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  1. roundiesee

    If England reaches the world cup final...

    Another poll just for fun regarding the apparently bad timing of the men's final with the world cup final. The football is being scheduled 2 hours after the start of the wimbledon final. Needless to say, unless the match were to be extremely one sided, this is insufficient time for fans to watch...
  2. roundiesee

    Federer V Lajovic or Brazil V Mexico?

    Just a tongue in cheek post- for football fans out there, which of the above takes precedence? Of course the latter takes place 2 hours after the Federer match is scheduled to start. But assuming the tennis still continues, which would you watch? :)
  3. roundiesee

    Cibulkova's feat

    Calling tennis historians! :) Just wondering if what Cibulkova achieved this week was the first time that a player, male or female, lost 2 matches and still ended up winning the year end championships? Thanks! :)
  4. roundiesee

    Wimbledon men's qualies- best of 3 or 5

    Sorry if this has been posted. I've always thought the qualifying tournament was played in best of 5 format, but when I checked the atp website the results were all based on best of 3. Was there a rule change announced his year as regards the men's qualies? Thanks! :)
  5. roundiesee

    Wimbledon men's doubles final 1992- any one remember this match?

    Apologies if this has been discussed, but I recently saw Jim Grabb post a video regarding his devastating loss to McEnroe and Stich in the above final. Does any one remember this match? I only had vague memories of John lifting up Stich as they won the final point but couldn't remember anything...
  6. roundiesee

    Shanghai 2006- thoughts on Roddick and Federer

    Thanks to NatF for posting that RR clash between Federer and Roddick in Shanghai 2006. I was lucky enough to be watching this live, but rewatching the video really brought back those memories. Would just like to ask TT historians- Was this the best Roddick has ever played? Must confess I have...
  7. roundiesee

    Davis Cup- silly question :)

    Hopefully we can take a break from doping threads :) Does anyone know how they decide how many matches to play after the result of a Davis Cup is decided? For instance, I noticed France already won the tie after winning the doubles for an unassailable 3-0 lead, and they decide to play the dead...
  8. roundiesee

    Could Super Mario have won Wimbledon?

    Apologies if this has been posted before. Recently someone posted a video of Roger Federer V Mario Ancic at Wimbledon 2006. Granted no one could have touched Roger back then, I was nonetheless struck by how well Mario Ancic played. I remember I was watching the first round of Wimbledon in 2002...
  9. roundiesee

    Rajeev Ram's racket and string set up

    I could not find any info when I searched; apologies if this has been asked. Rajeev recently has had some great results; does anyone know his racket and set up? I think he used to play with Wilson and Head, and now plays with a Babolat. Thanks! :)
  10. roundiesee

    Difference between a "wild card" and a "sponsor's exemption"?

    I noticed Taylor Fritz had a "sponsor's exemption" for Delray Beach. I tried looking it up but couldn't find the distinction between this and a "wild card"; does any one know the difference? Thanks! :)
  11. roundiesee

    Is anyone still using the nCode Tour 90?

    Recently a good friend loaned me the above to try. I was blown away by how well it played! Groundstrokes, slices, volleys and especially serves- all despatched with precision and ease! Coupled with that familiar Prostaff feel of "old" which is hard to replicate in this day and age. I have played...
  12. roundiesee

    What does "PR" mean?

    I was looking at the schedule for Brisbane and saw that Radek Stepanek had the notation "PR". I know "LL" stands for "lucky loser" and "WC" stands for "wild card", but what does "PR" mean? Thanks.
  13. roundiesee

    Using very low tensions

    Apologies if this has been posted before. Just want to find out who on this board plays with low tensions? My friend loaned me the new PS97S strung with hybrid strings at 45/38. At first I could hardly keep the ball in the court, but as I got used to it, I not only hit deep and penetrating...
  14. roundiesee

    Have you ever found yourself rooting for a player you have never supported? :)

    This is mostly a tongue in cheek post :) I was watching Maria play Aggie last night, and I found myself rooting for Maria to win. I don't know why. I have never supported her as I do not like her grunting. But last night for some reason I just wanted her to win her match. Was it because she was...
  15. roundiesee

    Preferred string set up for PS85 Taiwanese version

    Just got hold of this old and revered racket. Am playing with it as my main stick at the moment, and was wondering if anyone is also using it, or any other PS85. What would be the string set up you guys are using for this great racket? Thanks!
  16. roundiesee

    Is Andreas Beck using the RF97?

    Just wondering if Andreas Beck is using a racket similar to Roger's; I saw this picture on the ATP website; does anyone know? Thanks! :)
  17. roundiesee

    Aces records before 1991

    From the ATP website- Aces Milestone – Federer is just 23 aces shy of joining Goran Ivanisevic, Ivo Karlovic and Andy Roddick as the only players to strike 9,000 aces since 1991 when records began. He would become the second player to reach the milestone this year after Karlovic joined the...
  18. roundiesee

    Didn't know Jude Law played tennis

    Just noticed the resemblance. :)
  19. roundiesee

    Robertson Wilson Rackets

    Does any one know of the above brand? Saw one for sale on the bay and the picture of it looks quite interesting. http://i.****$T2eC16ZHJGsFFMe)!MFzBSW4s0Eks!~~48_20.JPG
  20. roundiesee

    Mladenovic's racket

    Does any one know what racket Mladenovic used against Li Na? Looked like a PS90. Anyway Wilson triumphed over Babolat! :)
  21. roundiesee

    Golubev- why hasn't he achieved more?

    I thought it would be a nice change to talk about some one other than Federer and Nadal, :) Anyway Golubev seems to be a very talented player with very nice strokes. Last weekend I thought he played very well in Davis Cup, winning one and losing the other singles match. But he seems to have...
  22. roundiesee

    Wawrinka's wristwatch

    I know this is silly, but just curious re Wawrinka's wrist watch; does anyone know what he wears? We all know Rafa wears a Richard Mille, but apart from Rafa, I haven't seen anyone else wear a watch while playing. Thanks. :)
  23. roundiesee

    What happened to Gulbis in Sweden?

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but I caught glimpses of his semi with Ferrer. He was up by a set I think and it was 4-4 in the second with Ernests having double break point on Ferrer's serve. I can't believe he lost because he was playing so well up to that point. For those who did manage...
  24. roundiesee

    Liquidmetal Prestige Midplus- is it really that bad?

    Sorry if this has been discussed before; after many years of being universally written off, I'm just wondering if the LM Prestige Midplus was actually that bad. Would appreciate some comments from those who have hit with this stick. Thanks! :)
  25. roundiesee

    Puma Super V Winner

    Hi all Puma experts! Just wanted to ask- If you could only get one of the above, which one will it be (to play with, not keep as a relic, :) ) I've heard that the Winner plays better, but it is supposed to weigh in at 380g, as compared to a manageable 360g for the Super. Thanks in advance, :)
  26. roundiesee

    Just realised who Kim Sears resemble

    There was something "odd" about Murray's girlfriend when I first saw her on the telly, but I could not quite figure it out. Then yesterday it finally dawned on me-she really looks like-> Footballer Michael Owen!
  27. roundiesee

    Any one from Asia and Australia watching the French Open now?

    I just noticed for the last 2 days, that the live cable feed for the French Open (I think it is from an Australian Network as Wally Masur is the main commentator) is not showing any matches from the main showcourt (Court Philippe Chatrier), but rather only from second showcourt (Court Suzanne...
  28. roundiesee

    Why wasn't Pat Rafter able to win Wimbledon?

    The recent Pat Rafer videos on FYB took me back down memory lane. I was reminded of how good Pat was especially as a serve volleyer, and with that nasty kick serve to boot. One thing missing from his resume quite obviously was a Wimbledon title. Having such a game suited for the fast grass...
  29. roundiesee

    New Angell V Old Vantage?

    Sorry if this has been posted- is there any difference between the old Vantages and the new Angell rackets? Would appreciate some expert opinion from those who have played with both rackets.
  30. roundiesee

    Dunlop Biomimetic 200 Vs Wilson BLX Pro Staff 90

    For those who have played with these 2 rackets, how would you compare the two? If you had an important match coming up, which would you use?