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  1. ced


    I'm currently using a newly introduced overgrip that TW should pick-up and carry...... the ADV Feltac Pro Overgrip is less rubbery than others, very absorbent with a great "tacky " feel. Right now Amazon is carrying it and I would like to see it added to the TW catalog. That's ADV !!
  2. ced

    Knots slipping into grommet

    Older racquet strung many times......suddenly knots slipping into grommet....... 1st thought grommet damage, so changed grommets but slippage still occurring. Question: 1) what causes 2) how to stop slippage
  3. ced

    Babolat Spiraltek

    Just put 16 ga. spiraltek in my Pacific X Force Comp at low tension ......... really pleased !! I was transitioning from the X Force Comp to the Prince Tour Pro 100, having second thoughts now.
  4. ced

    Opinions on the Head Youtek IG Radical OS

    I've only recently been hitting with thr Youtek IG Rad OS and am very pleased with it. It seems to do everything well, but nothing really outstanding. I would like to hear the opinion of other users.
  5. ced

    Gamma T-7

    I was able to locate some new old stock of this great stick, tho grip sizes are very limited. Purchased two and can't wait to string them up and give the 7's a hit. This will be the 4th time since the T-7 was introduced that i've purchased these racquets. These are really nice racquets, tho...
  6. ced


    Has anyone else tried to hybrid multi's ? By that I mean different multi's in the mains and crosses. Having 1/2 sets of Prince Premier Attack and Alpha Gut 2000 on hand I rigged the following hybrid (which has become my "go-to" string set-up) : PPA Black 17 mains @ 53 Alpha Gut 2000 18...
  7. ced

    Coming full circle with the Organix 7 (295)

    Last March (2013) I reluctantly purchased my 1st Volkl Ox7 295 ... reluctant only because of the published stiffness rating of 74. Tho I was pleased with the way the racquet played and amazed at how much feel it had, the stiffness rating kept nagging at me. After 6 months of almost daily play...
  8. ced

    Volkl Organix 7 (295)

    Does anyone know the actual (preferred) 2 piece stinging instructions for this racquet. I've been doing mine by instinct and would like to know if I'm right.
  9. ced

    Rzr 95

    Just received my Gamma RZR 95 .... may be the best looking racquet I've ever had ! Strung with Gammma Pro 17g, overgrip and dampener it weighs in at 11.9oz ..... balance is 8+ HL ....... feel is great, but won't hit the courts until Monday for a doubles match.:)
  10. ced

    F/S : GAMMA T-7, 4 1/2" grip

    posted in wrong topic area ........
  11. ced

    A question for myself ......

    This morning as I packed my bag to go to the courts, I asked myself, " Why in the world is a 77 year-old man, who hasn't broken a string in 20 years, carrying 6 rackets to the court ?
  12. ced

    GROMMET PROBLEM with the Qtour

    While hitting this morning I happened to feel a sharp spot on the grommet of my PK Qtour ....... closer inspection showed a split and mangled grommet at 9T. This is a new stick ordered (strung)8/26 and received last week from TW. Other grommets appear very stretched and about to split...
  13. ced

    PK Q Tour Users ......

    What string combinations and tensions are you having success with?
  14. ced

    Five (5) of your Favorites .....

    List your five (5) favorites from over the years, no particular order .... include one recent, four past favorites ... mine are: Pro Kennex Q Tour Kneissl Black Star Yonex RD TI 80 Gamma G325 Fischer Magnetic Tour
  15. ced

    Shoes and Orthotics

    Dr. has prescribed custom orthotics ..... something new for me ..... looking for the best shoe that accommodates this. My Asics feel a little tight ..... my K-Swiss do not have removable insoles .... my Lottos are comfortable, but heavy and the same with my Filas. What luck have you had...
  16. ced

    1st Time w/ Babolat N.VY

    Just finished my first job with Babolat N.VY in the crosses .... one of the easiest, if not the easiest strings I've ever used ...... If it plays well I'll definitely switch to it.
  17. ced

    Over The Years .....

    Over the years, which racquets really did it for you ? Of all that you used what would be your favorite four (or five)? Mine, in chronological order (order of use) would be: VOLKL Tournament Pro (the red one w/yellow markings) GAMMA G325 ....a sweet , sweet stick FISCHER Magnetic...
  18. ced

    The Kneissl Knockers .......

    There are so many other groups and so few Kneissl users I thought we ought to get together in one place. After a long journey I've finally found the one racquet that has halted my obsessive racquet chase. The holy grail for me has proven to be the Kneissl Black Star (the latest 2010 version)...
  19. ced

    Kneissl help, please

    I need the 2 piece string pattern for a 2010 Kneissl Black Star w/ 18 X 19 pattern. The 2010 model is 100" head.
  20. ced

    worst mistakes .......

    Which is worst : 1) tieing a single half-hitch on a main 2) only stringing 18 crosses when there s/b 19 3) both in the same racquet
  21. ced

    Favorites .....

    Of the forty or so racquets that I have purchased over the last 30-35 years (all but 2-3 would be classified as "player's sticks) I've tried to rank order them in terms of overall playability and user satisfaction (the user being me). Of the top ten I have listed, 4 were Gammas, 3 Fischers...
  22. ced

    Finally found it ........

    I've been hitting with the Kneissl Tom's (green) Machine for the last month ... I play every day ... and I must say I've been impressed enough to purchase 3 of them from TW. This is proving to be one of the absolutely best sticks that I have played with in a long tennis career. Even the green...
  23. ced

    Ashaway Dynamite Soft

    Has anyone actually hit with this new string ? Either the Soft 17 or the Soft 18. I saw the other thread but got lost in the invective and noone there seemed to have hit with the string. If you can believe the hyperbole Dynamite Soft would seem to be tailor -made for the senior player...
  24. ced

    Gamma 340x ....

    After waiting 4 months I finally have my hands on two (2) of the new GAMMA Tour 340X's ..... and can only say that the wait was worth it ! They arrived a week apart from two different sources and the weight of each is spot on. QC seems to be flawless . Paint job is attractive. Specs are as...
  25. ced

    Gamma 340X

    Can you give us an idea of when this racquet will be available for order ?
  26. ced

    Racquet stock ..

    Gamma has announced the Tour 340X and Pacific has said the release date for their new racquet line is March, any idea when we may see these in the TW line-up? When might either the Gamma 340X and the Pacific X Force Pro be available for 'demo' ?