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    Le Coq Sportif Tennis Shoe "Futur"

    Hey, has anyone got additional info on these shoes? I've only found them on their website, and one french retailer, and they don't have much info on them there. I'm always intrigued by new stuff, and these at the very least, look amazing. Maybe we can get a TW review on them at some point :)
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    Schwartzman Shirt Cincinnati

    Has anyone seen the amazing Fila shirt Schwartzman was wearing in Cincinnati and knows if it is available anywhere?
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    Tecnifibre Tfight 315 LTD XTC

    Hallo, wird die neue Version des Tecnifibre Tfight 315 LTD noch zu TWE kommen, oder gibt es dafür keine Pläne? Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße
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    Epoxy resin in tennis racquets

    Hey guys, is anyone of you good with epoxy resins? I've been wondering what kind of resin would be the best fit for a tennis racquet, and what the racquet manufacturers are using. When building Ski I found a specific resin for that, but for tennis there doesn't seem to be any information out...
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    What wood for woodies?

    Hi Guys, as i never really got the chance to play with wooden racquets myself, I was wondering if there was one specific kind of wood that every manufacturer saw as being the best to produce quality racquets. Or were there several different woods being used, maybe even mixed in the same frame...
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    Srixon Dunlop Racquets

    Hi, are the Srixon racquets that are being marketed as Srixon Dunlop in the US being released in Europe aswell, and at the same time as in the US? Thanks in advance, best regards
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    Neue Srixon Dunlop Schläger

    Hallo, seit dem Kauf der Dunlop Markenrechte durch den Besitzer von Srixon wird die Srixon Schlägerserie in Amerika als Srixon Dunlop beworben und soll in Kürze verfügbar sein. Werden die Schläger auch nach Europa kommen, oder gibt es Lizenzprobleme? Vielen dank und liebe Grüße
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    Wilson Pro Staff Classic 95

    Hi guys, Ive got a question concerning this racquet, or something similar at least ;) I really dont know a lot about the Wilson racqut lines, so those got me a little confused. There is that mainly black, with some yellow and red, racquet. Pretty sure it's called Pro Staff classic, and it...
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    Something similar to Yonex RD-7

    Hey, I've been playing that racquet about 4 years ago, but for me it was too much struggle to get new ones, so i decided going to another racquet. After four years with that new one i've decided once against it's time for a switch ;) When thinking back to the RD-7 I feel like it was the...
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    Tennis Southeast Asia; Australia

    Hey, In 3 days i'm leaving germany to travel southeast asia and later Australia, maybe New Zealand. I'll be staying for about 9 months. My first station will be Bangkok, from where I'll be heading to Laos, later Malaysia and down to Singapur. I don't know exactly where i'm going to go, and...