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    Wine Aficionados

    Hello all, I am curious to see if there are any wine aficionados or collectors on the TT forum. Talk away!
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    Nike Men's Spring Plaid 10" Short (Night Factor)

    Is the Spring Plaid in the Night Factor/Diffused Jade listed on the product page the same ones worn by the likes of Grigor Dimitrov? I have seen the product information of the same colour scheme on other websites, but they do appear darker. Is this the correct colourway?
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    Luxilon 4G

    "Here's a secret... @keinishikori is playing with our new string called 4G..... clearly it's working pretty well..... more to come soon..."
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    Babolat RPM Blast 18 gauge/1.20 mm.

    Hi TW, I would like to know when is the ETA for the RPM in 18 gauge? Thanks
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    Yonex Ti-80 in Midsize

    Hi there, As of today, Yonex only offers one midsize racquet in their lineup, the RDiS 100. However, the racquet has a stiffness rating of 68~70 and that would turn off users of racquets such as the R-22, RQ-180, and the Super RD Tour 90. If Yonex were to introduce the Ti-80 in a midsize...
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    Reebok Michael Chang Polo

    Hey T-Dubs, I was wondering if there will be any other colors besides black. Thanks.
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    Dunlop A-Player Elite Tennis Balls

    Hi TW, I was wondering if you will carry the Dunlop A-Player Elite balls in your ball collection. Thanks.
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    K6.1 Picture and some players' equipment

    Hi Tw. I noticed that the K6.1 16x18 and the K6.1 Team picture is reversed. Is there any way to fix that? Also, I noticed that some of the players' equipment list is not updated or may have made a mistake. This is my observation: Ginepri and Gonzalez are using the old Storm and not the new...
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    To NoBadMojo: Bye, bye Midsize.

    NoBadMojo/Ed, I recently read a post saying that your usual hitting partner is changing from a n90 to the BB11. I hope he is enjoying the transition. I too, am following the same path as your friend. I believe that midsize racquet population is dying, and as a stubborn midsize user for four...
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    Gosen NanoCubic Nanosilver 17

    Has anyone in TT ever tried this string? I remember Masamusou making a review of the 16 gauge version of this string, and it sounded pretty good: If anyone wants to contribute some information to this string, please feel free to discuss...
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    Gold Coast Singles *spoilers*

    Please head on down to
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    Adelaide Singles *spoilers*

    A. Calleri (ARG) 4 7 4 (6) T. Berdych (CZH) 6 6 6 P. Kohlschreiber (GER) 6 6 (wc) C. Guccione (AUS) 4 3 source(s)
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    WTA Championships results *spoilers*

    1st round: M. Pierce (FRA) vs. K. Clijsters (BEL) ...just a little bit lower Pierce def. Clijsters 6-1, 4-6, 7-6(2)
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    Lyon and St. Petersburg draws are out...

    Lyon singles: " doubles: St. Petersburg singles...
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    Babolat Attraction/Attraction Power strings

    When is the ETA for these strings? The Babolat website already has information on these strings.
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    U.S. vs. Belgium, Davis Cup ***SPOILERS INCLUDED, Batteries not***

    I think ESPN2 is going to show the Davis Cup match between U.S and Belgium with Roddick and Blake representing the U.S. and les freres Rochus representing Belgium. Feel free to represent your thoughts.
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    BDE strings

    Chris or Don, I have heard from one of our fellow boardmembers that the BDE strings are not listed on the BDE section. Are you discontinuing the stocking of BDE products or are they on backorder? Thanks.
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    Beijing Final: ***Spoilers Beware***

    Beijing Final: ***Beware of Spoilers *** What is your prediction for Nadal and Coria? Feel free to respond.
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    Prince Extender Pro 690 PL

    I think everybody once thought that after Prince discontinued the Prince Pro, they were not going to make it anymore, but while I was searching at an online auction site (you all know what it is), I was surprised that Prince reintroduced the Pro with an Extender headshape. What was surprising...
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    *ATTN: Satellite TV users! Very Important!

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    How receive payments on classified...

    Like I mentioned above, is there a certain type of payment I must use or do I receive a certain type of payment when I deal with the classifieds?
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    Wilson H-Tour 105 vs. Prince TT Warrior OS

    Wilson H-Tour 105 vs. Prince TT Warrior OS for a 9 or 10 year old My current coach has a student around nine or ten years of age, and he needs to buy a new racquet for his student because he does not have one. On his first lesson, he hit with my coach's son's old Prince ThunderCloud and on the...
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    Stich vs. Federer

    I hear posts about Federer against Sampras, McEnroe, Becker(today), or Lendl(today), but what would you guys think about this matchup? By the way, I have only seen fragments of the 1994 U.S. Open where Stich lost to Agassi, so I do not know how he really plays, except that he has a big serve...
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    Spoiler: Roddick vs. Melzer

    go on down ................................................................................................ not yet ................................................................................................ closer Voila! A. Roddick def...
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    ATTN: Fischer Vacuum Pro 90 users

    I have heard from my friend who is a Fischer rep, and he told me that the Vacuum Pro 90 is coming back with new cosmetics, I think, and a leather grip, according to my friend. Hope this is good news to people who will not let go of the Vacuum Pro 90!
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    We will miss you Jerry Orbach!

    Jerry Orbach from "Law & Order" has died of prostate cancer. Now, I wonder who is going to replace him in the new "Trial by Jury" series? Anyway, I will miss you and may you rest in peace. For more information, please visit,
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    Babolat Syntec Overgrip

    How does this overgrip compare to the Yonex Grap or the Wilson Pro in terms of thickness, durability, absorption, and duration of tack? I know that it is tacky like the two grips I mentioned. Any responses will be appreciated.
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    THE Original Head Prestige

    I just found this model out on **** and I think it is the same mold as the current Prestige Mid. Also, I think this came out before the brown Head Prestige Pro. Here is the link: http://cgi.****.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=22714&item=7117685470&rd=1
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    1980's POG Mid vs. current POG Mid

    I have heard that the old Prince Grahpite Mid from the 80s was slightly different from the one right know? Can anyone explain? Also, please explain to me with enough details. NO AMBIGUITIES, PLEASE(e.g. I like the old one because the new one sucks.)
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    CAP grommets

    CAP grommets= Computer Aided Protection system(according to TW's i.Prestige page) I wonder if anyone knows why they have the word computer in it? I mean, it's just a piece of bumper strip that surrounds the head.