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  1. mike danny

    More impressive: Fed's 5 in a row at Wimb or Fed's 5 in a row at the USO

    Which feat would you say is more impressive?
  2. mike danny

    ATP Finals Final: Zverev vs Medvedev

    Who will win the final match of the year?
  3. mike danny

    Will the USO take the route of the WTF?

    As you all know, the WTF has only been won by younger guys after 2016. That's mostly due to its placement in the season when the top dogs as in the Big 3 in their 30's are usually tired after a long season because of their age. So it makes sense that guys with younger legs would be favored in...
  4. mike danny

    Roddick vs Safin - ATP Finals 2004

    Two power players going at it against each other. Enjoy.
  5. mike danny

    Roger Federer vs Lleyton Hewitt - best ATP points

    Fun video. Don't know what the occasion is for, but nice video from TennisTV. @NatF.
  6. mike danny

    What are Nadal's best FH matches?

    A thread on Fed has already been made and just like with the Swiss, Nadal's top shot is also his FH. What are his best FH matches?
  7. mike danny

    Reliving Federer-Del Potro Olympics 2012 SF

    Man, what a match this was. If Federer lost it, he currently wouldn't have a single Olympic medal in singles. Federer himself knew that which is why he gave it his all to win it. He knew that after such a grueling match, his chances for gold were gone and he also knew that he wouldn't even...
  8. mike danny

    Just imagine

    How cruel would it be for Nadal if Djokovic was the first to break the slam record after the former has been chasing Fed for so long? Remember that 7 years ago, Nadal had 14 slams and Djokovic had 6.
  9. mike danny

    Halle R3: Roger Federer vs Felix Auger-Alliassime

    Their first meeting. Battle of the 08/08's. Whooping 19 year age difference. Who will win?
  10. mike danny

    Djoko's losses at RG

    I just realized that outside Nadal since 2005, his losses have mostly been to one handers. o_O In 2010 he choked against Melzer, but other than that: 2009: Kohli 2011: Fed 2015: Stan 2017: Thiem 2018: Cecchinato 2019: Thiem 2020: ? Don't think he'll lose tomorrow, but how crazy is...
  11. mike danny

    Which was worse?

    These mistakes proved to be the undoing of the player who went on to lose. One might argue that if the respective player had made that shot, he would have gone on to win. So they proved extremely costly. But which one do you think was worse?
  12. mike danny

    RG 2021 SF: Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic

    Only their 2nd meeting at the Djokovic Open. Last year wasn't pretty for Djokovic to put it mildly. Will Djokovic get his revenge or will Nadal forever stop him from getting his maiden Djokovic Open?
  13. mike danny

    If you had a friend that wanted to get into tennis for the first time...

    What would be the very first tennis match you would show him as an introduction?
  14. mike danny

    RG 2021 QF: Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Daniil Medvedev

    The first men's QF is set. Probably the most intriguing one. Their 8th meeting and first on clay since MC 2019, with Medvedev winning that one. Will Medvedev continue his dominance over Tsitsipas or will Tsitsi finally get his revenge after their AO 2021 SF?
  15. mike danny

    What would be your ideal speeds for each slam?

    Some people complain about courts being way too slow and others complain about courts being way too fast like in the 90's. So what would be your ideal speeds for each slam? For me: AO: 2017/2021 FO: 2011 Wimb: 2003/2004 USO: 2003-2010.
  16. mike danny

    French open 2021 R2: Roger Federer vs Marin Cilic

    Really early meeting in this tournament between the 2 of them. Their first meeting since AO 2018 as well. Could be an early test for Roger. Who will win this encounter and can Roger win back to back matches since AO 2020?
  17. mike danny

    French Open 2021: Official thread

    Now that the draw is out, who will win the Musketeer Cup?
  18. mike danny

    I finally figured it out

    I just realized why Murray isn't a GOAT. All GOATS hail from countries that either start with S or contain S. Federer - Switzerland Nadal - Spain Djokovic - Serbia Borg - Sweden Sampras - USA. At least it contains S Murray would have made the cut had Scotland been independent. Bad luck for him.
  19. mike danny

    ATP Miami 2021 official thread

    First Miami tournament in 2 years and first masters 1000 of the year. For the first time since 1998, none of the Big 3 will participate in Miami. Daniil Medvedev will be the top seed. Who will win this tournament this year?
  20. mike danny

    Just for the laughs: Dimitrov serves 4 DFs when serving for the set against Djokovic

    I even forgot this gem existed until recently.
  21. mike danny

    Rate Murray from AO 2012 to AO 2013 out of 10.

    I think we can all agree this was Murray's absolute peak period. How would you rate it out of 10?
  22. mike danny

    Murray vs Del Potro USO 2008

    The quality isn't great, but it's the best I could find. This is a match that people don't talk enough about really. This was a great match and while Delpo wasn't yet at 2009 level, he surely gave us a glimpse of it here. Murray was very clutch and played really well to stave off an in form...
  23. mike danny

    Interesting Fed statistic

    From 1999 to 2020, 2015 is the only season where Fed did not play a 5 setter. :unsure:
  24. mike danny

    Best runner-up at each slam since 2003 outside the Big 4?

    Normally, I'd say the Big 3, but Murray has been such a consistent force for years that he'll definitely be nominated at least a couple of times. So let's talk about the others. AO: probably 2008 Tsonga, with 2020 Thiem and 2005 Hewitt right behind FO: I guess Soderling? But he played...
  25. mike danny

    10 years ago...

    This beast was awoken: Can't believe it's been 10 years :eek: Feels like yesterday. And the guy is still going strong today.
  26. mike danny

    Better player at the AO: Murray or Wawrinka?

    Which of these 2 is the better player at the AO? Murray has 5 finals and 1 SF, while Stan has 1 title and 2 SF and has beaten Djokovic to win his title there.
  27. mike danny

    Djokovic vs Stepanek USO 2007

    What an unbelievable match this was. Some of the points were absolutely spectacular. And I know Nadal is the faster of the 2, but look at those wheels on Djokovic. Incredible speed and defense. I wish the USO court speed remained like this because this was quality tennis and a great clash of...
  28. mike danny

    Zverev is 3-12 against Tsitsipas, Medvedev and Thiem since winning 2018 Madrid

    Was shocked to find out these numbers. I didn't know things were this bad for Zed. I guess he blossomed early and has struggled to keep once Tsits and Med in particular matured.
  29. mike danny

    The first time the WTF was held in London

    Now that this has been the last edition in London, let's reminisce on how things looked 12 years ago when the first London edition commenced. - Fed was still in his prime and had just broken the slam record - Nadal was only on 6 slams - Djokovic only had 1 slam - Murray was still slamless -...
  30. mike danny

    ATP Finals 2020 RR: Nadal vs Thiem

    This one promises to be a blockbluster if both show up to play. The HC H2H is 1-1 and both matches were good and competitive. Who do you see winning?