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  1. michaelscoots

    Awesome Goo

    Has anyone used this stuff yet? It's black, and it doesn't have harsh solvents (no funky smell) - it cures with hot water or heat from a hair dryer. I hear it's flexible too. My question is: does anyone know if it marks up the surface of the court? thanks, Michael
  2. michaelscoots

    K95 Team with mods?

    Hi gang, I've been an avid K90 addict for a few years now. I own three of them and absolutely love everything about them. However, I tend to rally for more than 3 hours 3 times a week and I can get pretty tired towards around the third hour of singles rallying. A guy at the courts has a...
  3. michaelscoots

    Hybrid Natural Gut and MSV Focus Hex?

    Has anyone tried a hybrid set up with Natural Gut in the mains and MSV Focus Hex in the crosses? I'm thinking that might be a nice alternative to ALU Rough since ALU drops tension so quickly and continues to do so (especially in the summer for me). The MSV provides a similar bite, holds better...
  4. michaelscoots

    Kirschbaum Pro Line II vs. Signum Pro Tornado?

    Has anyone tried both of these strings? If so what are the differences? Which did you prefer? I'm currently using Kirschbaum Pro Line II but I'm looking to try Signum Pro Tornado. I use a K90 with a long full swing. Value control and spin over power.