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  1. rev200g

    Any experience with the MSV Focus Hex Plus 38 1.15?

    Hi everyone, I have tried the 1.20 version of this string and I generally liked it for its comfort, feel and power but it lacks a bit of ball bite compared to the Tourna Big Blue Hitter Rough 1.25 which I normally use. So this leads me to ponder whether the 1.15 version will provide the...
  2. rev200g

    Forten Forten Competition Nylon vs Forten Sweet Syn Gut

    Hi, for those who have used both of the above strings what are the differences and similarities. I am currently using the Nylon as a hybrid cross and am curious to what benefits if any by going to the Forten Sweet as a hybrid cross. Thanks in advance to all responses. Cheers!
  3. rev200g

    Canadian Juniors at Wimbledon

    Congrats to them both!
  4. rev200g

    New vs Old Topspin Cyberflash

    I noticed that one of the string merchants is touting the "new" cyberflash and was wondering if anyone knows what is "new" about it vs the "old". I am currently using the "old" cyberflash and am quite happy with it but you know how it is, if it is new and improved, why not give it a go. Cheers! :)