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  1. Borrelli


    Hi all, Haven't been on here in a long while! Just moved to Boston, Yes, I realize it's February and freezing cold outside. Looking to play a good amount this spring/summer. I'm in Cambridge. We have some pretty awesome (lighted) courts at Pemberton Park nearby but I'm game to take the T...
  2. Borrelli

    Question about stringing a pro staff 90 16x19

    Hello all, This might be a dumb question but why do the first 3 and last 3 crosses not alternate? They start on the same under side and finish over rather then alternate each time. Is this the same for all 16x19 string pattern rackets? Thank you
  3. Borrelli

    Tennis in New York City?

    Hey guys, I live in CT but travel to Brooklyn on occasion (weekends) to meet friends. I've been checking into playing tennis in the city and it seems crazy.. pay for public park courts? I could understand at Central Park but on all park courts? I guess we don't realize how lucky we have it...
  4. Borrelli

    Plain No Logo Bandanas?

    I'm looking for the Nike style Bandanas but without a logo. I don't see the need to advertise for Nike but I want a similar quality product. I've purchased a few plain ones off teh bay before but the quality was horrendous, they wouldn't even stay tied! Anyone have a source for such a product?
  5. Borrelli

    Nike Grand Slam Polo's

    I have a bunch of these and absolutely love them. I saw Nadal wearing one at Monte Carlo but they have been unavailable for over a year now. Does anyone now why Nike has discontinued them? I think they should bring them back, especially if one of their star players favors them.
  6. Borrelli

    Del Ray Beach Open..

    Anyone going to this event? I'm going to be in town for at least 6 days during the tournament if anyone is looking to hit around or hang out?
  7. Borrelli

    Strange ping sound from Wilson Pro Staff BLX 90?

    Stringing with gut mains and co-focus crosses and I'm getting a real pingy noise when hitting. I don't use a dampener which I'm sure would help but my old K90 doesn't make this noise with the same exact set-up. Anyone else experiencing this? Might have to buy a second stick to find out for sure.
  8. Borrelli

    Czech Republic Vapors?...

    Anyone else notice the Czech Davis Cup team's shoes? looks like vapor's to me? Interesting..
  9. Borrelli

    Klip legend 16 at TW?

    I've been using the Klip legend 16 gut in my mains for a few months now and love it. I was looking to order some more today on TW but noticed it was missing. Just the 17 and 18 in stock. Not sure they're just out or if they're trying to push the uncoated stuff or some new type called "legend...
  10. Borrelli

    Nadal nike polo?

    Anybody see the orange/clay grand slam polo Nadal was wearing for his press conference yesterday? Looking for a source. Thanks.
  11. Borrelli

    Acute shoulder injury - Help!

    Has anyone ever gotten so frustrated that they took a wild swing at the ball trying to smash it out of the park? Well, I was playing yesterday in extremely windy conditions which always frustrates me. I got so frustrated that I tried to just rip the ball as hard as I could (stupid!) with my one...
  12. Borrelli

    Affordable tennis vacation?

    Ok, so I have a free round trip airline ticket to anywhere in the USA. The catch is that I have to use it up before November 15th of this year, which is basically two weeks from today. I'm traveling by myself so I would need a place that has ample guests or tennis players/coaches willing to play...
  13. Borrelli

    Plain white bandana (no logo) source?

    Does anyone have a source for just a plain white Nike style bandana but without any logos? Like what Vilas used to wear. Thanks.
  14. Borrelli

    Cliff Drysdale talking smack about one-handed backhands today.

    Anyone else catch this during the Federer/Texiera match today? Makes me wonder what he's smoking. Says Federer is at a disadvantage because he still uses a one-hander and that he should switch to a two-handed backhand...what? I think it more has to do with Nadal's lefty top-spin forehand going...