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  1. Grieeegoorr

    Prestige Mid to become the racquet of the 2020s.

    I think your wife is just jealous
  2. Grieeegoorr

    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    I'd say it is not genuine Wilson Ultra 2 with Braided Graphite & Boron, could be a genuine Multi Ultra 2 with ultimate graphite & UOPP (whatever that is) though. There is no mention of Wilson in any of the pictures you've posted, both my St Vincent's & Chicago's have Wilson where Multi is on...
  3. Grieeegoorr

    yamaha secret 04 question

    That’s not a massive amount to shave, as you know the Secret 04 is built like a tank. If you have one where the rubberised finish is starting to remove itself (i.e. one that is not in pristine condition), I think you could easily sand 10g off the whole racquet above the grip without detriment to...
  4. Grieeegoorr

    yamaha secret 04 question

    How much weight do you realistically want to shave off the beast?
  5. Grieeegoorr

    Tier 1 Prototype

    Multi! Blows Velocity out of the park then?
  6. Grieeegoorr

    Tier 1 Prototype

    It’s out there in many threads, a quick search on Jolly the Guru should bring numerous results
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    Prestige Mid to become the racquet of the 2020s.

    Go for it in every way. The Mid is the perfect racquet to channel you inner Goran through, or if you prefer flashy brilliance your Henri Leconte.
  8. Grieeegoorr

    Prestige Mid to become the racquet of the 2020s.

    “It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend you picking one up.”
  9. Grieeegoorr

    Ultimate string of choice !

    Maybe 1.28 mains 1.23 crosses will be “the ultimate”?
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    Anybody still using a "Classic" racket (1990s and earlier) as their main racket?

    Congratulations you have rediscovered the holly grail, if you have fallen deeply for that feel then you will be sadly disappointed by the current models that are available. Stock up on grommets and look after those treasures and when you honestly feel that you are finally to old and slow to...
  11. Grieeegoorr

    Poly/Syn Gut that Feels/Plays like Full Bed Syn Gut

    SynGut is cheap, by a stringing machine, pick up multiple reels when they are on special and avoid a rabbit hole you may never get out of.
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    Using Tennis Shoes as Street and Tennis Shoes: How Long Do They Last?

    Be careful not to step in any poo, it is really hard to get it out of herringbone
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    What's in between a Head Pro Tour 630 and Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 95?

    Custom Angell TC95 built to your chosen specs
  14. Grieeegoorr

    Best racquets for attacking tennis?

    I think you just described the Prestige Mid
  15. Grieeegoorr

    Prince phantom 100 vs prince graphite pro 90

    The 14 X 18 string pattern is very spin friendly, so go with what feels most comfortable to you
  16. Grieeegoorr

    Anybody still using a "Classic" racket (1990s and earlier) as their main racket?

    There are lots of great racquets on the market right now, but it is not like it was in 1980 where manufacturers were transitioning from wood and aluminium to graphite. Racquet technology hasn't really moved on that much from when you left the game.
  17. Grieeegoorr

    How many mains can I string per 12m packet?

    Cheapest thing in the long run is to buy a stringing machine and start stringing for yourself. Klippermate also recommends 21’ for the mains of your racquet, as has been mentioned above it is well within the realm of possibility to use 20’ of string for the mains of your racquet by bridging...
  18. Grieeegoorr

    Getting more spin out of a poly/syn gut hybrid?

    Thinner gauge in the crosses, less surface area for the mains to slide over therefore less friction, higher spin potential
  19. Grieeegoorr

    5.5 player looking for the ideal string setup of my prince 93p

    I am currently enjoying a 18x20 93P strung with Mayami Tour Hex 1.23mm @ 22kg mains 21kg crosses. I have found Tour Hex to offer great control and long predictable playability, I would class it as a lower powered string. Having the 14x18 you might want to try a thicker gauge or stringing a bit...
  20. Grieeegoorr

    Stencil ink on polyester strings comes off quickly.

    Good gauge of when your polys are dead and it is time to restring
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    Most Comfortable Mens Tennis Shoes

    When you say sizing is off, do they run smaller or larger, are they wider or narrower in your experience?
  22. Grieeegoorr

    The gut/poly thread

    Yes you are probably better off stringing your gut/poly hybrid with no differential as the poly will lose more tension than the gut, increasing the launch angle over time.
  23. Grieeegoorr

    Open pattern player frames

    Angell TC95 or TC97 16x19
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    My wife just said....

    Forgiveness is easier than permission
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    Mayami strings

    I like the feel of Hit Pro strung tighter, to me it is a bit more lively than Tour Hex.
  26. Grieeegoorr

    Dampeners Decrease Power

    Dampers change the feel, bringing this into the vortex of subjectivity. What I feel can be very different to what you can feel, you can’t measure that so everyone is right and no one is really wrong
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    prestige 2021?

    It is a good time now to get the racquet you like at a discounted price, if a new model does get released it would have to be something really special to be noticeably better than the current MP
  28. Grieeegoorr

    Isospeed Grey Fire Official Thread.

    I envisaged it as an elegant tall ship sailing the seven seas, your best bet though would be to direct message the captain himself