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  1. RyanRF

    Your game never looks like what you think it does. (VIDEO)

    **Updated video. See post #19** For the first time in a long time I decided to record some practice sets. Before watching: I apologize for the camera angle, especially towards the end. Phone was slipping. I didn't have a proper mount but will get one for next time. I'm in blue and consider...
  2. RyanRF

    Prince Textreme Warrior 107 Availability

    Currently the Textreme Warrior 107 is only available in 4.0" and 4.25" grip size. Last week this item was on sale for nearly half-off.... These two things together make me worry that perhaps this racquet is being discontinued?? What's the story?
  3. RyanRF

    'Clinic' with Pro Players, what to expect?

    I'm 90% sure my wife signed me up for this as a surprise gift: WTT All-Star Clinic Sunday, Mar 1, 2020 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM Omni La Costa Resort & Spa, Carlsbad, CA Come and play tennis with WTT All-Stars! This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to hit with the Bryan Brothers...
  4. RyanRF

    New one-handed backhand [video]. Looking for feedback.

    4.0 player, recently switching to one handed backhand. I'm about two weeks in. Trying this change because 2h was causing hip pain and despite improvements 2h has never felt natural or comfortable. Also I'm very right-hand dominant, so maybe the 1h will be a better fit in the end. What's...
  5. RyanRF

    Laver Cup Chicago 9/21 - 9/23

    Anyone else planning to go to the Laver Cup this year? I've already booked the flights and hotel. The event tickets aren't on sale yet. When will the tickets be available and what should i expect to pay for them? More or less than Indian Wells finals?
  6. RyanRF

    Identify this machine

    I'm looking for a used fixed-clamp crank machine and found this one on eb@y for pickup near me: Any idea the brand or model? Does it look like a fair deal at $350 assuming it works?
  7. RyanRF

    Teaching pro recommending complete serve rebuild

    Just started working with a local tennis pro. On the second lesson he took a detailed look at my serve and started making changes.... a lot of changes. Grip, take-back, legs, toss, follow through. Basically everything to the point that it feels like I'm rebuilding from scratch. When...
  8. RyanRF

    Trouble calling deep serves while returning.

    Every person who has spectated one of my matches always tells me at the same thing at the end: "Man, I can't believe you called some of those serves in. A few of them were long by 2 or 3 inches!" In my mind the balls were on the line. Apparently I'm really bad at judging serve depth while...
  9. RyanRF

    Recommended Alternative to Tourna?

    A few years ago I started using Tourna Grip. Standard tacky grips were giving me blisters. Switching to Tourna fixed it. I loved the feel of Tourna Grip and the low durability didn't really bother me. Nowadays I play a lot harder and a lot more often. Instead of re-gripping once a week, I'm...
  10. RyanRF

    Volkl V-Sense 7 (295g) ?

    Is Volkl making a 7 version for the V-Sense line or are they skipping it? Was the Super G 7 unpopular? Is the 7 too similar to the V1 Pro? I'm currently happy with my Organix 7 (295g) and have an eye out for my next stick. If Volkl is done making 7's I'll probably consider another brand.
  11. RyanRF

    Women's shoes for wide feet

    I'm having trouble finding tennis shoes to fit my girlfriend's feet. Her feet are wide and she has short toes. Her foot width best matches a size 8, but the length is more like a 6.5 :confused: What model shoe in what size should we try?
  12. RyanRF

    New player has wrist pain

    I recently started teaching my girlfriend tennis. She has no experience in any other sports and is basically starting from scratch. After our last practice session (Sunday), she mentioned pain in her wrist. The pain has lingered for a few days and is still there today (Thursday). She says...
  13. RyanRF

    Introducing Someone to Tennis; Never Held a Racquet

    Any tips on how to introduce someone to tennis who has never even held a racquet before? My GF has recently expressed an interest in trying tennis. I think her interest is a combination of: 1) wanting to spend more time with me, 2) wanting a new way to get exercise, and 3) moving in next door...
  14. RyanRF

    Golfers: Relating Golf Handicap/Score to NTRP

    I play tennis at a 4.0 level and have been playing semi-regularly for about 4 years. I started golf almost two years ago and my scores are approaching the mid-low 90s. This got me thinking: In terms of relative ability and skill level, how might golf handicap/score equate to NTRP? -would...
  15. RyanRF

    Mary Carillo is actually funny

    I usually hate Mary Carillo's commenting and often complain about how she is the worst. However, I found this clip of her and it's actually pretty damn funny. Maybe if she didn't try to take her self so seriously when doing tennis commentary people would like her more...
  16. RyanRF

    Reliance on Advil/Ibuprofen

    A couple of months ago I started taking an Advil before playing each match just to deal with mild soreness during and after playing. It wasn't that I needed it; I just didn't want to feel sore. I continued doing this on a regular basis (3-4 times a week). Today for the first time in over two...
  17. RyanRF

    Babolat Grommets not in stock?

    I ordered new grommets for my Babolat Pure Storm Tour GT's back on 3/18. At the time I ordered, the grommets were out of stock, but scheduled to be in on 3/17. Later, the 'in-stock' date was changed to 3/23. Today is 3/29 and still no grommets. Can someone please call the supplier and try to...
  18. RyanRF

    Wilander Teaching Lessons from a Winnebago

    This is crazy. If it wasn't from a legit source, I wouldn't believe it: "From Wimbledon to Winnebago Former No. 1 Mats Wilander Takes to the Road to Give Lessons'"
  19. RyanRF

    Caliber of Coach to get past 4.0?

    Do you need a certain caliber of coach to get beyond the 4.0 level? I'm a 24 years old, playing at the 4.0 level, and mostly self taught. Over the 3-4 years since I started playing, I've taken only about a dozen lessons with random locals. I'm now interested in finding a coach to work with...
  20. RyanRF

    Tweaked my neck - what to do?

    I tweaked my neck yesterday afternoon. I'm not sure whether it happened during tennis or shortly after. When my neck is straight and upright, there is no pain. However, as soon as tilt it to my left, I feel a sharp pain in the left side of my neck. Turning my head to the left also hurts...
  21. RyanRF

    Home-made Floating Clamps?

    The other day my neighbor gave me an old Klippermate that was collecting dust in his garage. I cleaned it up and it's in good shape. He even had a half-full reel of string. I set everthing up to start stringing my first racquet before realizing: the two floating clamps are missing. I...
  22. RyanRF

    Ivo Karlovic(CRO) vs. Ivan Ljubicic(CRO)[24]

    Okay, both of these guys are kinda under the radar and no noone expects either to get past Nadal next round... But still, this might make for a decent match. We've got tall old Croatian baseliner VS. tall old Croatian s&v. Who will win and why?