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  1. sunflowerhx

    Wilson ProStaff 6.0 Question

    Nothing the s.i. stands for swing index and appears on some batches of the PS6.0
  2. sunflowerhx

    New Dunlop 200G 4D 16x19 Pics

    When you talk about feel, it's all very subjective. "crisper" - more to do with your strings. In my opinion both the 4D and old AG200 (16x19) has the same feel. The differences are - 1. The 4D has a slightly lower swing weight - which (in Bangkok) is a plus. 2. The 4D is slightly...
  3. sunflowerhx

    New Dunlop 200G 4D 16x19 Pics
  4. sunflowerhx

    New Dunlop 200G 4D 16x19 Pics

    No its nothing like the Pro One. A little stiffer than the previous Aerogel but not as stiff as the Mfil range.
  5. sunflowerhx

    New Dunlop 200G 4D 16x19 Pics

    Yes it is but negligible, the shape of throat is also slightly different. BTW the paint job is unique to the 16x19, the 18x20 paint is more blue than white. 16x19 18x20
  6. sunflowerhx

    New Dunlop 200G 4D 16x19 Pics

    In my opinion the racket has most beautiful paint job ever. The old non 4D version looks dull in comparsion. Spec wise it is identical to the previous version. But on the court it feels slightly more solid and forgivening than the previous version. My perfect racket. Strung Weight: 327g...
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    Tennis in Thailand

    You dont have any contact info in your profile!
  8. sunflowerhx

    Dunlop Aerogel 100?

    Can you elaborate?
  9. sunflowerhx

    Dunlop Aerogel 100?

    The Dunlop AG100 is on sale everywhere in Bangkok for around Baht 5000.
  10. sunflowerhx

    Hitting partners in Bangkok

    Looking for hitting / practice partners in Bangkok. I live in the Sathorn area. English speaking 3.5 - 4.0 players would be ideal. please contact me Jason
  11. sunflowerhx

    AK90 vs Aerogel 100 vs Aerogel 200 (16x19)

    Love to Anirut, but you have no contact info in your profile. Please contact me Jason
  12. sunflowerhx

    AK90 vs Aerogel 100 vs Aerogel 200 (16x19)

    I am living in Bangkok now and looking for a backup racket for my HPS6.0. Have a choice of the above 3, all about the same price and spec. No chance of a demo so does anyone have any opinions? I am favouring the Aerogel 200 (16x19). Btw do the tennis stores opposite Tesco Lotus (Siam)...
  13. sunflowerhx

    Looking for courts/clubs in Bangkok

    I have but no reply. :( Anirut doesn't have email reply setup.
  14. sunflowerhx

    Looking for courts/clubs in Bangkok

    Hi all, Just relocated to Bangkok, starting a new job next month. Come anyone recommend some courts or clubs near Sathorn area if possible. Would prefer hard courts and indoor if possible. Please email directly to Thanks Jason
  15. sunflowerhx

    POG 90 vs 93

    So which version did you prefer?
  16. sunflowerhx

    POG 90 vs 93

    What's the difference (apart from head size) in playability between the older POG 90 and the newer POG 93? And which is the better overall? Thanks.
  17. sunflowerhx

    Federer's racquet Depolarized?

    The only conclusion those pictures shows is that Federer was an ugly mug in his teens/early 20s!
  18. sunflowerhx

    Can anyone see the yellow ball on red clay on TV?

    They should change the colour of the CLAY.
  19. sunflowerhx

    UK Import Tax

    That's right best to get a friend to send it over and declare it as gift (used tennis racket value = $50) or something like that. Or try flea bay or the sale forum here. I have a racket listed there!
  20. sunflowerhx

    forget who the best was, who has done the most for tennis?

    In terms of the technical development of the men's game then I agree about Lendl's impact. But in terms of commercial and promotion of the game it has to be Agassi. As Pat Cash said on many occasion "Agassi saved men's tennis". Also Michael Chang success and subsequent impact on Asian...
  21. sunflowerhx

    Great Serve and Volleyers of the last 20 years

    True Natural S&V - Edberg & McEnroe Great S&V - Sampras & Becker Good S&V - Cash & Stich (Both underachievers) There's a big difference between a great S&V and a great volleyer. Henman is a great volleyer but only a competent S&V. Rafter had a technically poor forehand volley but...
  22. sunflowerhx

    Why Stopping The Dunlop Max 200g?

    Dont forget the Max 400i. An open string pattern version of the 200g - 85sq inch head. Great feel, but just too soft for the modern power game.
  23. sunflowerhx

    How good was Marcelo Rios?

    This articles said it all. Wasted talent.
  24. sunflowerhx

    [Merged] Federer's 2008: Let's Get Real

    1. Because its human nature to want to knock down dominate individuals/teams. 2. This forum is mainly Americans, and they can't bear the thought of a non Yank dominating the game and beating Sampra's record. It was the same when Lendl was dominate. I guess they are use to years of American...
  25. sunflowerhx

    Players wearing "ATP" hat (Santoro and Nalbandian)

    This was definitely true when Jim Courier first won the French Open way back in 1991 - I remember reading about the white caps rule. My bad, I guess ATP have updated their rules. Here's a section of the ATP 2006 rulebook. 3. Hat, Headband or...
  26. sunflowerhx

    Players wearing "ATP" hat (Santoro and Nalbandian)

    I'm surprised none of you know that the ATP logo is the only logo allowed on hats on the men's tour. These hats are given to all touring men. (They are not oblige to wear them). Don't you think Lacoste would love Roddick to wear a cap with a big croc on the front?? Also I think hats can...
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    TW Donnay Pro One Oversize Review Now Posted

    Post your question in the correct forum.
  28. sunflowerhx

    TW Donnay Pro One Oversize Review Now Posted

    Changed my mind on the Orange PJ. Wish they did it in the original blue/yellow PJ instead.
  29. sunflowerhx

    Where can I get an AG200 (16x19) ?

    Looking for a Dunlop AG200 (16x19).
  30. sunflowerhx

    Sampras working with Wilson on new players racquet...

    This is a **** and bull story. There is no way Wilson is working on a new racket with Sampras. 1. Sampras was never a commercial asset like Agassi/Federer in his hay day, much less now. 2. The market for another demanding frame like the K90 is very small. The only reason the frame is...