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  1. mikeler

    Spin Oriented Arm Friendly Poly/Poly Hybrid?

    Gotcha, thank you both for responding. I do have a super soft racquet and play in mostly warm weather.
  2. mikeler

    Spin Oriented Arm Friendly Poly/Poly Hybrid?

    @blai212 and @tdhawks did you try full bed Firewire or Firewire Boost? I've been using Firewire Boost for years now and find it to be quite comfortable. Firewire Boost is a half set of Firewire (super shaped poly you should put in the mains) with the super smooth and soft Ghostwire poly in the...
  3. mikeler

    Tennis in Orlando

    The USTA campus is nice but I only play there a few times per year. So not sure what it would be like as your home club.
  4. mikeler

    Arm issues : Stiff Poly low tension 36 lbs or Synthetic Gut at 55 lbs ?

    16 x 19 is still considered open pattern so I'm not surprised this setup works for that frame.
  5. mikeler

    Arm issues : Stiff Poly low tension 36 lbs or Synthetic Gut at 55 lbs ?

    Just curious, what is the pattern of your strings? I've got a 16x16 pattern frame. Given the choice when I do get elbow issues, I'll go low tension poly versus normal tension multis or synthetic guts. If I had a denser pattern, then I might not make that choice. Either setup can provide...
  6. mikeler

    NEW Prestige MP 360

    Please do not post pictures of unreleased products as they will be deleted. Thanks everyone.
  7. mikeler

    Hamstring Inflexibility

    My left hamstring gets tight from time to time. I use a massage gun to loosen it up. I’ll also hit the glutes and hips with the gun too.
  8. mikeler

    "Clay court" sneakers are barely any different

    Totally agree with this.
  9. mikeler

    Tim Tebow is back

    He's pretty low on the depth chart and not playing any special teams. Usually those bench warmers they want to keep are practicing on special teams already. I think they will figure out a way to bring him into the organization but not as a player.
  10. mikeler

    Getting repeatedly accused of hitting a mishit on my slice overheads...

    Next time ask "Are mishits illegal now?"
  11. mikeler

    USTA survey about leagues ? (40's format)

    I always trust USTA to make the wrong decision, so I'm expecting no change next year.
  12. mikeler

    Suggestions for preventing cramps

    I usually drop 3 Nuun tablets in 64 ounces of water. which lasts me for the duration of most matches. I'll take 2 salt sticks every 7 games or so. When I get low on energy, I eat a Gu which also has electrolytes. Then splurge on a salty meal after.
  13. mikeler

    Tier One Firewire + PK Q+5

    Dang, your wife must really hit hard! Let her try a set and then you can both hate and heckle me if you don't like it...
  14. mikeler

    Tier One Firewire + PK Q+5

    My current setup that I've used the last few years is Firewire Boost (Firewire mains and Ghostwire crosses) in a very comfortable frame. I was intrigued after trying a full bed of Firewire, I loved the spin but in a 16x16 frame but the sharpness of the strings did not allow the setup to last...
  15. mikeler

    Where do the Rockies rank?

    IPAs I assume? Hope things are going well in your neck of the woods too.
  16. mikeler

    Where do the Rockies rank?

    I'll be out there next month, been going there every few years since I was a young lad.
  17. mikeler

    Windows 11 = Windows plus Android Apps together, total open system!

    I expect Windows to move things around, change icon images, rename items so I can't find what I'm looking for anymore and then delete features I like currently.
  18. mikeler

    I can't stop shanking forehands

    A lot has changed since then. 3.5 years ago I injured my knee and found out I was probably playing without an ACL in my left knee all these years. So I was hitting my forehand always off the back foot. After getting that repaired, I put my weight into my forehand and hit through the ball...
  19. mikeler

    Full body cramps?

    Sure, you feel a cramp in your stomach muscle, so you switch positions. Then something in your leg locks.up. After grabbing your leg in pain with your arm, now that arms get a cramp. My friend actually got cramps in his nether regions, thank goodness that didn't happen to me. It's...
  20. mikeler

    Full body cramps?

    I agree on the salt sticks and Nuun tabs. Gu is also awesome for energy and electrolytes.
  21. mikeler

    Full body cramps?

    A guy I play every 2 weeks told me a story of a hot tournament he played 10 years ago where he got full body cramps at the end of his 2nd match. I had never heard of that. So naturally I made fun of him for a few years...until it happened to me. I played 2 matches of singles in the Florida...
  22. mikeler

    Ghostwire tension loss vs 4g, etc

    I've been using Ghostwire as a cross for years. I don't notice the tension loss.
  23. mikeler

    Tier One Sports tennis strings?

    Firewire is very sharp. I imagine it will cut through a gut cross in no time.
  24. mikeler

    Tier One Sports tennis strings?

    Try the Firewire Boost hybrid first. The Ghostwire is the softest poly I've found and it is super smooth. It's a perfect cross for the sharp Firewire mains.
  25. mikeler

    Tier One Sports tennis strings?

    Firewire Boost has more spin. I'd say it has slightly more power and slightly less control than Black Knight. Both are excellent strings.
  26. mikeler

    Tier One Sports tennis strings?

    I've been using Firewire Boost for years now.
  27. mikeler

    Achille Tendonitis / Both Ankles (Help needed)

    Sorry, somehow I didn't see your reply. Myaderm 2400mg CBD cream.
  28. mikeler

    Other than New Balance is there a men's tennis shoe that comes in 4E width?

    For a brief period of time, both Asics and Adidas had a 4E shoe. The sad thing is both were better than New Balance. Even worse, like you said the New Balance shoes seem to be getting narrower now. I may be investing in shoe stretchers soon...
  29. mikeler

    Mikeler's Multis

    Probably only half a reel and 3 sets of Cyclone Tour left on the surplus list.