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  1. rasajadad

    Yonex or Asics?

    Like anything, fit depends on your foot shape, etc... For me, the Yonex's were too narrow and caused me problems. Can't comment on wear because I play almost exclusively on clay.
  2. rasajadad

    NRG2 replacement...

    The closest thing I've found to NRG2 (and 1/2 the price) is Pro Supex Maxim Touch. Don't know how easy it is to get there, though.
  3. rasajadad

    Full VS touch tension

    What string are you currently using?
  4. rasajadad

    Upper Valley area of VT/NH?

    Look into the programs at the Woodstock Inn. Or are you further up? If so, try Top Notch at Stowe.
  5. rasajadad

    Is Steam Coming Out Of My Ears Yet?

    I give you credit, Cindy. I'd rather stick my head in the oven than captain again for all the frustration it causes.
  6. rasajadad

    Maxim Touch users...

    I string full beds for at least 8 different players ranging from a 3.5 man to 4.5 men and women. Most of the people were using NRG or X-1 and like the savings without a significant decrease in performance.
  7. rasajadad

    What do you do with the wind?

    I break the wind.
  8. rasajadad

    Need Your Help: Stand for Alpha Revo 4000

    I now have mine on a Black and Decker Workmate. Perfect height, solid, and has holes in the top so I can zip tie the legs of the Revo to make it immoveable.
  9. rasajadad

    Hardest string to string

    Another vote for Gamma Ruff (in a Head racquet with cap grommets!)
  10. rasajadad

    senior tournaments and traveling?

    The whole outdoor season is on clay (Har-Tru) here in New England. Come on out!
  11. rasajadad

    experience w/ knee injections-hyalgan, synvisc or other artifical synovial fluid

    I tried the synvisc injections and I didn't notice any improvement. It's also important to note that I was still playing and practicing 6 days a week so I was abusing my knees at the time.
  12. rasajadad

    Valid method for testing if clamps are tight enough?

    My first reel of PS Maxim Touch was VERY oily. I would almost automatically clean the clamps before and after every job. My 2nd reel was much better. What I do now is use a starting clamp as a backup when I start the mains. To know if the clamps are tight enough, I took a piece off the set I...
  13. rasajadad

    How do you measure 40ft from a reel?

    In my house, I loop string through the refrigerator handle and have marked a spot exactly 20 feet from that point (which happens to be in the living room.) I estimate the 19, 18, and 17 foor marks from that spot.
  14. rasajadad

    Global Gut/Gaucho Gut Breakage Survey

    Emerson is the parent company that produces Global Gut.
  15. rasajadad

    What would you compare Maxim Touch to?

    I think it's a lot like NRG2 in terms of power and feel.
  16. rasajadad

    Am I supposed to pre-stretch Technifibre X-1 Biphase 17?

    The instructions on the package say you should.
  17. rasajadad

    Low, low tensions. 30lbs feels great. 20lbs pretty good, too

    As I've previously posted, I string for a client who uses a Prince Graphite 125 with full gut at 13 lbs. in a 1-piece. He can hit with incredibly well-disguised touch and underspin. A post script to this story is that when he asks me to restring, I simply untie the knots and undo the string...
  18. rasajadad

    Hot Tub Time Machine

    Saw it last night. VERY funny.
  19. rasajadad

    WISE tension head - is it durable

    I've had mine for over a year and have done approximately 300 racquets on it. So far the only issue I had was to clean and lubricate the roller bearings behind the string gripper jaws. I did this myself after getting Herb's instructions on how to do it and what products to use.
  20. rasajadad

    String Slippage - GAH!

    Maybe I got a greasy reel?
  21. rasajadad

    String Slippage - GAH!

    For those of you that don't string PS Maxim Touch regularly, you need to know that the string's coating is quite oily. Whenever I string it (which is often) I clean the clamps right after. No matter what string you do next I can almost guarantee it will slip if you dont clean them off.
  22. rasajadad

    {Poll} have you ever been hit in the eye?

    I've been hit in the eye by an opponent, but not by framing one off my own racquet.
  23. rasajadad

    What strings are these?

    Head Ultratour comes in blue too.
  24. rasajadad

    How long before you see results..

    I agree about your cardio to weight training ratio being out of whack if you want to build muscle and lose fat. The easy answer is that you should increase your weight training to 60 minutes 3X/week and do your cardio on the days in between. Also, it's not the # of minutes you do weights. It's...
  25. rasajadad

    Currently NRG16, looking for something better

    Another vote for NRG2 in 17g. If you're happy with the durability of 16, I don't think you'll be disappointed with it in a thinner gauge in light of the added softness and playabiltiy. BTW, I was an NRG2 lover and I didn't care much for the X-1.
  26. rasajadad

    Homestringers: How many packs of each string type and gage do you stock?

    I string about 400-500 racquets a year and keep a reel of Gosen Micro syn gut, a reel of Pro Supex Maxim Touch and a reel of BB Alu Power. In addition, I have about 25 packs of assorted strings for my "regulars." I also keep Wilson and Tournagrip overgrips and miscellaneous spare parts (grips...
  27. rasajadad

    Wise 2086 tension jump???

    It could also be that you have the pre-stretch option activated. Mine can go 10, 15, 20 or 25%.
  28. rasajadad

    open 45 tournament-what level of players?

    It's an honor to play a guy that good in a competitive arena and a real measure of my game.
  29. rasajadad

    open 45 tournament-what level of players?

    The guy that wins the 55's in my section (every year) had ATP points in his day. I'd put him as a 5.5
  30. rasajadad

    Torn Medial Meniscus

    Ken, I think you and I are approximately the same age. (I am 55.) The other thing to consider is that the cause of the meniscus tear is osteoarthritis. It doesn't always show up on x-rays or MRI's. If that turns out to be the case, you'll find out after surgery and that is degenerative and...