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    The gut/poly thread

    I make a sort of emulsion with 99% rubbing alcohol and spring onto the string. It does get on the ball but only a little bit, looking at it after application you would think it's too dry but it works very well. If you like full bed natural gut but find them too expansive, this is the way to go...
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    The gut/poly thread

    I use mixture of beeswax and carnauba wax, and they work insanely well, if I apply every time before I play, string will never stick, it does reduce ball to string friction as well though. Used to play full bed gut and would break them close to 40 hour mark(both 16 and 17 no idea why there is...
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    The gut/poly thread

    My recent experience is lubricated gut/poly hybrid can last a very long time and still play rather well. However dead poly is still dead poly, just like in any other setup, it's bad for your arm.
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    Shoes are so good now.

    Compare to 30 years ago, maybe, but things are not looking good for someone with a wide feet. Gel Res no longer has wide version. Yonex, which used to be a brand that always produced wide fitting shoes, getting narrower every year. Tried many today's wide shoes, none of them fit nearly as well...
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    will Prince muck up it's racquets?

    I agree, even pure aero has a lower stiffness now.
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    Donnay Formula 100 Hexacore

    Donnay somehow think they are in the CPU business...
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    NB Freshfoam Lav ? Anyone have them? Thoughts?

    I think based on that reply you prob only need D width in Lav, I will need 2E. I can't really wear Gel Res 7 as they stopped making a wide version, Gel Res 6 wide was good but a bit lacking in cushioning.
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    When to switch to a new pair of shoes

    Same here and I use aftermarket insoles.
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    When to switch to a new pair of shoes

    When my knee tells me there isn't enough cushion left.
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    The gut/poly thread

    Follow up it, did want to cut it right away, so kept playing, now have about 12 hours on it, I found it compare to my usual setup it has less power, less control, less spin AND less feel. HOWEVER, it's the most comfort setup I have played with outside full bed Nat Gut, no idea the reason, but it...
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    Physics 101. Rough strings can't give you more spin.

    OP is completely and utterly wrong. 1. It can also go slower than RHS, so there would be a difference. 2. String snap-back would allow spin to be faster than RHS.
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    The Babolat Pure Strike Project Two Zero Thread

    Thanks for the information. So the reason you switching is mostly because of comfort and feel? In term of performance they are about the same?
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    The Babolat Pure Strike Project Two Zero Thread

    Anyone actually switched from Project 17 to 3rd gen 16*19? Beacause after all the reviews, there is little information on how they compares.
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    NB Freshfoam Lav ? Anyone have them? Thoughts?

    How does Lav's cushioning and width compare to SFX 3 and Sole Court Boost?
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    The gut/poly thread

    I just strung up VS main and RPM blast cross, does not like this setup, IMHO the BT7 VS is too stiff for gut/poly, they are better in full beds. Higher power, more elastic guts are the way to go for gut/poly.
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    Favourite hard court balls?

    So, are they the same ball? There were a few post on this board saying they play very different, and that made me opt to buy some old Penn ATP stock instead of the new Penn tour. But it now seems some are saying they are the exact same balls...
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    Wider at the front of the shoe and narrower at the heel

    I think that's the cases for VAST majority of people with wide foot, you rarely if ever see people with errr wide heel?
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    The Decline of Proper Cushioning

    That's like saying a $40000 car for anyone but a VERY RICH PERSON is insane.
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    2-3SW difference noticable?

    That's REALLY stupid, that way you changed both weight and balance as well, not what OP asked at all.
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    Looking for wide toe box

    Got it, I would go with the review says it's narrower than 1, as that reviewer own both.
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    Looking for wide toe box

    That's beside the point, I have learned that one person's subjective view is not much of help unless it's a direct comparison to another shoe I ware or own. Can you compare it to 1? Or GR6? or PCD1(also called 254)
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    Looking for wide toe box

    Do you have Fusion Rev 1? One review says it's much narrower than 1.
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    A very well-written article on players' racquets

    That's BS, there are two way of looking into it and both refute this BS soundly. 1. Since you are the sole power source, your frame string etc, simply cannot add any power spin etc, so nothing add anything, just waste less energy your put into the swing. 2. Since you cannot hit ball with so...
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    Penn Tennis Balls at Costco

    Personally I like them a lot, and they last just as long as pro penn marathon for me, and both feels good but not great. Penn ATP is the clearly better ball to me, but price/performance wise Penn Champ just can't be beaten. Wilson USO is great for the first hour or two, then loses felt too fast.
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    Any recommendations for insoles for an over pronator?

    New Balance IPR3030, they comes in normal as well as 4E sizes!
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    New Balance 996v3 reviews on TW?

    I have been mislead by his review a few times, if you actually have any experience with NB, you would know when it come to width, their 2E/4E is waaay more reliable than Jason's review.
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    New Balance 996v3 reviews on TW?

    Likely won't need != will not fit him better. The most important fact is he done large amount of reviews in shoes that people with truly wide feet won't even fit in.
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    New Balance 996v3 reviews on TW?

    LOL you are the silly one here, I watched most of his review,lots of shoes have comfortable wide fit for him I can't even fit in, and 996v3 2E has perfect width for me.
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    New Balance 996v3 reviews on TW?

    Doesn't really matter in this case, NB makes a 2E for this and go by his other review, he likely won't even need the 2E version.
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    SO, Pete Sampras Fans....

    Pete himself consider Nadal passed him in an interview last year and said he could relate to how Nadal feels at time. So we should really stop this pointless argument.