difference to mix it with different temperatures of water but I want to make sure before I possibly waste it. Thanks for any answers recieved
  4. forzainter

    Creating clothing templates on photoshop

    Hi there everyone I am wondering if anyone knows how to make good clothing templates as I want to design some clothes for a bit of fun, for the last couple of years I have been waiting until wimbledon or something when all the clothes are white then getting the drawings of erasing the...
  5. forzainter

    Amala Pazza INTER Amala!

    Inter, campioni d'italia #16 Scudetto :D :D :D Just to inform you if you didnt know
  6. forzainter

    strange sweat thing

    ok, i was doing a short indoor bike session (30 minutes), while wearing a bin bag, I was averaging about 18 km/h or m/ph (im not sure how this bike does things). So I was going on like that, topping at 26 mph or kmh and minimal being 14. Near the end, around 25 minutes gone I notice this strange...
  7. forzainter

    Barletta streaming?

    Anyone know where we can get live Barletta Challanger streaming, Coria is playing tommorow and I would really like to see him. any help is greatly appreciated
  8. forzainter

    Good footage of Rene Lacoste playing And then click on 'Lacoste Legend' and a video will come up which has some decent footage of him playing if anyones interested.
  9. forzainter

    Indiana Jones 4 OFFICIAL TRAILER Finally!!!! :D
  10. forzainter

    Life on Mars (Story & photo) The photo is in the story, im not sure about it
  11. forzainter

    18 weeks to train for a tournament

    I have 18 weeks to train for the East of Scotland 18 & under tournament (apparently im not allowed to play 16 & under anymore, news to me). Im not going to play any other tournaments in the run up to it, mostly due to the fact that there just isn't many LTA tournaments where I live (though there...
  12. forzainter

    Best area of Paris to stay in during Roland Garros?

    Anyone know the cheapest but best area to stay in while Roland Garros is on in Paris? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks
  13. forzainter

    Milan Derby - Inter vs AC

    Lets have the predictions for Sundays match, its the big one, kick off at 2pm British time. Forza Inter!!!
  14. forzainter

    The poster is out!!!!

    Oh, am I excited about this. Thats all I wanted to say.:)
  15. forzainter

    Yeti footprints found? :shock: Do you think its real?
  16. forzainter

    Do you belive in Atlantis? Just wondering how many people believe in it, I do.
  17. forzainter

    Need some help please (Germans may be most useful) I was thinking about buying one of these for my brother for christmas, but I don't really understand the sizes, I typed in german size conversions into google and it came up with sizes like 37 and 40...
  18. forzainter

    You, Me & Dupree question

    I've been looking for this thing that I saw in You,Me & Dupree and was wondering if any of you know what it is. When Dupree has his bike set up so he can ride in the living room, hes watching a dvd that makes it seem like he is part of the race, does anyone know if that sort of thing actually...
  19. forzainter

    My useless info thread...gone?

    I was wondering why, malakas said that this would happen, but I was just posting some fun useless (to most peopel) information, whats the deal? if there were some bad posts couldnt you just have deleted them? It was only a new thread too, it can't of had that much bad stuff in it:confused:
  20. forzainter


    hey all, Im just creating a thread to see the variety of languages oin the talk tennis board. As you can see, the poll options are: Speak more than one language fluently Speak only one language Speaks bits of many languages and then please expand, for example, I would click on the last one...
  21. forzainter

    Running endurance

    hello everyone I have a question, im not very fast and i cant run very far, how can i build speed and running endurance? I want to be able to run 5km non stop with mixed pace. Thanks
  22. forzainter

    Champions League 07/08

    well, i do believe it starts tonight or tommorow, anyone up for early predictions? Im going to say INTER:D
  23. forzainter

    xbox live

    i thought id post this as i just managed to get connected to X-Box live. If anyone wants a game of Virtua tennis 3 or PGR then add me as a friend on x-box live and maybe we'll get a wee game going. My user name is: shalkeSA
  24. forzainter

    Looking for certain picture

    hey all Im looking for a picture that was in the 2007 Roland Garros edition of Tennis Magazine. Its a picture right at the start of Rafas (I think) shoes and the red clay is coming off them, im just wondering if anyone has it or knows where i can find it. Thanks
  25. forzainter

    Is this a question?

    Is this a question? this question is worth 30 marks, im interested to see if anyone gets the answer, i will reveal the answer soon.
  26. forzainter

    Sprung Rythym

    in the last 10 minutes of my english lesson on friday, we started looking at sprung rythym, developed by poet Gerard Manley hopkins. Anyway im trying to get better at it and i thought if i knew where it is on the following poem i could study it and get a good idea of how it words. Pied Beauty...
  27. forzainter

    Federer white k-factor bag

    i couldnt find any other threads about this so i decided to just start one myself. has anyone here bought the white K-factor bag federers beein using, im just wondering if its worth it as its pretty expensive (£60) but i dont like th red ones so im just wondering, anyone got it and could tell me...
  28. forzainter

    Lacoste thread (post all lacoste related queries here)

    since there are so many seperate Lacoste threads in this section, i decided to start this thread regarding All problems and queries about the Lacoste brand. They will not necessarilly be answered by me, but hopefully someone will. This will hopefully rule out all unneccessary Lacoste threads, as...
  29. forzainter

    String Warping

    me and my brothers friend were playing tennis the other day, we finished playing singles and we got roped into 1 set of doubles with a couple of guys i know who were there. Anyway, it started raining really heavilly and was persistent for over the hour we were playing. On the way home he told me...
  30. forzainter

    This thread hi, i created this thread about the rugby world cup and unfortunately most of it isnt actually about rugby, its more of an argument, i was wondering if you could take out all 'un-rugby' related posts and just make it a RWC2007 thread...