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  1. guitarra

    Slam count less the ....

    Inspired by other highly intellectual threads I thought it was worth a minute to put something into perspective. Take away the French Open, the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the USO and here's what we have: Federer - 0 Slams Djokovic - 0 Slams Nadal - 0 Slams :unsure: Discuss.
  2. guitarra

    Shanghai 2019 QF (4) Thiem vs (11) Berrettini

    Get ready for another Dominator's masterpiece! Asia-minic has already improved from 3-11 to 10-11 and is on a 7 match winning streak. Does Matteo have what it takes to stop Thiem tonight?
  3. guitarra

    When next American slam mens singles champion?

    It's been 14 years since last American Andy Roddick became mens singles slam champion - US Open 2003. Ever since the situation has been worse and worse - last Wimbledon's Sam Querrey's SF run was rather an exception (he's almost 30) than the presage of the resurrection. When do you think US...
  4. guitarra

    At which French Open final was Federer the closest to beating Nadal?

    2006 - was their first FO final meeting, had great start in the 1st set (6:1), was a tie-break away from taking Nadal to the fifth, lost in 4 2007 - was coming off a fresh win vs Nadal on clay in Hamburg, had hundreds of wasted BPs basically in every set, lost in 4 2011 - was playing a subpar...
  5. guitarra

    The advantage of serving first in the 5th set - a myth or a fact?

    I often hear from fans, journalists, pundits that a player serving first in the deciding set (especially in BO5, 5th set that is) has a huge (mental?) advantage. I wonder if anyone actually has any statistics supporting this theory. I mean for example: % of matches won by players serving...
  6. guitarra

    First time in the Open Era - 3 FO SF-sts without a single set lost

    It's the first time in the Open Era that three French Open semi-finalists got there without losing a single set. What does it tell about the tournament and those players? Their very high level? Low level of competition? Any other conclusions?
  7. guitarra

    Federer's new BH vs Djokovic

    We all know Federer's new/ improved BH was one of the key elements which helped him to solve the Nadal puzzle and score three big wins against his nemesis this year. My question is: how will Fed's new BH change Fed's match-up and results vs his second biggest rival Djokovic that is? Will it...
  8. guitarra

    Who will benefit most from today's Djokodal clash?

    As in the thread title - what do you think, guys? Me thinks there must be some winners and losers not just today but in the longer perspective.
  9. guitarra

    Question to Federer fans

    When Roger retires... who will you root for the most and why? Please indicate just ONE player.
  10. guitarra

    Question to Nadal fans

    Out of these two defeats which one was more painful to you and why: 1. Australian Open 2012 final (Nadal was up 4-2 in the fifth) 2. Australian Open 2017 final (Nadal was up 3-1 in the fifth) I think they are quite similar because in both cases Rafael very pretty close to the finish line but...
  11. guitarra

    Dominic Thiem – future multiply grand slam champion

    I am new on this forum but I’ve been following tennis since late eighties. As an introduction a couple of words about myself: In the past years I was a big fan of Sampras, Edberg and to a lesser extent Becker. Nowadays I am a big fan of Federer and other players especially Wawrinka, Thiem...