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  1. OverratedIvanovic

    Nadal - "Djokovic Lucky" "Give me two years without an injury and…."

    Full interview Is Nadal bitter that Djokovic is inching closer and closer to his slam count and will probably even surpass him one day? Thoughts?
  2. OverratedIvanovic

    Murray finishes as 2nd Fan favourite after Federer

    From ATP site The 31-year-old Swiss has been voted Fans’ Favourite presented by RICOH for a record 10th straight year, receiving 57 per cent of all votes cast. British No. 1 Andy Murray finished second, just ahead of Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. Roger as usual gets majority of...
  3. OverratedIvanovic

    2013 will be Murray's best year and he will 3 slams

    Federer's birthdate falls on 8th, his best year = 2006 i.e. 2+6=8. Federer had the best winning %age in 2006 where he won 3 slams Nadal's birthdate falls on 3rd, his best year = 2010 i.e. 2+1=3. Nadal won 3 slams in 2010 Djokovic's birthdate falls on 22nd i.e. 2+2=4, his best year = 2011 i.e...
  4. OverratedIvanovic

    Will Davis Cup in men's tennis gain prestige...

    ...once Federer wins it for Switzerland...? It has been deemed as a meaningless event won by a bunch of spanish clay courters every year, a nothing event. Will the classy arrogant GOAT increase it's stature...? :roll:
  5. OverratedIvanovic

    How to beat Djoker in best of 5?

    Almost every player has a weaker area which an opponent can attack and take advantage of. One can just spam balls at Federer's BH (provided you can do it consistently enough) and it tends to break down sometime or the other in the rally (something what Nadal and Djokovic do against him quite...
  6. OverratedIvanovic

    History will repeat itself - Torch will be passed tomorrow

    4 years ago, Federer passed on the torch to Rafa after the latter outlasted him in a 5 set anti climatic epic at Wimbly 2008. Come tomorrow and torch will be passed to Nole when he beats the spanish bull on his beloved clay. Thank you Rafa for the entertainment you have provided us all through...
  7. OverratedIvanovic

    Likely scenarios for Federer to be No. 2 before RG

    First off, if Federer is no. 2 before RG, then there is a 50 percent chance that Djokovic draws Nadal in RG semis and takes him out. I am not the best when it comes to rankings , but here is what I can make out (Apologies for mistakes if any :roll:) Nadal has 9105 points at the moment...
  8. OverratedIvanovic

    Nadal' Loss : Will it affect his confidence or is it a blessing in disguise?

    So Rafa was on a tear until today where his so called Spanish lapdog aka Dasco/Nando the "choker" decides to step it up after 2 breaks down in final set and sends Spain's favourite son packing. How does this loss affect Rafa's confidence leading to real clay events like Rome and RG? Can it be...
  9. OverratedIvanovic

    Nadal : "This court has two and half problems"

    Rafael Nadal, who has criticized the ATP for allowing next week’s Madrid Masters tournament to color its clay blue, practiced on the surface on Friday and then launched into further criticism. Nadal says visibility is an issue, and suggests that the second of three Masters Series clay events...