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  1. Borrelli


    Hi all, Haven't been on here in a long while! Just moved to Boston, Yes, I realize it's February and freezing cold outside. Looking to play a good amount this spring/summer. I'm in Cambridge. We have some pretty awesome (lighted) courts at Pemberton Park nearby but I'm game to take the T...
  2. Borrelli

    The gut/poly thread

    I've been using MSV Co Focus in my crosses for a while now due to their softness but I'm getting the worst "pinging" noise from my string bed when I hit. It just doesn't sound solid at all. Any recommendations for a soft poly cross that will maintain tension and not sound like this? Thanks
  3. Borrelli

    Question about stringing a pro staff 90 16x19

    Hello all, This might be a dumb question but why do the first 3 and last 3 crosses not alternate? They start on the same under side and finish over rather then alternate each time. Is this the same for all 16x19 string pattern rackets? Thank you
  4. Borrelli

    McEnroe on Federer and Stan ''Something went on in the locker room last night''

    ... Or see anything either ;) Clearly the officiating was not the best during this match.
  5. Borrelli

    Dimitrov Bercy Henley

    I hate the Eagles man!
  6. Borrelli

    Yonex "Stan the Man" T-shirt

    looks like false advertising to me..
  7. Borrelli

    chris evert looks 32

    +1 Even though Martina never was really attractive she has definitely aged better than the rest. Yup, Mary Jo probably looks the best out of all of em.
  8. Borrelli

    Nike Fall 2014 Hopes/Predictions

    Looks just like his RG 2011 shirt.
  9. Borrelli

    Barricade V re-issue heads up.

    Because most companies don't foresee what shoes are going to become "classics" and which one's aren't. They end up throwing out the molds or even changing factories, etc. But one would think they should be able to reproduce a shoe that is only 6 years old?
  10. Borrelli

    vapor 9 id

    BTW - I got the wide fit and it's so much better than the retail fit. I don't really have wide feet but I find the retail version to be a bit cramped.
  11. Borrelli

    Anyone playing with Nike Tech Challenge Hurache

    I've played in the classic Air Tech's (right corner of photo). They're not so great on the feet. I did buy a pair of II's recently and might play in them occasionally. Nothing compares to modern day Vapor's.
  12. Borrelli

    vapor 9 id

    Vapor 9 Breds..
  13. Borrelli

    Not a huge Fila fan, but

    9" inseam is right about where I like my shorts to land. They still sell the "Santoro" shorts with a 5" inseam for those that want em really short. That "shirt tail hem" is actually more of a basketball style than anything, not sure I'm digging the look? I think the current Women's...
  14. Borrelli

    Not a huge Fila fan, but

    I thought it was great when they first made a comeback and had the retro Borg and Vilas polo's but then they went all flashy and weird with the line. It seems (in American at least) that they're going for the urban look/market again? I think if they just stuck to some classic and clean...
  15. Borrelli

    Official Nike Lunar Ballistec Thread

    Yeah, the Rome colorway doesn't even closely resemble the current LB blue.
  16. Borrelli

    Official Nike Lunar Ballistec Thread

    What frankenshoe is Nadal wearing now? Looks really weird and isn't even a current color that Nike is offering. Looks like 4.3's with fake lunar painted soles and a blurry "Nike" symbol.
  17. Borrelli

    Opponents smoking between sets ???

    This thread is tops!! I play against a guy regularly who smokes cigarettes and also mini cigars, not only in between sets but while playing! It doesn't bother me as he is usually on the other side of the net and I can't even smell it. He also plays better when he's smoking. Kinda strange but...
  18. Borrelli

    vapor 9 id

    I got a pair through right before they started with the "out of stock" message. I got a email from Nike last week saying they're "in production" so I guess I got one of the last pairs? It seems the pro players aren't having any problems with ID so maybe they really are at their limit of production?
  19. Borrelli

    Official Nike Lunar Ballistec Thread

    Some of their outfits do look like costumes!
  20. Borrelli

    Tennis in New York City?

    Sweet, my friends girl lives in queens so that could work too.
  21. Borrelli

    Tennis in New York City?

    I saw the two you listed, thank you! I'm not against paying if the courts are good and in close proximity to were I'll be (Williamsburg). I think those two courts you mentioned might be further than the two I'm thinking of? Would you have any suggestions for something closer to Williamsburg...
  22. Borrelli

    Tennis in New York City?

    Anyway, opinions aside, I'm just trying to figure out the best way to play affordable tennis in the city.
  23. Borrelli

    Tennis in New York City?

    Not in my part of CT, we have public beaches and private ones. Just like there are public and private tennis courts, which seems like the practical thing to me? Shouldn't expect someone to use a tennis court that you build on your property but you should expect the public to use those that they...
  24. Borrelli

    Tennis in New York City?

    Ok, thanks. So let me get this right, to reserve a court time you need to buy a single day pass or have a full season pass? And the reservation is an additional cost? Seems crazy that they are stacking the costs like that. Shouldn't you be able to reserve a court for free if you've already...
  25. Borrelli

    Tennis in New York City?

    Hey guys, I live in CT but travel to Brooklyn on occasion (weekends) to meet friends. I've been checking into playing tennis in the city and it seems crazy.. pay for public park courts? I could understand at Central Park but on all park courts? I guess we don't realize how lucky we have it...
  26. Borrelli

    Post Pictures of Your Apparel!

    Nice! I couldn't pull off the shorts but I love the classic pique polo's. Ellesse is making a comeback, they do have a retro line along with some modern performance fabric polo's that Tommy Haas is wearing. The stuff looks a lot better than what the majority of pros are wearing today.
  27. Borrelli

    So now that Pete and Roger have 7 Wimbledons..

    Borg has to be in the conversation as best ever at Wimbledon. 5 in a row and highest winning percentage record.
  28. Borrelli

    Nike Summer 2014 *INFO*

    Nice and basic, I like!
  29. Borrelli

    Hypothetical Matchup: Borg v/s Nadal

    Also, one must keep in mind that the USO hard courts were fast as lightening in those days and the lights were down right awful. I don't think Nadal would be winning USO's on that surface. Borg also dominated on indoor carpet, they don't even play on carpet today. As far as speed goes, I think...