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  1. mikeler

    Tsonga just hit a 1 handed backhand pass at 3,768 RPMs!

    Has anyone else seen higher on the backhand wing?
  2. mikeler

    A first look at the USTA National Campus in Orlando

    Plexicushion hard courts with Tournament Desk in the background. It has a restaurant on the first floor and observation deck on the 2nd floor. Random dude being made internet famous as well. Kids courts are free. They have 36 foot and 60 foot courts. Much like Flushing Meadows, this...
  3. mikeler

    Google Chromebook Review

    I bought an Asus Chromebook Flip for Father's Day 2 months ago. Up until 4 years ago, I was purely a Microsoft Windows guy since Windows 3.1 (dating myself I know). For the record, I think Windows 7 is excellent but I find Windows 8 and 10 incredibly frustrating without third party shells...
  4. mikeler

    Please do not report multiple posts!

    We realize the forum is having problems. If you find double or multiple posts, simply edit the posts to say something of that nature. This will take a lot of the burden off moderating staff. Please be patient, Tennis Warehouse is actively working on the issue and hopefully the resolution will...
  5. mikeler

    Is John Williams the GOAT composer?

    His accomplishments are way too long to list in the OP but some of my favorites are below: Star Wars Superman Indiana Jones Jurassic Park Or was he born in a weak era? :)
  6. mikeler

    The New Star Wars Trailer

    Wow, I'm super excited after seeing the trailer during the halftime of Monday Night Football. In JJ Abrams I trust. Discuss...
  7. mikeler

    Prince tennis shirts

    I saw these for the first time in a store today. They seemed pretty nice but I had no idea Prince even made shirts. Has anyone out there tried them?
  8. mikeler

    Is the Odds and Ends Section an Infinite Resource?

    I'm concerned with all the activity here lately.
  9. mikeler

    Questions about NTRP strikes and benchmark players

    I thought it used to be that if you beat a Benchmark player, that was an automatic strike for "S" or "A" rated players. Is that still the case? a) If yes, what happens in doubles where an "S" or "A" player on 1 team beats just 1 player that is a Benchmark on the other team but the other...
  10. mikeler

    Coming soon, the slickest string on the planet.

    Should provide the ultimate snapback. Link below:
  11. mikeler

    2015 String Database

    It only contains new strings from 2014 but for those interested in this sort of stuff, click here:
  12. mikeler

    Trying out Electrolyte Pills

    June is almost over and I haven't seen our annual electrolyte discussion yet. I played a very hot match in the early afternoon here in sunny Florida 9 days ago. Even drinking 2 Gatorades over 2 sets, I cramped up for the first time in many years. So I ditched Gatorade and bought some...
  13. mikeler

    Cat saves boy from dog (link to video)
  14. mikeler

    Website issue

    There is an error after clicking on TW Reviews from this page:
  15. mikeler

    When did ball numbers only go up to 4?

    For the most part, most people at our club either use Penn Marathon balls or US Open balls. When playing next to others, sometimes they have the same ball number and type. I seem to remember growing up that ball numbers used to go all the way up to 8. What gives?
  16. mikeler

    Kudos to Tennis Magazine

    This month's edition had quite a few articles that captured my attention. Normally I look at the entire thing for 10 minutes tops but I spent a solid hour reading it last night. I hope this trend continues.
  17. mikeler

    Thoughts on reducing shear breaks at the top of the frame?

    I've been using the Prince Tour 100T ESP for a few months now. It is an open 16x16 pattern so I know I'll break strings quicker. I have not had a problem with most polys but my new favorite Discho Iontec broke both times at the top of the hoop. The first time it took 3 sets but the 2nd time...
  18. mikeler

    I stand by Stan, red nosed Warrior of Doom

    He seems like such a nice guy and what a great player to watch as a fan.
  19. mikeler

    Prince Tour Xtra Spin String

    Any update on when this will arrive? I see the sister store in Europe is selling it.
  20. mikeler

    Overgrip price increases?

    Can anyone shed some light on why many of the overgrips are now priced so much higher recently?
  21. mikeler

    Latest RSI (now Tennis Industry) String Data

    The January 2014 issue has info on strings that came out in the last 2 years.
  22. mikeler

    Genesis True Grit

    Has anyone tried this new 10 sided twisted poly?
  23. mikeler

    Taking the Prince Tour 100T ESP out for a demo

    I played 2 sets of singles with the 100T ESP last night. It has the new Prince black tour xs string in it, not sure of the gauge or tension. I've never played more than 4 games with a full set of poly so I was a little nervous about my arm but it was fine. The racket was brand new so the...
  24. mikeler

    Self rate appeal success rate?

    How dependent is it on the individual Section? Any tips on completing the forms?
  25. mikeler


    A local tennis trainer recommended this product for electrolyte replacement. I did a search on TTW but could not find any info on it. Has anyone tried it?
  26. mikeler

    Partially lost toenail on big toe

    So I lost the top half of a disgusting bloody toe nail this morning. Any thoughts on how to protect the new one coming in and keep it beautiful? I'm thinking of wrapping it with some kind of tape but not sure what to buy.
  27. mikeler

    How can Nadal generate so much spin with his strings not snapping back?

    Clearly his strings are not snapping back in this photo:
  28. mikeler

    Tennis in Berlin, Germany July 21st through August 4th

    USTA rated 4.5 player looking to play or hit with anyone 4.0 to 5.0 during this time period. Would definitely prefer the red clay weather permitting.
  29. mikeler

    Why are 3 setters in Miami so tiring?

    Today Murray and Ferrer looked almost dead by the end of the match and Murray trains in Miami. Djokovic and Nadal both looked spent after their epic 3rd set tiebreak duel in Miami a few years ago. This tournament used to have a best of 5 set final for goodness sake.