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  1. Steady Eddy

    Hooray for Venus Williams

    Asked about having children she replied, "They say things like, 'You’re going to miss your window.' I’m like, 'Please, relax. You might feel this way, but I don’t. I promise you I don’t.'" You go girl! Not everybody wants to inflict life on some innocent soul.
  2. Steady Eddy

    The "late call" loophole

    You can only do it when you, or your team are serving. Suppose your opponent hits an apparent winner cross-court. You say nothing, but wonder if it was out. After a while you realize you can't call it out after this much time has passed, after all, if it was clearly out, why didn't you speak...
  3. Steady Eddy

    Do you like to play against better players?

    It makes sense that in order to improve one needs better competition. But constantly losing isn't much fun. I like to play sometimes against players a little weaker than myself. I like to come to the net, and NOT get passed. I like to see my tactics actually work. Against a really good...
  4. Steady Eddy

    How to spot a pusher.

    Just because you see a player hitting softly, we really cannot assume he's a pusher. He or she might be a big hitter but is simply choosing to not hit hard at the moment. What would be some reasons for not hitting hard? Maybe they're playing their aunt, and it just wouldn't be polite. Maybe...
  5. Steady Eddy

    Once again, the proof is in the pudding. (?)

    Why would it ever be in the pudding, much less found in you pudding cup often?
  6. Steady Eddy

    Signs of a good tennis instructor, red flags for a poor instructor

    Usually improvement takes a while no matter what. But let me pick your brains for signs that you should find a new teacher pro, and when you should stay with the one you have.
  7. Steady Eddy

    Ever hook someone who hooks you?

    I've heard of people retaliating that way, but I don't do it. It's not because of some kind of high principled thing. It's just that someone who knows me might see it, and not seeing why I did it, they'd think I hook in tennis. I'd rather lose than be thought of as a cheat.
  8. Steady Eddy

    Best sport to help with tennis, besides tennis.

    I've hit with some guys with lots of baseball experience, but who were new to tennis. They did surprisingly well. From playing infield they know how to move to the ball, they had good hand-eye coordination, and from catching pop-ups they could also read lobs. What other sports can help a lot...
  9. Steady Eddy

    Apart from breaking, or elapsed time, how can you tell your strings need to be replaced?

    Also, does leaving your racquet in a hot car trunk damage the strings?
  10. Steady Eddy

    Can you get better through osmosis?

    I got this idea from another post, how 3.5 players hope to get better through osmosis. I believe that is true because I used to be that way. My overhead was very poor, and I thought it would get better simply by continuing to play. Finally, I accepted that I had to practice it and I asked for...
  11. Steady Eddy

    How many feet of string does it take to string a 110 square inch racquet?

    So if I have 660 feet, how many racquets will it string?
  12. Steady Eddy

    Dumb question: How do you construct points?

    What's that mean? How do you know what your opponent will do? Can you really plan 5 or 6 shots ahead? I mostly wait for my opponent to make a mistake, or I'll try to hit a winner if an opening presents itself. But I cannot say I've ever constructed a point.
  13. Steady Eddy

    Groundstrokes and volleys are soooo different!

    How different? I'll quote Allen Fox, "The rules for one are often exactly reversed for the other." The groundstroker, sets up, and takes a big swing to generate a lot of racquet head speed. While for the volleyer the ball has speed, he punches it, or even just blocks it, and usually has a lot...
  14. Steady Eddy

    How come so many rec. players never lob?

    Is it too difficult a shot? It seems easy. Yeah, it's not foolproof. You could lob long. But it's pretty easy to lob and difficult to run back and smash it. Especially with rec. players. But I'm the only one there who ever lobs. I don't get it. Any ideas?
  15. Steady Eddy

    What's your favorite junkball shot?

    When you want to confuse an opponent, what do you do? I'm left-handed, if that matters, and sometimes I like to get too close to the ball on my backhand side. Then I can swing outside-in, giving it a good sidespin. This often forces weak shots from my opponent as well as winning the point...
  16. Steady Eddy

    How consistent is your toss?

    One would think that it would be easy to toss the same each time. When I have a bad serve, the most common reason is a bad toss. How do the rest of you do on this?
  17. Steady Eddy

    Drop shots and lobs in recreational tennis.

    In tennis literature I read things like, "the drop shot is a low percentage shot", that depends a lot on what level you're playing. At lower levels it's a high percentage shot because most low level players lack mobility, especially when it comes to moving forward. They just like to move...
  18. Steady Eddy

    Is consistent depth more important than power?

    The trouble with simply bunting the ball over the net isn't that it's moving slowly, so much as these shots will often lack depth, allowing the opponent some easy winners. And to get depth it isn't really necessary to hit the ball hard as to hit it high. If your opponent doesn't like to take...
  19. Steady Eddy

    What percent of the time does the server win the game? Comparing doubles to singles.

    I've heard that service breaks are more rare in doubles than in singles, but by how much? If anyone knows these stats for ATP and WTA I'd like to know.
  20. Steady Eddy

    Just saw Roscoe Tanner on Johnny Carson!

    With the streaming services, I found a Johnny Carson channel, and it was probably a show from1979. Anyhow, they had Roscoe and Johnny serve into a radar gun. I think Roscoe's fastest was 107 mph, (he was in street clothes and didn't get much of a warm-up). Johnny's best serve was 74 mph...
  21. Steady Eddy

    What did Mrs. Brady do all day?

    She didn't have a job. But she had a housekeeper. So what did she do? Was Mr. Brady's job so high paying that he could support 8 people plus pay for a housekeeper?
  22. Steady Eddy

    How Alice Marble used the word "volley" in her autobiography.

    So I'm reading Alice Marble's autobiography, "Courting Danger", and she says, "The two players blasted the ball from the baseline, sometimes volleying 40 times before one of them took the initiative to come to the net." So groundstrokes are volleys? Maybe she had a professional writer help her...
  23. Steady Eddy

    Is it unsportsmanlike to play to an opponents weakness?

    Like hitting lots of dropshots if he's slow? Hitting to the weaker player in doubles? Lobbing instead of passing if he can't smash? Or should you play them straight up, like you would anyone else? Is winning by picking on the weakness kind of cheating, or a form of gamesmanship?
  24. Steady Eddy

    Can hackers really develop aggressive serves?

    Somehow youtube has figured out that I'd like to have a better serve. The ads they send me are about how I can develop a strong serve if I pay for some videos. Can this really happen? Or are middle-aged, short guys with no 'oomph' in their muscles doomed to only be able to hit 'two bouncer'...
  25. Steady Eddy

    What I like about the Bryan Brothers.

    They're good players, they win a lot. But what I really like is the cool clothes they wear.
  26. Steady Eddy

    Cost of tennis balls in the past.

    I read once that tennis balls have maintained the same cost over many decades. Well, they're about $2 a can now, and were $2 a can when I first played in 1979. According to a CPI calculator, that means buying a can for $2 back in '79 would be like paying $7.09 today. And I can remember, we...
  27. Steady Eddy

    Is it bad for your strings if you leave your racquet in the trunk of the car?

    I'm in AZ, and it gets really hot in the summer. Sometimes I'll forget that my tennis bag is in the car. Does it matter?
  28. Steady Eddy

    Su wei Hsieh's drop shots, OMG

    They are so good. They are so dominant in her matches. We stress power so much in the U.S. and aren't doing well. Do we misunderstand that tennis is more about controlling the ball than raw power?
  29. Steady Eddy

    How perspective can change whether a ball looks in or out.

    Try this. Set a tennis ball about 3 inches past the baseline. Now stand at the "T" and look. You can clearly see paint between the ball and the baseline. It looks out. Now go to the back fence. The ball blocks the view of the paint you saw before. It looks in. I've had this happen a...
  30. Steady Eddy

    What is the actual difference between pushing and throwing.

    For a right-hander...picture someone looking at you throwing from your right side. If the pivot is your shoulder, your elbow is moving clock-wise. Now, with respect to your elbow, with it as the pivot, your wrist is also moving clock-wise. They both are moving in the same direction so the...