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  1. mandy01

    As terrible as the choke was....

    Why is Federer even having to defend his legacy right now? At frigging 38? Do tennis authorities not see the crisis here? It almost feels as though the rise in prize money has led to a decline in motivation. You collect a great pay check for making the Quarters, go home, chill. Where is the...
  2. mandy01

    The last time Federer won Wimbledon after winning Halle....

    ...was in 2006. :eek: Bad omen? Jinx? Coincidence? Discuss.
  3. mandy01

    Do you tink Bloogis is legend?

    Gulbis of course. DISCUSS. :mad:
  4. mandy01

    Fed-Wawrinka Wimbledon 2014

    Easily the best match I've seen Stan play on grass. Roger not moving too well but overall, some great all-court tennis (loved the smile on Edberg's face at one point). Wish we could see these two in the final someday.
  5. mandy01

    Has the increase in prize money made the younger generation complacent?

    Just a thought. Obviously desire plays a big role but I wonder if getting a lot of money very quickly has something to do with it. Discuss.
  6. mandy01

    The problem with Djokovic not so much that he wins all the time, but that he seems like a slightly more improvised version of Nadal. True, he doesn't move nearly as well on clay but his basic game is so similar, that it feels like a continuation of Nadal's prime in some ways. And that is boring. Neither Nadal...
  7. mandy01

    Andy Muurya not victorious in Wimbledon :(

    Discuss :sad:
  8. mandy01

    A lovely story...awwww

    Watching The ClockWednesday, February 16th? In the continuing saga of my son Trevor, today was a frustrating day of watching the clock. For the last 36 hours the routine has been the same: he eats, he hurts, he hits the Junior DBA’s room, he cries, he rests, we walk the halls of the...
  9. mandy01

    Article:Taking the Long View With Team Federer

    Interesting stuff to say the least. Taking the Long View With Team Federer By CHRISTOPHER CLAREY Published: November 19, 2010 Not long ago, Roger Federer had no official coach. Now, intent on remaining a major force in the majors, he finds himself with two: Severin Luethi, his...
  10. mandy01

    Roger planning to work with Annacone

    Frome ROGER TO DO TEST WITH PAUL ANNACONE Dear Fans I've been looking to add someone to my team and I've decided to spend some days with Paul Annacone. As Paul winds down his responsibilities working for the Lawn Tennis Association, we will explore our relationship through this...
  11. mandy01

    Nadal looking mean, will win Wimbledon.

    I agree with Sentinel. Discuss :evil:
  12. mandy01

    Murray is good-looking,will win Wimbledon.

    Well first of all "looking good" and "good-looking" are two different things,okay? :evil: Now coming to the topic-Any of the others may hold the trophy on Sunday but they will still not have won Wimbledon because they don't look as good as Adonis as kraggy calls him(I mean Murray obviously...
  13. mandy01

    A nice article about Roger by Neil Harman.

    Federer a player in charge of his destiny Neil Harman, Tennis Correspondent Last updated June 21 2010 12:01AM He is greeted by those who water the flowers, attend the courts, prise the weeds from between the paving stones on St Mary’s Walk, by the chairman and veteran members as if he is an...
  14. mandy01

    Question to the mods.

    I just reported the posts I wanted to be deleted from a thread I had started ( not all of them were rude.But I felt they could lead to yet another flamewar or were just unnecessary.).Is that ok or do I have to specifically send an email?
  15. mandy01

    AO Final-Press conferences and pictures thread.

    Before I post the interviews and pictures-Let me congratulate Andy Murray for reaching his second slam final.The guy really IS a very talented player and I do sincerely hope he wins a slam. ROGER FEDERER THE MODERATOR: Questions, please. Q. Would you say maybe your ability to...
  16. mandy01

    Roger's press conference after losing to Davy.Some really good answers.

    Q. Last year in Shanghai you couldn't get to the semis. In any case, the match was played so quickly, can you explain what happened there? You usually never lose with Nikolay. ROGER Federer: Yeah, not so far. So, sure, it's disappointing. But not to lose against him; just to lose the semis...
  17. mandy01

    A fantastic piece about Roger.On of the best compilations of quotes I've seen.

    The article is pretty huge but a treat for Federer fans nonetheless. :D The quotes are great.Really good stuff.******/ Testimonials: Quotes from Roger’s colleagues. While some may say that this is the result of the Federer...
  18. mandy01

    An Austrian Stamp for Roger.

    From Austria's postal services will issue a stamp honouring Roger as the world's best tennis player. The 65-centime stamp shows our champ winning the French Open this year (the photo was taken by Paul Zimmer), accompanied by the text "Best Tennis Player of the World". It will be...
  19. mandy01

    The Fed babies..awwwwwww...

    From FB. As promised, here is a family picture that my dad took. He thinks he's becoming a professional photographer. It was very funny as both girls had the hiccups while we were trying to take a decent picture. The girls and mom are doing great. Thanks for all your warm wishes. Enjoy.
  20. mandy01

    Interesting article by Bodo for a change :D

    I'm no fan of Bodo's writing and there are certain aspects in this article I do not agree with but overall its a good article. I've highlighted the paragraphs I particularly enjoyed reading. Part 1 The Fork in Federer's Road Posted 07/28/2009 @ 4 :36 PM by Pete Bodo Roger...
  21. mandy01

    Wimbledon 2009 Final Pics

    Like the French Open, I am putting together all the pics of this final. Enjoy.Again no trash-talking and no trolling.If you dont have something nice to say dont say it.
  22. mandy01

    Roger's interivew with Chris Fowler

    Amazing interview. -Roger is asked about Paris and whether he watches the matches again -He was asked about how he feels at Wimbledon.He says he feels good .He's also doing better re: his back problems.It was important to take the week off after...
  23. mandy01

    Reuters interview with Roger.Nice one.

    Reuters Q & A with grand slam king FedererBuzz up! Digg it Reuters, Sunday June 21 2009 By Pritha Sarkar LONDON, June 21 (Reuters) - With the monkey well and truly off his back after a career-defining victory at the French Open, Roger Federer will begin his pursuit of a record 15th grand...
  24. mandy01

    Another great interview with Roger.

    This is again the translated version Do you believe in higher powers? In God? Do you pray before important matches? No, not much. Rather not. I am Catholic and in the past I often went to church with my parents. But I don't pray much, I am not spiritual and I am quite relaxed when it comes to...
  25. mandy01

    Great interview with Roger

    The interview was in German translated by one of the RF.commers. Enjoy and please,no trash-talking and trolling whatsoever. BaZ: Roger: How is it going after two weeks of playing in the dust and clay? I am used to it now. The clay does get in my eyes for sure. The socks become very red. It...
  26. mandy01

    Roger in Paris :D

    For those interested , I'll be posting all the possible Federer pics I can find,of the entire tournament.
  27. mandy01

    Chris Evert speaks about Roger.

    Chris Evert on Federer : " I cry every time he loses " Awww..Chris. “Isn’t there something about Federer that pulls at your heartstrings? I cry every time he loses a match, and I don’t even know the guy. (Laughs) There’s something so endearing about him as a person.” Chris Evert on...
  28. mandy01

    Roger and Mirka's wedding pics

    Here are a couple of pics from the Federer wedding.Enjoy. Note-No Federer bashing of any sort here.If you dont have something nice to say don't say it.