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  1. gflyer

    Sony Tennis Sensor with older Head models

    Hi, I have tried to search for this but I couldn't get a clear answer. I have an Extreme IG Pro 2.0. Is the original butt cap going to work with the head attachment (HD1)? Or the XT butt caps/trap door have different shape? Thank you
  2. gflyer

    transition to red clay

    After almost 10 years playing on HC i moved to europe. only red clay here. on hc i play very aggressive baseline game. try to hit winners whenever i see openings. 4.5/5.0 level on red clay i am going through hell. i feel i am always out of position, my timing is messed up, i lost all my...
  3. gflyer


    Domanda per TW Europe. Sembra che Diadora abbia 2 nuovi modelli molto interessanti. Le Speed Star K AG e le Speed Pro wi5 AG. Volevo solo sapere se TWE le avra' disponibili. Grazie. g
  4. gflyer

    Wise Help Please.

    I got some extra bucks and decided to buy a Wise 2086. What is the difference between the one sold by TW and the one sold directly from the manufacturer? I'd like to buy from TW but I want to be sure I am not missing anything. Moreover, I understood from another thread that there is an issue...
  5. gflyer

    Tennis in Abruzzo ad Agosto?

    Saro' in vacanza in Italia (vicino Pescara, Abruzzo) dal 16 Agosto al 4 Settembre. Qualcuno nella zona e' interesato a giocare? Livello 4.5/5.0 NTRP (rank americano). In Italia non so a cosa corrisponde, credo 4.2/4.1 della classifica FIT. interessati mi contattino qui:
  6. gflyer

    My Eagnas Plus 6500

    Today I finally received my new Eagnas Plus 6500. This is my first "serious" stringing machine. I've been stringing on a klippermate for almost 2 years where learned the basic skills of the stringing procedure. Before posting few pictures I want to share my experience with Eagnas/Maxline in...
  7. gflyer

    Crank and Drop weight: what I don't have clear

    I know this is a pretty debated issue but I still have some doubts (even after reading a lot of threads on this forum). I understand the difference between a lockout and a drop weight system. I also understand that there is a compensation for it and that involves stringing higher when using a...
  8. gflyer

    Babolat Quality Control and frame matching

    I have 3 Pure Storm Tour GT racquets and I had the impression that one of the three was a little heavier. So I checked each of them after removing strings and grip (pallet exposed). Racquet #1 Weight 305 gr Balance 32.3 cm Racquet #2 Weight 299.6 gr Balance 31.9 cm Racquet #3 Weight...
  9. gflyer

    Upgrade suggestion and possibly Wise

    I am planning to upgrade from my little kilppermate. I do want a fixed clamps machine. For actual budget reasons I think I will have to go with drop-weight (instead of crank). I was thinking about Pioneer DC+, Hip Hop or maybe Challenger I (I am a little concerned about buying from Eagnas...
  10. gflyer

    Italiani su questo board?

    Ciao a tutti. Io vivo negli US da qualche anno ma sono 100% italiano. Tutte le estati ad Agosto sono in vacanza a Pescara, Abruzzo (dove sono cresciuto). Sono sempre alla ricerca di avversari per giocare durante le ferie, rigorosamente su terra rossa :-) Ciao! G.
  11. gflyer

    Pacific Gut Snapped

    First, I am not a stringing guru, but I strung quite a few racquets in the past 2 years (for myself and friends) In the past 6 months or so I strung mainly Natural Gut (Tonic, Gaucho, VS, Pacific, Klip). Yesterday I was starting to string my Pure Storm Tour with Pacific Classic 16 @60lb. The...
  12. gflyer

    Questions about Babolat VS Syn Gut Hybrid

    I got a set of this hybrid for free and I have a couple of questions. First a little background. 4.5 aggressive baseliner. I play with Pure Storm Tour GT. In general I like stiffer stringbeds, but because last summer I had TE now I switched to natural gut. I am now playing with full Tonic+...
  13. gflyer

    Babolat Pure Storm frames and PJ

    I noticed that all the pros (ATP and WTA) that use a Pure Storm family frame have the regular Pure Storm PJ. Nobody has the "Tour" PJ. Why is that? Or are those player indeed using the Pure Storm (I would be very surprised). Or it's a company policy to advertise only one model in this family...
  14. gflyer

    HEAD gut/FXP hybrid - comments?

    I was browsing the head website and in the hybrid section they suggest for spin and control the following setup: Mains: Natural Gut 16 Crosses: FXP Control 17 Any comments? Anybody has tried this setup?
  15. gflyer

    gut/poly or poly/gut(or multi) for comfort?

    I am having a mild TE. Actually I am in the recovery phase and I would say that now is much better. I used to string fully poly (cyber flash) but now I am testing more arm friendly setups. I am mainly using a frame with nat gut (gaucho) in the mains at 58lb and a soft poly (SpinX) in the...
  16. gflyer

    TE and poly. Help to find a setup.

    After so many years of tennis for the first time I am experiencing TE. :( The problem is that I like firm stringbeds. I always played full poly (cyber flash in the recent past). Where do I go from here? I've been reading many threads on this subject but I don't have a clear idea yet. My...
  17. gflyer

    Question about starting pin

    I have a klippermate stringer. I have always started the mains using the provided starting pin. Is there a way to avoid the use of the pin? I saw the video from YULitle (fantastic resource, btw) about starting the mains with flying clamps, but I am not sure if I can apply it safely on my...
  18. gflyer

    Is it possible to find Nadal AO crew?

    Does anybody know if this is still available to buy (in the US)? I'll post in the Classified section just in case somebody in this board has one. Thanks.
  19. gflyer

    Dunlop Revelation Pro 90 (purple)

    I don't know if this is the right forum to post. If not I apologize. I have this frame I want to sell on the FS/FT section. I don't have any idea how much is worth. I was guessing $100-150. Am I totally out of range? Any help would be appreciated.
  20. gflyer

    Odd frame problem please help needed!

    I have recently purchased two Dunlop 4D 200 16x19 racquets. The first one from TW Europe the second from and american web store (I cannot name it here). I have and odd situation that I cannot explain and is driving me crazy. if I overlap the racquets they are not identical.The shape of the...
  21. gflyer

    Court Ballistec White Yellow

    Are the shoes that Nadal is wearing in Rome (yellow and white) going to be available anytime soon? I guess they are just a different colorway of Court Ballistec 1.3. Am I right? Thank you.
  22. gflyer

    Dunlop 4d 200 16x19 (PICS)

    I just got this beautiful stick. I strung it with MSV Hex 1.10 at 60x58lb. I just wanted to share some pictures. I played with it only few minutes therefore a review will come later this week.
  23. gflyer

    help stringing my new racquet

    I just got a new Dunlop 4D 2hundred 16x19. I cannot find the 2-piece stringing pattern. Most likely it's the same of the Aerogel 2hundred 16x19, but I cannot find it either. This is what I know so far: Pattern: 16x19 Mains skips: 7H,9H,8T Start Crosses: 7H Now my question. At the...
  24. gflyer

    Dunlop 4d 200 16x19 Stringing Pattern

    I am waiting to get one of these sticks in the mail. Anybody knows what is the 2-pieces stringing pattern for it? Any help would be really appreciated.
  25. gflyer

    Achilles Tendon problem help

    Hi guys. I need some help please. I am a very fast player with typical thin ankle/tendons. My ankle area has always been my weak spot. Recently I am experiencing a problem that is concerning me quite a bit. On full speed change of direction, especially on lateral movement on my forehand side...
  26. gflyer

    Nadal Turquoise Shorts

    Are these gonna be available? Thanks
  27. gflyer

    ESPN shut the mics off please!

    I am trying to watch AO on ESPN but the noise is like they are at the Rio the Janeiro Carnival!! ESPN, how about sending a sound technician to fix the commenters mics?
  28. gflyer

    Weird shopping experience (AG100)? Advice please.

    Here's what happened. A couple of months ago I was looking for buying my third AG100 racquet. The tennis shop were I bought my second one had a bunch on the shelf but not in my grip size (4 3/8). The owner of the shop kept saying that he was waiting for a new shipment anytime. One day he told...
  29. gflyer

    Asics Gel Game 2

    Dear TW, I saw somewhere on the web that Asics is coming out with Gel Game 2, but I couldn't get pictures. Are you getting them? If so, do you know in what colors they will be available? I am aware of the imminent release of the Gel Resolution 2, but I didn't know about Gel Game 2. Thanks. G
  30. gflyer

    Asics Gel Resolution 2 already in the US

    Dear TW, it looks like this shoes are already available in the US. When are you expecting them? Thanks, G