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  1. Forehand Forever

    Messed up the ankle really bad, need some advice

    Rolled my ankle pretty bad today going for a backhand and can't put much pressure on it at all. I've been icing ever since I hurt it a few hours ago. I really need my ankle to get better fast because of my high school season starting in the next few weeks. Anyone have some good advice?
  2. Forehand Forever

    Cortisone shot Side effects?

    I got a cortisone shot about a week or 2 ago in my shoulder and since I've had it my tennis hasn't been what it was before the injection. It's really happening at a bad time since I was favored to be the #1 player at my high school this year and I'm not playing well. Is this a common side...
  3. Forehand Forever

    Need some suggestions

    I have gotten clearance to play after not playing for almost 2 months because of a shoulder injury. I'm thinking it's time to switch racquets after using the PD with cortex for a little over a year and battling shoulder problems. I hit for the first time for almost 2 months tonight and I hit...
  4. Forehand Forever

    Prince Synthetic Gut Multifilament

    On the description of this string it says it's natural colored, the package shows that it's a yellow color. When I bought this string it was yellow also, but that was a few months ago. Is it yellow or natural? Thanks
  5. Forehand Forever

    Could this really work? "In order to heal the shoulder, no matter what the cause, one must stop whatever he/she is doing and rest. You see, the body is demanding that you pay attention to it. That is the reason you feel the pain. The body wants to immobilize the area so that you...
  6. Forehand Forever

    Stiffness Question

    I just got my T-Fight 320 16x20 and 18x20 demo's in the mail and I was looking at the stiffness how it says 68 on the racquets but on TW it says 64? What is it really?
  7. Forehand Forever

    Tecnifibre T-Fight 320 vs. 335

    I got the competition package from Tecnifibre and I would like some feedback on these racquets in the 16x20 string pattern. I'm 15 and mostly a baseline player but I like to come to the net and I have a big serve. I'm coming off of a shoulder injury and I've heard great things about these...
  8. Forehand Forever

    Demoing a few racquets.

    I was cleared to start playing again after not playing over a month because of my shoulder injury. I still have to do some strengthening for my shoulder but other than that I'm fine. I'm considering demoing: Babolat Aeropro Drive Cortex Dunlop M-Fil 200 16x19 Head MicroGEL Extreme Pro...
  9. Forehand Forever

    Prince Tour Blend

    I'm thinking about trying this out could I get some feedback? I have a shoulder injury and would this string be ok or should I think of something else?
  10. Forehand Forever

    Hybrid Questions

    I have a couple packs of Babolat Xcel Premium and I want a poly to string it with that won't be bad on my shoulder. I'm thinking stringing it with Xcel and Pro Hurricane, not the tour I've had that before but maybe try the recommended strings on my Babolat Pure Drive Cortex? Any ideas?
  11. Forehand Forever

    Federer sporting the jacket again Looks like Federer's got his own gold line of clothing for this years Wimbledon.
  12. Forehand Forever

    Strings for Shoulder Problem

    I have a small fracture in my growth plate (I'm still growing thats why it's there, 15 years old) and it's from when I had tryouts we were playing every day at a high level and I had arm problems before that so it got worse. My question is that I need strings that will still give me the feel...
  13. Forehand Forever

    Pro Stokes site?

    I know theres a site that you can see most of the pros hitting at the US Open. Anyone got the site? I can't remember what it was.
  14. Forehand Forever

    Thinking of a new racquet

    Currently I have Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour and Babolat Excel in my Babolat Pure Drive cortex. Lately, I have had problems with my elbow and shoulder area. I have a history of an shoulder problem but the elbow is new. I'm battling for the 1st Singles spot on my high school team as a freshman and...
  15. Forehand Forever

    Federer and Henman commentating

    Don't know if this has been posted but it's pretty funny. It has a lot of pro's in it.
  16. Forehand Forever

    String design

    I'm pretty bored right now and I feel like doing the babolat stripes on my racquet. I've got a general idea of where they should be but theres no good pictures I could find. I've got the Babolat Pure Drive Cortex Standard. A picture would be nice.
  17. Forehand Forever

    Colored Strings?

    I'm not sure if this has been discussed before but last week this guy was telling me how he used to use strings that as they were used over time they would change colors? Anyone know what these were and I doubt they'd still be able to be bought.
  18. Forehand Forever

    Which shoes out of these do you recommend

    I'm looking to buy new shoes, but I am wondering which ones to buy. I was thinking of Nike Air Zoom Vapor 3's Adidas Barricade IV and right now I have the Babolat Team All Court What's your opinions on these shoes.
  19. Forehand Forever

    Best Dampener

    I'm looking to see what in your opinions is the best vibration dampener. I really want to stop all the vibrations going up my arm because of m bad shoulder. What do you thinks the best?