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  1. 14OuncesStrung

    Retirement Prediction!!!!

    Unfortunately I think Murray, Nadal and Djokovic will all retire within 3 months as they steadily realise they cannot rehabilitate from their chronic injuries after playing so many tennis matches for so long. Blame it on poly!!!
  2. 14OuncesStrung

    Well Isn't this interesting???
  3. 14OuncesStrung

    Bring back the mighty POG!!!!

    Come on TW, Tennis cannot exist without this much beloved racquet....
  4. 14OuncesStrung

    Editing For Sale posts...

    Why oh why cannot I edit my for sale posts?? It is so annoying when you enter in some more details about what you're selling, and you have this annoying line in the wonderful auto generated template that says "General Description: None".
  5. 14OuncesStrung

    You need to get more Tecnifibre...

    No HDX and no NRG2!?!? COME ON!!!! :mad:
  6. 14OuncesStrung

    Question for Brisbane residents.

    Hello Brisbanites, Where are the decent tennis stores in Brisbane?
  7. 14OuncesStrung

    Am I the only one here???

    Bloody hell. It's Mid November and Roger Federer's website is still "under construction"... Hey Mr Greatest player of all time... This is not good enough!!!! I WANT AN UPDATE!!!!
  8. 14OuncesStrung

    Wimbledon Anti German Draw Fixing?!?!?!?!!

    Am I the only one who thinks it's a bit weird that the champions of the recent grasscourt tournaments in Halle & Stuttgart are playing each other in the first round of Wimbledon!?!?!?!! This smells very fishy.
  9. 14OuncesStrung

    Where is Jerzy!?!?!?!?

    He hasn't played since the Australian Open. Can someone please tell me what's going on with Mr Janowicz???
  10. 14OuncesStrung

    Somebody please explain this...

    So anyway, I got my 2 Pure Strike Tours, I cut out the string and weigh them. One is 337 gram, one is 340 gram. I remove the grips and put 10 grams each on the handle. Then I reweigh them, and they are somehow lighter... Could someone please explain this? I'm using a set of electronic kitchen...
  11. 14OuncesStrung

    Which multi for Pure Strike Tour?

    Well folks... Pretty simple question, just look at the topic! Any questions? I tend to string in the low 60lb range... I'm going to start off with Gamma Syn Gut 17 and see how that goes... And I'll be adding lead tape. Final weight will be a touch over 13 ounces.. With a slightly headlight...
  12. 14OuncesStrung

    Funny Commercial for Optus Australian Open 2011. Whoever came up with this commercial is a genius. Contains crocodiles playing tennis with a possum in place of the tennis ball. Enjoy!!!!
  13. 14OuncesStrung

    Some Ideas to improve ATP Masters Cup/World Tour Finals/YEC

    Make every match best of 5 sets in the RR stages. Player who is leading by 2 sets to love can choose to play out the last set as a tie breaker. Loser gets 1000 ranking points taken which are then transferred to the winner. 2 day rest in between matches. Oh and cake will be served at the end...