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  1. PeterPanda

    First String Job

    I'm going to be stringing my first racquet in a few days with a Gamma X-2. I'm not sure if i'm doing 2 way string job or just one. I'm not really sure which one's easier. The only thing i'm worried about when to tie and how. Most racquets have 6 to 8 holes on the bottom but the one im going to...
  2. PeterPanda

    Gamma X-2 Black Friday deal

    The gamma X-2 is a black Friday deal where it is anticipated at 3pm eastern time it will be around $129 there is limited amount. Same place where they make the kindle. I know i will be defiantly getting one.
  3. PeterPanda

    Best Shoe at TW!

    What's the best and lightest shoe out there right now at Tennis Warehouse? I'm going to need a new shoe soon.:)
  4. PeterPanda

    Luxillion Savage

    There's a mistake when you click on it in the description it says it's a poly and then lower it says construction: monifilament. I think there might be something wrong.
  5. PeterPanda

    Ball Boy

    Has any one been a ball boy might be one this year at the hall of fame championships in july.
  6. PeterPanda

    Price Match

    I found a shoe on your website $40 more then i was able to get somewhere else. Would you price match this shoe if i told you what it was. Didn't want to give a name of the shoe without tw permission. Not just for me but the price to be changed on the website.
  7. PeterPanda

    Credit Cards

    Do you put a hold on credit cards like if i bought $10 worth of stuff would you put a hold on my credit card for $40?
  8. PeterPanda

    Picture of Vokl organix on front page

    Picture of Vokl organix on the front page's link does not work. On the home page. the bigber one.
  9. PeterPanda


    What do you do when your outmatched? I'm playing in my first tournament and im playing a kid who i have not seen play before but i've seen i guy he has played and lost to 7-5 7-5. I know i will be outmatched. Also the match is at 1:00 on saturday and i usually do a clinic from 11:30 to 1:00 at...
  10. PeterPanda

    Does it really matter winning the toss?

    What do TT people think does it matter winning the toss?
  11. PeterPanda

    How to put on a dampener?

    So, i just recieved my order thank you TW. I recieved two of their dampeners but couldn't get them in my string so i put it up right under the bottome cross.So the tw logo is sideways is this how it's supost to be.
  12. PeterPanda

    Quetsions about tournament

    It's now a month before my next tournamnet. If my strings break during play and i don't have another raquet can i leave the court to get another one during the match?
  13. PeterPanda

    How to put on a replacemnt grip?

    How to i put on a replacement grip. It's not an overgrip. I heard i have to put a staple in it is that true. I tried you tube but no replacemnt grip videos.
  14. PeterPanda

    Heads Up.

    On the Volk string page Volkl Synthetic Gut 17 String Reel Price: $99.99 Share Product Details Strings By Brand Related Categories The Volkl Synthetic Gut string is an all-around performance string with duraguard technology for added performance and durability. Gauge: 17g 1.25mm Length: 720...
  15. PeterPanda

    St. Petersburgh,FL 18-28

    I'm a junior and 13 and 3.0 NTRP. I'm in the Northeast we could play at the St. Pete tennis center.
  16. PeterPanda

    Junior Tennis Camp

    I'm looking for a junior tennis camp for a week i'll be by myself. Don't really care where but durring the summer time. I'm 13 i'm looking for lot's of match play and i don't really care if there's more match play then instruction. I would like the price to be as low as possible and would like...
  17. PeterPanda

    Better Synthetic gut?

    Which one is better Tecnifibre synhetic gut or Gosen synthetic gut or Dunlop synthetic gut?
  18. PeterPanda

    Syntec overgrip

    I was looking for an overgrip that was similar to the babolat syntec grip that i currently use.
  19. PeterPanda

    Mantis Clothing

    Does anybody know if and when they'll be makeing clothing?
  20. PeterPanda

    TW dampeners

    Does your tennis wharehouse dampeners come automatically on my raquet if i order it from tw? I've heard they did but other people have said no.
  21. PeterPanda

    Junior tennis regiment.

    I'm 13 and in a couple months i'll be playing my first tournament is there any special regiment i should be doing to get more in shape. I have acceses to a gym.
  22. PeterPanda

    Type of Player at a Tournament?

    In a level 6 tournament what kind of NTRP rated would i usually encounter for like 14's. From watching you tube i'd say like 4.0 NTRP.
  23. PeterPanda

    What to take for freshman year of HS?

    I wanted to know what are good choices of what classes to take. I have a week or two before i have to decide.
  24. PeterPanda

    Is there a way.

    I live in the USA and i want to try out some Babolat or Tecnifibre Tennis Balls. Is there a way i could special order case to come hereto the us. I checked and there in TW Europe.
  25. PeterPanda

    Serve Problem

    So, when i serve the balli throw it up at 1 o'clock. Then i swing my raquet back scratch my back(not literally). Then i bring it forward with a continental grip then change it to a forhand grip in mid-air right befor i hit the ball. How do i change this.