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  1. rasajadad

    Certified Pre-Owned Gut

    I have an interesting hypothetical question that I was wondering if anyone has either had experience with OR cares to guess: One of my customers has me string his Prince Graphite 125 with VS Team at 14 (yes, fourteen) pounds with a 1-piece job. When I was restringing his racquet last night I...
  2. rasajadad

    Anyone experienced with this?

    At a tournament several weeks ago I played against a guy who while he was using a regular racquet, it was strung every other hole. In other words, he had an 18 X 20 racquet, but it was strung 9 X 10. Can anyone explain how this would play? Any other info on it?
  3. rasajadad

    Travelling with Racquets

    Just flew out to California from the East coast and back last week and checked my racquet bag. Both coming and going the TSA pulled my bag. My theory- Foil packs of string in there. Just an FYI.
  4. rasajadad

    Problems with Prince Recoil

    I have a customer that provides me with the above string. Despite clean and adjusted clamps on my Revo, I have yet to successfully get the mains started. On both occasions the mains have pulled through the clamps and shredded (even with a starting clamo as a backup.) Anyone have any advice or...
  5. rasajadad

    Indian Wells Advice

    I am headed to Indian Wells mid-October for my senior nationals. Any advice on airports, cheap hotels, etc? (The matches are at Indian Wells Tennis Garden if that helps.)
  6. rasajadad

    Davydenko's Asics at RG '09

    Anyone know for sure which Asics model Davydenko was wearing at the French this year? Looked to me like squash soles.
  7. rasajadad

    Revo 4000 Clamp Upgrade

    I know a lot of you have Revos so I thought I'd give you a heads up. I'm into my third year on the machine and the clamps were starting to require more and more frequent maintenance and adjustment so I called Mark at Alpha. There is now a clamp upgrade available. Instead of the 5 tooth job that...
  8. rasajadad

    Tennis vs. Squash Shoes

    A friend of mine recommended trying squash shoes instead of tennis shoes in that they would have more cushioining. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  9. rasajadad

    Are We Resurrecting Every Thread of Cindy's?

    Self explanatory as there seems to be a bunch of two year old threads coming back to life.
  10. rasajadad

    Tennis in "The Villages", FL?

    I am heading to the above area for 5 days the end of March. Supposedly it's northwest of Orlando. I know it's an "adult community" but are there any players there or in the area (I'll have a car,) who want to hit? Here are my particulars: I'll be there March 26-31. I am a 55 y.o. 4.5. Let me know!
  11. rasajadad

    What Would You Have Done?

    I'd like to throw out a situation that occurred this past Friday evening. I was playing doubles at a team "practice". I was at the net in the deuce court and my partner was at the baseline in the ad court. The opposing team lobbed over my head into the deuce corner. My partner and I switched, so...
  12. rasajadad

    Who Else Hates Their Team?

    I've just about had it with my league team! I love my captain, but he puts together the weakest lineups and at team practices my teammates hook me. It's a pain keeping my schedule open unitl the captain posts who's playing on Thursday afternoons. I could go on and on..... Anyone else need to vent?
  13. rasajadad

    Wilson Hammer 5.2 Question

    I tried to search the forum without success, so I am asking any Wilson experts the following: I have three Wilson Hammer 5.2 frames. They all look identical in terms of cosmetics. (They are purple.) However, on the side of one of the throats it says "Hammer 5.2 Classic". The word Classic is...
  14. rasajadad

    Family Circle Cup Suggestions

    I will be driving down to Charleston for this event for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I'd appreciate any ticket purchasing strategy as well as suggestions on where to stay (on a budget.) Thanks in advance!
  15. rasajadad

    Cryo Cuff

    Anyone familiar with this apparatus? Is it good for meniscus as well as ACL tears? Any info would be appreciated.
  16. rasajadad


    As if my torn meniscus wasn't enough (surgery scheduled for 2/26). I just had laser surgery to repair a torn retina. So in advance of my 1-3 months off, I now have one week of no physical activity. Getting old is hard! Enjoy every minute on the court people. You never know when it's game...
  17. rasajadad

    Torn Meniscus - BUMMED!

    I just learned I have a compound tear of my medial meniscus. Surgery, then 2-3 months off. Crap! Any suggestions to lower the recuperation time?
  18. rasajadad

    Barbados Tennis

    I will be on Barbados May 3-10. Anyone know of any decent playing, lesson, or clinic opportunities there?
  19. rasajadad

    Louisville, KY Oct. 22-26

    I am a 4.5 who will be in Louisville on business over the above dates. If anyone would like to hit, please contact me.
  20. rasajadad

    Moral Dilemma

    I was playing a quarterfinal match last weekend. The situation is as follows: The guy is being a big jerk all match. Instead of lobbing balls to me, he would crack a forehand at me as hard as he could. He was also "talking to himself" out loud, about me. Anyway, I wasn't liking him much. To his...
  21. rasajadad

    String Tension Advice

    I have read and posted advice on string tension recommendations here before. However, here is my question: Which is more important (and why), the absolute pound tension or the number or percentage + / - midpoint on the frame recommendation?
  22. rasajadad

    USTA League Rules

    Quick question- I just lost a singles match in a 4.0 sectional to a guy who's currently playing D-II tennis. Someone told me that if someone is currently playing on a D-II college team, they have to be at least 4.5. a- Is that true? b- If so, what do I need to do to protest? Thanks!
  23. rasajadad

    Policy on Restringing

    I just strung someone's racquet (with Gamma Asterisk 16g.) He requests a string tension that is equal to the highest recommended tension for the frame (60lbs.) He and I happen to be on the same court. While returning a serve he hits one off the edge of the stringbed and shears the string. This...
  24. rasajadad

    Klip Armor Pro

    It seems that my string of choice is no longer available. Any information on this?
  25. rasajadad

    Klip Armor Pro

    Anyone have any info on the lack of availability of this string?
  26. rasajadad

    Stringbed Softness Guidelines

    Is there some mathematical formula or rule of thumb to predicting stringbed softness using the USRSA numbers? For example, if you were doing a hybrid of natural gut and a poly, could you take the numbers they quote for string softness and average them to get a relative stiffness number? Would...
  27. rasajadad

    PK Redondo 93 Type C Help

    Tried to string my Redondo last night and failed! I have a couple of questions: 1- What is the correct pattern? (The PK website has different info than the TW site.) 2- I was having trouble on the last 4 crosses. With the tight pattern and such do you guys use wax? If so, what do you use...
  28. rasajadad

    Stringing Pattern Help

    I am trying to find a pattern for a racquet: Prince Graphite Series 125. It has 16M and 19C. I checked the Klipper site and the Prince site but can't find the exact racquet. Thanks!
  29. rasajadad

    Racquet Return Procedure

    I just returned a racquet to TW that had a defect in it for replacement. I followed up with the staff to be sure it was received. (It was.) I now come to find out the racquet needs to be sent to the manufacturer for them to order a replacement to be sent to me. I was informed it would be another...
  30. rasajadad

    Shaved Body Hair

    It seems that this has become the norm on the men's tour. (I guess on the women's, too.) What's the rationale other than aesthetic? Do they shave, wax, what???