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  1. TheMusicLover

    Who will be the next major Victim of the Overhype?

    Quite regularly players getting a lot of hype in the earlier stages of their career don't make it to the expected glory. Even more - my opinion is that quite often hype rather damages a career than helps the player. Recieving a lot of early hype might eventually turn out to be a career's Kiss of...
  2. TheMusicLover

    May I ask for a round of applause for Murray...?

    - for showing genuine gentleman-like sportsmanship? During the final at the AO, 2nd set TB, he kept his trap shut and *played on*, despite there being something bothering him. It was not until that set had ended (and which he lost, btw), that he called for the trainer and had a MTO. That...
  3. TheMusicLover

    Roger and Rafa - Exho for Charity, Zurich, December 21st!

    From Roger's FB page.. "I'm really excited to announce a charity tennis match that I will be doing in Zürich on December 21st - Rafa has graciously agreed to play with me! I hope you enjoy this short video announcing the event."...
  4. TheMusicLover

    Cincy R1 - Dolgopolov - Ferrer

    Anyone watching this? So far, Dolgo is giving a good showing. I am in awe about the fellow's tennis. Let's see how this match between this upcoming young All-Court Upstart and the Grinding Fighter turns out!
  5. TheMusicLover

    WOW, we're going to have an all Dutchie 2nd round match in Chennai!!!

    Haase just won his match, and he´ll meet De Bakker in the next round, YAY! :) How long ago has that been, an all Dutchie match on ATP level...? I can´t remember. Must have been some match involving Schalken.
  6. TheMusicLover

    Stanislas Wawrinka - B. Klein

    Aye, Stani!!! doing well eh? :) 6-3, 6-4, 5-4, serving for the match! Keep it going Stani!!! EDIT: WINNER: Stanislas Wawrinka!!! :D :D :D
  7. TheMusicLover

    Okay there, Fed vs. Korolev!

    Let's get it going now, folks. Comments on the match? Post them HERE...