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    Frit’s racket

    Fritz is on against Thiem. Is it just me or Fritz is really playing with an old radical twin tube (candycane?)?
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    Yonex grip

    Hi TW team, I know this has been discussed before but I'd like your advice on yonex grips. I currently play with speed pros ltd edition, one leather grip in 4 3/8 and one OG. Regarding the Vcore Tour F 93. If I replace the original grip with a leather grip (let say, a fairway) and add one...
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    Alu Power feel

    Hi all, Has anyone tried Alu Power feel? I would like to try it, but given the price, I'd like to get some opinions! FYI, 5.5 player, speed pro ltd (18x20) at 12.13 ounces strung, alu power rough at 46-44 pounds. Thanks for your comments.