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  1. Dansan

    Best round strings

    Blue has a little more pop to it and the strings themselves are really slick. Graphite has a slightly rougher texture and bites the ball, a little deader. Both are excellent. Differences are slight and probably more placebo than anything
  2. Dansan

    Best round strings

    My top Yonex PTP black/graphite. Blue is really good too. Always good in a full bed Kirschbaum Max Power...also awesome in a hybrid. Excellent tension maintenance. Luxilon 4G in a hybrid with gut Haven't gelled with BHBZ and did not really care for Cream yet until I find the right hybrid setup.
  3. Dansan

    What if I press the left leg on 2BH?

    Downsides are still a loss of power, usually gonna be a weaker shot. Early setup and turning the body early so you can shift your weight onto that front right foot is crucial. Try to get that right foot around and step into it. In some cases you can be late (it happens), try to "hold your...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

  5. Dansan

    Which Angell Frame Should I Get?

    I'm partial to the TC95...looks a lot like Lake Nona campus. I lived in Laureate Park, if you're close by you could demo mine sometime On 2nd thought, doesn't look like Lake Nona from the other view. Anyway, yeah the TC95 hits a monster ball...for a 95 it has a much larger sweet spot than you'd...
  6. Dansan

    Replacement for Babolat N.Vy?

    Absolutely love this string as a's discontinued unfortunately. It was a premium monofilament...Anyone know what a good replacement would be ? I remember it being a bit softer than OGSM and very durable, slick coating. Really great ball pocketing. OGSM, velocity, babolat syn gut...
  7. Dansan

    Beginner Serve Help Day 7 - Weekly Review

    You made some big improvements from the very beginning (y) Your motion is a step in the right direction from where you were at. Eventually you can start to incorporate your lower body more. But for now, focus on the basic movement. I always remind myself to hit UP at the ball and not to hit...
  8. Dansan

    What is YOUR string of the year?

    Strings I always have somewhere in rotation this year: Poly Tour Pro...always solid. Graphite color has good tension maintenance and feel. Max power/rough - good in NG hybrid. Excellent tension maintenance. Klip Legend NG - hybrid mains Velocity ...havn't fully figured this one out yet...
  9. Dansan

    How many beam types are there??

    TC95 has a "D beam"
  10. Dansan

    The Official Angell Users Club

    I'm jealous...mine is on the way. What are you thinking of stringing yours up with? Pics !
  11. Dansan

    The Official Angell Users Club

    Finally ordered my V4: TC95 63 RA, 310g, 315mm, tan leather grip. Waffled on making it 27.25 but went with 27. Can't wait
  12. Dansan

    Racquet price increases are insane!

    This is what happens when: The Government/Fed buys $80 Billion in Treasury securities and $40 Billion in mortgage backed securities each month, unlimited government asset purchasing, printing money, repeated stimulus, massive unemployment benefits, eviction/foreclosure moratorium, student debt...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Ahh, guess they finished selling out of the old stock and waiting on the new paintjob. I'll be waiting too (y)
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    I wanted to order another myself but the 16x19 are out of stock. Wondering if they are moving to a new line ?
  15. Dansan

    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    I like low RA frames. But the V7 was like artificial rubbery flexy feel. Not sure what they did to it based on construction and materials. It's like the clash, something was gimmicky about it albeit a great racquet for the masses. Guess they carried on with it in the V8?
  16. Dansan

    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    V7 blade had this weird rubbery flexy feel. Hope the V8 has improved on that
  17. Dansan

    Any other racquet I should waste my money on in the hope that it’s the one?

    Angell TC95 16x19 is the only frame I have not sold off and continue to use. 2020 Ezone 98 wasn't bad but it's missing some feel. Should have not sold the DR98, that was a good one. 2021 VCORE 95 is the next one I'm after.
  18. Dansan

    The fallacy of heavy racquets?

    5'11 155lbs. I was using a couple 360ish gram frames a while. They feel great to hit with and practice with. But actual match they eventually ate me for lunch in 90+ degree heat. Much prefer 335g down to 325g now. 330g is the sweet spot for me. When you get get decent swing weight and high RHS...
  19. Dansan

    Ultimate racquet of choice - tournament players and/or coaches

    What strings do you use mostly on your Tc95? I love mine, just wish I could get my static weight down...should have ordered the 310. My 320g TC95 lowest I can get is right around 340-342g static weight.
  20. Dansan

    The Official Angell Users Club

    TC95 16x19 63RA is such a badass frame. Serves are pretty unreal. Monster 1HBH, FH...volleys - deep balls with big spin. It's easy to push the opponent back ...i've kept this one longer than any other racquet. Glad there are others that can enjoy the magic this thing offers.
  21. Dansan

    what were the things that helped you the most for getting good at tennis?

    Torso/core/legs are involved in generating power. It all works together in concert. I think people need to relax and not play with so much tension. Words are pretty clear. The arm is not completely dead, but it's not doing most of the work either. I find it helps to tell people to relax a...
  22. Dansan

    what were the things that helped you the most for getting good at tennis?

    The FH is a much simpler and more compact/efficient stroke than most people realize. Working with a more relaxed arm has always worked for me. I see a lot of players hitting with overly loopy and complicated strokes using a lot of "arm activation". If "arming" the ball works for you or others...
  23. Dansan

    what were the things that helped you the most for getting good at tennis?

    Specifically on groundstrokes: relaxed arm. The racquet is a weight that your body and core swings around to collide with a ball. In other words, less activation of arm muscles and more activation of body/core to get it moving. It's like swinging a weight around. Too much arm tension really...
  24. Dansan

    G360+ Radical 2021

    What tension was the radical pro ? I had a similar experience with the pro ...until I tried different strings and tension. It was like a different racquet
  25. Dansan

    Pete Sampras' Serve

    Anyone reckon' the type-o string this Raj dude is playin' with?
  26. Dansan

    Anyone in the Washington DC/NoVA area want to hit 4.0-5.0?

    I'll be in Fredericksburg for a couple days if anyone wants to hit, 4.0/4.5 player here
  27. Dansan

    G360+ Radical 2021

    I'm 153lbs, 5'10", 35 years old. The pro is not demanding for me personally.. I swapped the steel trap door weight for some silicone in the butt end handle and a tiny bit of lead at 12, still at around 6-7pts head light strung with OG, dampener....It weighs about 336-340grams and for me it...
  28. Dansan

    Falling apart - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Who diagnosed you with CFS? Sounds more like idiopathic chronic fatigue, ICF...either way it's a broad umbrella for the unknown. I'm def curious about the lifestyle/personal life thing, the things that read between the lines. Depression, stress, anxiety, work type/schedule, alcohol history...
  29. Dansan

    Perfection: Wilson H19 16X19 Pro Stock

    Curious to see how you like the blade pro stocks, what paintjob are yours? I have 3 matched V7 PJ 16x19 blade pro stocks ....pretty hefty swingweights but static weight is below 340g. They hit an absolutely massive ball. Funny, because everyone I show them to keeps assuming they are the "blade...
  30. Dansan

    Tips to minimize random forehand swing variations for someone whose been at this for 15 years?

    Go back to the basics: Hold the racquet the same way in the ideal ready position from the start. If I'm being lazy, the entire frame can just drop and stay low which means I'm just being lazy and out of practice. Use the left hand to guide the frame and extend the left arm out on the...