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  1. ambro

    Knoxville, TN

    Anyone on the boards from the Knoville/Oak Ridge area? I'm going to be in that area this summer for an internship, and am looking for partners to hit around with.
  2. ambro

    Tennis Warehouse Shoe Ordering Etiquette/Sizing Question

    Just a quick question before I place an order: Is there a problem with ordering two pairs of shoes, with different sizes, to see which fits better, then returning the pair that is unneeded? Or is this pretty much frowned upon by you guys? Otherwise, maybe you could point me in the right...
  3. ambro

    Stiff Synthetic Gut, but not PSGD-Stiff

    I'm no synthetic gut expert, by any means. For as long as I can remember, I've stayed away from these "generic, ordinary" type strings, just because of that. I wanted to play with something more "exotic," so to speak. I mean, I had my own stringer! Why would I ever lower myself to the level...
  4. ambro

    Weights changes of different racquet modifications

    I just have a few questions for people who may have some information I'm looking for. 1) How much does the bumper guard on a racquet weight? Like, the protection part only. In other words, if I cut off the protection part of the bumper guard on a racquet, and left only the grommet strip...
  5. ambro

    New Hybrid - Pick it for me

    In short, you don't need to read the following if you don't want to. Just pick one of the poll options. The hybrid is for messing around only, and will be strung in a nBlade 98, for reference. I have been using a multi in the mains, poly in the cross hybrid for the past two years. About...
  6. ambro

    Mounting Racquetball Racquet with Power Ring

    I asked this in Strings and Stringing as well, but I wasn't really getting any responses. How does one mount a racquetball racquet with a power ring on it, such as many of the previous Ektelon racquets? I have a 6-point suspension mounting system, but I can't figure out if the 6 o'clock...
  7. ambro

    Stringing Racquetball Racquets

    I did a search on this and found a bit, but I was wondering how stringing racquets with a PowerRing works. The racquet in question is the Prince More Dominant. I just bought one of these because I've started getting more into racquetball, but I can't figure out how stringing it is going to...
  8. ambro

    Prince Graphite Pro Series 90 Grommet

    Does anyone know if POG Mid grommets will fit this racquet? My friend has one and I just strung it up and the grommets are beat to hell. I had to use tubing in over ten spots. I almost told him I wouldn't string it because it was just a hassle but I did it for him anyway. But for next time...
  9. ambro

    Cleaning Starting Clamps

    How do you guys go about doing this? Mine is starting to accumulate q fair amount of residue where it holds the string, and I've been moving the string down the clamp lately to avoid slippage. This, however, seems to clamp too hard on the string since the pressure is higher lower on the clamp...
  10. ambro

    ETA for Wilson Size 3 Buttcaps

    I have an order placed that has been on hold for a week now waiting for these things. When are they going to come in? It says 4/22 but its 4 days past that already! They're holding up my entire order! PS - Obviously not your fault TW, so I can't blame you (Damn you Wilson) but I'm just...
  11. ambro

    Turnaround time for adidas shoe replacement

    Anyone know how long a warranty replacement takes from adidas? The stitching is coming undone with my a3 Accelerators and I'm planning on sending them in soon. How long should it be until I get a new pair back?
  12. ambro

    Racquet Finder Addition

    I suggest to add an option for string pattern on your racquet finder. Maybe just number of mains, like from a drop down menu. The only real options are 14, 16, and 18, but that would really help narrow down a search if a person knows what he's looking for. In searching for a racquet with...
  13. ambro

    Big Ace coming from Cyberflash

    I 've been using Cyberflash as the cross in my hybrids with multi mains for the past year or so, and only have two sets left on my reel, so I ordered a reel of Big Ace in the same gauge for the same purpose. As a cross, I don't expect to notice a huge difference since the mains are where most...
  14. ambro

    Stringing a SpeedPort

    Is this the same as stringing a regular O3? Is using a boomerang the best option if the stringer has no brake? I use a X-6 FC with no brake, and I strung my SP Black with speedports on the crosses and my boomerang tool from the original O3 Tour is what I had to use to keep the string straight...
  15. ambro

    Wilson nBlade 98 Grommet

    Anyone know of any stores that have these in stock? I need two sets and TW is out until May. Thanks
  16. ambro

    Adidas is back in the racquet biz!

    I was checking out their new "Porsche Design" line of shoes/clothes, and I stumbled across the Porsche tennis line. Click tennis, and it's the 4th bar under tennis. Called the Porsche 5370, it looks to have a Power Arm type...
  17. ambro

    Does Proportional Stringing Weaken Frames?

    I tried proportional stringing for the first time a few weeks ago and liked the benefits of it, so I stuck with it. I was just thinking about it however, about how at the throat and tip, the forces of the mains are higher and are not compensated as much by the crosses because they are quite...
  18. ambro

    How does adding a leather grip affect specs?

    Hey this post is for someone who has ever actually gotten specs measured on a racquet with the stock syn. grip, and then changed it to leather and measured them. I know a leather grip adds mass, makes more headlight, etc., but I want to know exactly how much mass is adds and especially, how it...
  19. ambro

    Crispest Multi

    I'm looking for the crispest multis out of these four strings: Technifibre X-One Biphase Yonex 850 Pro Spin Laserfibre Supreme Klip Excellerator I'm planning on buying two of them and using them in the mains of a hybrid with Cyberflash crosses. I'm looking to find my new string for the...
  20. ambro

    Head Pallets?

    Anyone know where I could get ahold of a 4 1/2 Head pallet for my current 4 3/8 PC600? Any help would be great. Thanks.
  21. ambro

    What Grommet Set for Wilson 6.6 Stars and Stripes (95)?

    Hey my friend has a Wilson 6.6 S&S 95 racquet without a bumper and grommet set on it. He wants me to string it, so I told him I would try to find a set of grommets for him. Do you know if you have any of these left in stock, or if not, what current grommet set would fit into it? Someone...
  22. ambro

    Tension on Laserfibre Supreme vs. BDE Perf

    I strung Laserfibre Supreme on my PC600 at 61 lbs with a prestretch (the prestretch may have been a bad idea) since I'm used to the feel of polys. I want to try BDE Perf in my other PC600, but unsure of what tension to use to get a slightyly softer feel. I was thinking maybe 60 lbs. with a...
  23. ambro

    Results of My School Project...

    As I said earlier, I have been doing a year long school project on the topic of my choice, and I did it on different strings' tension loss. If you want to know more information on it, visit these posts:
  24. ambro

    98 sq. in. Prestige Classic?

    Was there ever such a thing? I am wondering because I think that'd be a perfect racquet for me. I know someone here will know the answer. There are too many Prestiges for me to keep track of, but I think I recall reading about a Pro Tour 630 or something to that effect which may have been it...
  25. ambro

    Help with a 1-Handed BH

    I need help with my topspin OHBH. I can hit them fine when coming at me medium paced or slower, but if they are any faster I am always late with it and I put it in the net. What can I do to change this?
  26. ambro

    Durable, crisp, low powered multi

    Anyone know one? I was planning on trying it in the mains of a hybrid with a poly (maybe SPPP or Cyberflash) in the crosses, but I can't think of one. Maybe Iso-Speed Professional? How is the durability of it?
  27. ambro

    Stringing Potetially Cracked Racquet

    Hey I have a Volkl Tour 10 V-Engine Mid that is potentially cracked. I can see it but cannot tell if it is actually cracked through the racquet or if it's just the paint. I think it's just the paint because there is no un-evenness of the two sides of the 'crack'. Also, I have seen a cracked...
  28. ambro

    O3 Tour Mid Grommet

    I just recieved my O3 Tour Mid and it has the long rubber grommets at the bottom of the center mains, but I thought they were the shorter plastic ones. What's up with that? Where can I get a short plastic one?
  29. ambro

    My For Sale/Trade posts don't show up

    I know they're filtered but even after a few days they aren't showing up. I entered in a post selling racquets about 2-3 weeks ago and it still has not come up. Just entered another one yesterday and didn't show up. What's going on?
  30. ambro

    For all Stringers: String Displays...

    Hey I just got done with making a pegboard display (with help from my dad) to hang up all my strings above my stringer. That way it's easier for customers to pick out what string they want me to use rather than me taking out all of my strings and then asking them, and the putting them back...