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  1. galain

    How much potential does Seb Korda have?

    I've really enjoyed seeing him play. He has the same effortless game his dad had but it seems safer and more solid overall. I think Carlos Alcaraz is shaping up to be a sensation, Jannick Sinner already has a lot of you think Korda belongs in the same conversation? I do.
  2. galain

    Can anyone help me with a string recommendation?

    Hi All. I've been out of the game for three years but would like to start hitting again next month. I hit flat although I can hit with spin if I want to but I have a more classic old style game without the open stance and window wiper shots. No extreme western grips for me - fairly flat hitter...
  3. galain

    Does anyone know the story behind Pat Rafter's brief period with Fox/Bosworth?

    I'm pretty sure he was using a POG when he first started on the Tour, then for a brief time he was swinging a Bosworth stick with a Prince stencil before he moved back to Prince. I'm wondering if anyone has any info about this?
  4. galain

    When someone says 'to get good shape on the ball" what are they referring to?

    I've seen/heard this mentioned a few times recently but it's not an expression I'm familiar with. Is this ad description of 'arc'? Of the trajectory one hits the ball at - it's flight path from one side to other?
  5. galain

    Graphite/composite frames with a nylon throat piece.

    Talking to my brother today who has just scored a Puma Vilas and I got to wondering how many of the early composite frames had the nylon throat piece. It can't have been all that many? I can think of the early Pumas, the Prince Precision Graphite, and.........that's it. I'm drawing a blank right...
  6. galain

    SET (Stolle Emerson Tennis). Anyone ever see one of these frames?

    I know very little about them other than being curious as to what two Aussie legends might have brought onto the market. Does anyone out there know of this company and their product/s? Were they made by someone else and just rebadged or legit in-house racquet designs?
  7. galain

    Has anyone here put a poly string in an aluminium/metal frame?

    Just curious. I'm not a poly lover at all but I've wondered for awhile what a poly might feel like in one of the classic aluminium frames of the 70's/80's - something like the Head Tournament Edge, or even the Prince Pro. Has anyone had experience trying this out?
  8. galain

    How would a peak Marcelo Rios fared against prime Nadal?

    Would he have been able to out magic Nadal or would Nadal have simply overpowered him? I know we never got to see too many instances of peak Rios, but it was very impressive when we did.
  9. galain

    Do you have a favourite looking classic frame?

    Could be design, could be cosmetic - I'm just curious as to your tastes. I have a real fondness for the sticks that came through that very short wood/graphite period. I think the Edgewood and the Golden Ace, for example, are some really classy looking sticks. In terms of cosmetic - I've always...
  10. galain

    Wilson Blades vs Ultra Tour/Ultra Pro

    So I know I'm a little late to the party and I don't have enough (any) experience to qualify which model Blade specifically, but would someone out there be kind enough to give me a quick comparison of these two lines? What I've read about the Ultra Tour is that it's very much like the old...
  11. galain

    The evolution of your favourite frame/first love?

    Thought this might be fun. I'm curious if anyone has found their "for the moment" dream stick and how you got there. Not necessarily a racquet history, more a search for your favourite things about your favourite frames and how this has ended up for you. As an example, for me it goes like this...
  12. galain

    What was a positive for you in 2020?

    A happy new year to you all. Please help me begin 2021 on a happy note. Tell me one positive thing that happened to you in 2020. I hope it's a great year for you all.
  13. galain

    Rossignol F200 and F250 Limitation series.

    Big thank you to my baby brother @Black Knight for the Christmas/birthday presents!
  14. galain

    Somebody help an idiot please?

    How do I share photos here? I'm sure I've done it before, but for the life of me, whatever I'm trying isn't working. I upload my photo to a hosting platform like Imgur, copy the code I on the picture icon here and paste it in? That's not happening for me. What am I missing? Thanks!
  15. galain

    TW Playtesters - is there a frame out there you've never hit with but have always wanted to try?

    Just curious. From this side of the screen it seems like you guys just need to snap your fingers and amazing stuff materialises in your hands, but I'm sure that's not really the case. Is it? Are there any sticks that you guys would like to try but haven't ever had the chance to? thx!
  16. galain

    How would Ivan Lendl's volleying ability stack up to todays players?

    i know he wasn't the most natural volleyer but he worked hard, made the deep end of Wimby and the on grass Oz Open a few times, won at Queens... I'm curious how you all would judge his volleying skills - technique, movement, court craft etc etc - compared to todays crop of players.
  17. galain

    Not sure if you guys have seen this...

    ...but the Berlin Tennis Gallery channel has some great interviews/stories about some classic frames. Here's one with Günther Bosch about the Puma Vilas and how it came to be Boris' stick of choice. The translation is pretty good on this one too. Have a look through their clips - some really...
  18. galain

    What was the original Radical supposed to 'be'?

    I may have posted this question before (please forgive an aging brain!), but listening to the most recent TT Podcast on the new Radicals got me thinking (again). when the first Bumblebee Radical came out, was it a frame that had been specifically made for Agassi? It's softer than his POG was...
  19. galain

    Guy Forget and Lacoste

    Wasn't sure whether to put this here or in the Pro's Equipment forum but I figured you guys are probably a better place to start. Does anyone know what Lacoste Frame Forget is using in this clip? I thought it was only the Equijets that had that 'tuning' knob in the buttcap - but this one seems...
  20. galain

    Fashion aficionados of TT, help me choose my next hoodie please!

    My favourite hoodie has just been declared dead. I need a new one. First decision - zipper or no zipper? I have two others with zippers. I'm often in and out of them so I find them practical and probably more versatile but I don't really know. Just wondering if I should try something different...
  21. galain

    Tell me about your racquet collections!

    What is your collection based on? How did it begin? Do you have a 'most coveted' frame? My original goal was to match the Rossignol catalogue from 1983. F100, F200, F300, Johan Kriek Auto, Graphite 200, Tubex 200. Then I went a little mad and just started adding more Rossignols. Then I began...
  22. galain

    Do you think racquets/companies back in the day were region specific?

    I was thinking about how it seems as though half the tour is using a Wilson or a Babolat these days. Of course, there are far fewer companies around now, so their names are naturally going to be more ubiquitous, but thinking back to the 80's, I always associated Wilson with North American...
  23. galain

    Please...can somebody help a tech idiot?

    Due to the layout of my house, my office doesn't receive much of a wifi signal. I'm sometimes waiting 10 minutes for pages to load - it's really not feasible to work there. Can't move my office, can't move the router. I'm looking for a wireless solution. Been reading about repeaters but a lot...
  24. galain

    Would the ProStaff 6.0 still be a classic if any particular player had never used it?

    I'm wondering if it would have achieved legend status like the Prestige Tour/Classic based on its own merits, or if its widespread endorsement by the very best of best helped the Pro Staff cement it's spot as one of the all time classic frames. The Prestige was never really used by anyone at...
  25. galain

    Pat cash in the Wimbledon museum

    I know there has been talk of Cash's midsized Prince Woodie in the past, and whether it was a real thing or a paintjob. I've even had a former Aussie Davis Cupper tell me he thought it was probably a painted PK Golden Ace. Well - here you go. The man himself sets the record straight. Wimbledon...
  26. galain

    Naming conventions for racquets

    If you had a racquet company, how would you approach naming your product range? Bearing in mind you'd need to keep finding new names for new products, would you go with traditional 'names' like Prince (Phantom, Beast, Rebel etc) or some numerical/letter designation like Dunlop's latest? Or a...
  27. galain

    Wood racquet manufacture

    Does anyone know if, during the wood racquet era, the wood used for the frames was specifically felled for racquet manufacture, or did most of the racquet companies back then have other interests in wood (like ski's perhaps, or baseball/cricket bats) and racquet manufacture was an offshoot of...
  28. galain

    Anyone here know Martina Hingis' racquet history?

    Seems like she used more than a few Yonex models but I don't know if many of the changes were just cosmetic ones and she stuck with only a few different frames her whole career.
  29. galain

    Who was the better (cleaner) ball striker - Capriati or Clijsters?

    Been watching some old tennis while shut in and was thinking both of them have very clean strokes. Clijsters was obviously the better mover but just in terms of hitting the ball, it's hard to separate these two.
  30. galain

    Yonex R1, R3

    was there ever an R2 metal frame from Yonex? Has anyone hit with either of these sticks (or all three)? I'm thinking of picking one for a laugh but I'm curious to hear people's experiences with them. My first foray into graphite was courtesy of the Yonex R series - an R10. I saw a few R1's and...