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  1. h7hugo

    Tennis in Fort Lauderdale

    Thanks for the replies ! Dolphinsrus I will sent you an email later this night ok?
  2. h7hugo

    Tennis in Fort Lauderdale

    Hi I'm in Fort Lauderdale to the end of the month and would like to know: 1- good tennis stores to go buy some equipment 2- tennis courts , where r they? 3- anyone would like to play? Thanks ;)
  3. h7hugo

    Wilson Prostaff 6.1 Classic grommet question

    Hi Do K95 18x20, BLX 6.1 95 18x20 grommets fit in Wilson prostaff 6.1 classic 18x20 ? Thanks
  4. h7hugo

    [ o ] The Portuguese corner!

    even though I'm almost 5years late, it's always good to know that there are more people from Portugal here ;)
  5. h7hugo

    Pacific, Prince and Head leather

    thanks mate
  6. h7hugo

    Pacific, Prince and Head leather

    ^^nice then..I'll try that..just want to know if someone already use a pacific leather..they came in black too lol
  7. h7hugo

    Pacific, Prince and Head leather

    Hi, I used to use Babolat leather and sometimes WIlson Leather. Now I want to one of my racquets synthetic grip for leather, but in my local I can only find Pacific, Prince and Head Leather grips.. Which's better?
  8. h7hugo

    What's up with Nadal's Hair???

    in 2004 he had a haircut like this!
  9. h7hugo

    The Marat Safin tribute thread

    Probably the most talent player in the the last 20 years..unfortunatly he never had his brains in the right place..
  10. h7hugo

    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    In this week, I change my strings (Brand and type) almost every single 4-5h.. I used poly.. I'm going to try hybrid poly with something syntethic or natural gut to see what happens
  11. h7hugo

    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    For people that brake strings in 2-3h, they have to!
  12. h7hugo

    clay sliding tips

    you can even slide on grass so slide on clay is simple.. anyone in this forum can explain to you how to slide, not even if you see videos on youtube. Do to the court, and after you picked up the racquet, runa litle and try to slide to the front. With time, try slide sideways..
  13. h7hugo

    Microgel Prestige Mid Review. (Photos included)

    ^^ I play a lot on clay, and I need a frame that can give some extra power and spin when I am 3 meters behind the baseline (I string my racquets in high 40s)..the only mid that I play with was the N 90, and I like it a lot besides serving with it.. In the past weeks I focus all my views to...
  14. h7hugo

    Microgel Prestige Mid Review. (Photos included)

    I'm going to bue new racquets in this summer and I've some doubts.. How do you compare the Prestige mid, MP and Pro?? Which is more confortable, spin friendly, swingweight, .... ???
  15. h7hugo

    Head natural gut

    Does anyone have already played with it??
  16. h7hugo

    The TT Football Club

    SLB!!! (and Real of course!!)
  17. h7hugo

    Balls used at RG this year, a disadvantage for players using a lot of spin ?

    no. Federer plays with a lot of spin, and he didn't have any problem!
  18. h7hugo

    French open - One Time Wonders

    ^^ fed had a draw a lot more difficult than nadal!!
  19. h7hugo

    Pros with later starts..

    Blake no??
  20. h7hugo

    SOOO in FED wins today. Is the VICTORY NOT REAL???

    and federer is not playing like 06!!!
  21. h7hugo

    Here are my Head SPEED PRO, MP

    mario what do u think about it??
  22. h7hugo

    Head Youtek pro and MP 16x19??

    Any of you play with the new Head Youtek Speed pro and Head Youtek Speed MP 16x19?? Can you compared then to the MG Prestige Pro and MP??
  23. h7hugo

    Question - carrer Grand Slam

    yes 10chart.
  24. h7hugo

    The second best clay courter in the world?

    Gil beated Almagro in Brazil ahah
  25. h7hugo

    Serbia Open 2009 - Belgrade

    Estoril is better!!!
  26. h7hugo

    Victoria Azarenka - a star on the rise!

    I like Azarenka but I already talk to her and she is so arrogant!!! and she acts like a child to!!
  27. h7hugo

    Advice on new racquet

    probably...but I play on clay and I don't like to play with high tensions at all..expecially if I string it with luxilon.
  28. h7hugo

    Advice on new racquet

    Hi guys, 2 weeks ago my K Team broked (custumized to 350g of weight). I've used some frames of the club (Aero Strom Tour, N Blade, MG Exreme, Aero pro Drive, MG Radical, and others..) since I broke it. In the next mouth, I'll buy 2/3 new racquets but I'm confused with these: - MG...