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    USC Men's Head Coach Peter Smith Resigns

    Peter Smith Quits USC
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    High Level Baseline Game Style Upgrade Tips

    Hi Gang, I need your opinions and advice. My charge is a five star 11th grader. He can execute at a very high level but is reluctant to unleash inside out and inside in forehands. Any advice on how to work to incorporate this into his game would be greatly appreciated. Yes, I know it sounds...
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    Development and Pro Tennis Podcast

    Listen to Episode 6 - Mario Llano of the Rhode Island Tennis Academy - Junior Coach of Jared Donaldson by Payers & Players Podcast #np on #SoundCloud Sent from my Z955A using Tapatalk
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    Rafael Nadal practice before US Open final

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    Physics of Serving

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    More knowledge and opinion, less snark

    I assume the snarky posters have no game or don't even play. Kinda like lifting. Do you even? Sent from my Z955A using Tapatalk
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    Searching for soul and purpose at the BNP Paribas Open Sent from my Z955A using Tapatalk
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    The clique

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    Shaped poly in the crosses

    I want to know if any of you guys use shaped poly in the crosses of your racquets? It seems to keep the ball down and not sitting up on ground strokes. I do notice that it requires an aggressive stroke get the ball over there net consistently. Sent from my Z955A using Tapatalk
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    Is College Tennis Toast

    It is fascinating to see this college tennis page discuss current happening and not discuss the imminent demise of the competitive sport at the collegiate level. Had a conversion last night with a person in the know who indicates that even Athletic directors are now sidelined by University...
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    Wilson Shoe designed for Hard Court sliding. Any word on this?

    I've heard Wilson has a shoe to accommodate hard court sliding. Does anybody know if this is true?