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  1. lgbalfa

    Lotto Shoes?

    Not carrying them anymore?
  2. lgbalfa

    String Kong?

    Not a popular string but any feedback on it? Thanks
  3. lgbalfa

    Racquet recommendation for a 4 year old?

    Looking at starting my 4 year old daughter in tennis. Can anyone recommend a racquet? Thanks
  4. lgbalfa

    Any USTA renewal codes?

    I need to do my renewal soon. Thanks
  5. lgbalfa

    Furi Racquets?

    Anyone familiar with them?
  6. lgbalfa

    World Team Tennis - multi colored courts?

    When / why did they change the courts from multi colored to a solid color? Thanks
  7. lgbalfa

    Donald Young racquet?

    I saw on the Tennis Channel (Cary Challenger) that Donald Young is using a blacked out racquet. He is not using Dunlop anymore? Thanks
  8. lgbalfa

    Karim Alami son died?

    Nadal mentioned Karim Alami's son died in his US Open speech. Anyone know his age and what happened? I could not find anything online about it. Thanks
  9. lgbalfa

    How long will a new can of balls last unopened?

    6 months? I just wanted to see before I buy a case of Dunlop balls. Thanks
  10. lgbalfa

    Quality of TW backpack?

    How is the quality of their backpacks now? I know in the past they received bad reviews. Thanks
  11. lgbalfa

    Volkl Organix 9 strings?

    Any string recommendations for the Volkl Organix 9? Just picked up this racquet. Thanks
  12. lgbalfa

    new warehouse on east coast?

    Do you ship now from Atlanta now? Just noticed my package left from Atlanta and not California. Thanks
  13. lgbalfa

    Volkl Pallets - can you use on Organix 9?

    Can you change the grip size on the Volkl Organix 9 with a Volkl pallet or does this racquet not work with the interchangeable pallets? Thanks
  14. lgbalfa

    compatible grommets with Dunlop racquets?

    I know that the Hotmelt 300G, Dunlop Maxply Mcenroe, Biomimetic Max 200G and Biomimetic 300 all use the same grommets since they are 16x19, 98 sq. inch racquets. I purchased the last few Biomimetic 300 grommets. What other grommets do you carry that are the same for the above listed racquets...
  15. lgbalfa

    dunlop maxply mcenroe (graphite) users?

    anyone still using this racquet? if so, what is your string set-up. thanks
  16. lgbalfa

    TW tungsten putty

    anyone use this? how do you apply it inside the handle of the trap door to keep it secure? this would be going inside of a dunlop maxply mcenroe racquet (graphite) which is essentially the same as a 300 series dunlop racquet. thanks
  17. lgbalfa

    US Open question

    not sure where to post this but i guess it will be directed to the TW moderator since they might know the answer. it's regarding the US open and i could not find which section to post. in the past they use to alternate the mens / woman's start time night match at 7pm on Ashe. now i noticed...
  18. lgbalfa

    Donnay / XeneCore

    Where do you buy them now? Directly from them only? Seems that since TW has stopped selling them they have fallen off the face of the earth. They did make nice racquets with the thin beam. It's a shame that a racquet company with that much history has not done well with the reintroduction...
  19. lgbalfa

    Tennis in Asburn, VA

    Are there any indoor courts in the area? Any players also that play regularly indoors? I will be visiting at the end of the month.
  20. lgbalfa

    Spencer gone?

    Is he still with your team? I noticed he is not on the playtesters bio anymore:
  21. lgbalfa

    removing lead tape

    if you remove lead tape from a racquet, will it damage or remove some of the paint job?
  22. lgbalfa

    searching for clay court shoes on the website?

    is there a way to search on the TW website for clay court specific shoes? i didn't see an option to show results for that. thanks
  23. lgbalfa

    overgrips for sale?

    am i allowed to sell overgrips in the forum? i bought a 12 pack and used one but decided i didn't like them so i wanted to see if i could sell 11 of them.
  24. lgbalfa

    Babolat VS Overgrip vs. Pro Team Tacky Thin

    what is the difference between these 2 overgrips? i know the Pro Team Tacky Thin is .4mm while the other is .44mm but other than that are they basically the same? thanks
  25. lgbalfa

    removing stencil ink from the frame

    i know that there are various threads on removing stencil ink from the frame but none of the ideas seem to work. i tried using rubbing alcohol which was the most popular to no avail. the ink has been on the frame for at least a month. could be permanent but i hope not. anyone have any other...
  26. lgbalfa

    back to the old forum site?

    what happened to the redesigned forum site?
  27. lgbalfa

    800-883-6647 not working

    it is just going straight into voicemail.
  28. lgbalfa

    leather grip without overgrip

    everyone these days, if you use a leather grip - 99% use it with an overgrip. for those that strictly use a leather grip only, which one is your preference? currently i have tried gamma, TW and pacific and so far pacific is my favorite.
  29. lgbalfa

    standard length of leather replacement grips?

    how many inches are they? 36" ? thanks
  30. lgbalfa

    tourna finishing tape

    what is the width of tourna grip finishing tape? is this the same as electrical tape? thanks