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  1. ambro

    Federer and the coin toss

    It's a conspiracy I tell you!
  2. ambro

    Babolat starting clamp

    I've never used a Babolat but as is obvious from the responses (Mr. Parnell in particular) their quality is very difficult to match. I have owned the two spring Alpha/RAB starting clamp for the last 8 years and it has never failed me. I'll have to order a Babolat next, just to add one of...
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    The Most Prestigous/Highly Valued Grand Slam?

    Can we blame you for your atrocious spelling?
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    Gut/Poly - when the poly goes dead

    I have a good example of this, have a Technifibre 320 with Klip Armour Pro mains with Redcode crosses, don't really remember the tension (around 58 I think) but I strung it at least 3 years ago. Took a while off of tennis to focus on university studies, and have started playing again recently...
  5. ambro

    Knoxville, TN

    Anyone on the boards from the Knoville/Oak Ridge area? I'm going to be in that area this summer for an internship, and am looking for partners to hit around with.
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    People are ONLY UPSET at the footfault call because it was a "SLEIGHT FOOTFAULT"

    +1. Steady Eddy, you're just wrong on so many levels of this argument.
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    String samples from Alpha?

    I just sent Mark an email with the types of strings I was using at the time and possible choices I thought I'd like and let him pick specifically what to send. If I remember correctly, I got: 3 Vengeance 3 Sphere 2 Gut 2000 2 Tenacity This was with an Apex 2, however, so with the DC+ you may...
  8. ambro

    Why was Friends so popular?

    Not my favorite show ever (not even top 10), but I think it's pretty good. Joey and Chandler were hilarious, I couldn't stand Ross. Two hot chicks plus a decently funny Phoebe, and the show is pretty solid. Not great, but solid.
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    Watson proves GOLF is not a sport..

    It's hilarious and tragic, at the same time. Absolutely mind boggling.
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    Watson proves GOLF is not a sport..

    Now you're just trying to pick arguments. There is no way this can make sense, even in your head. Howe scored 96 points at age 51, it's incredible. Watson plays a good tourney at age 59, also incredible. Both are something you don't often (read: never) see, but they happened, and they...
  11. ambro

    Alpha Apex 2 on "backorder!?"

    The Apex 2 was like this last year when I ordered mine as well. There were 5 coming in in early June and people had been waiting on the waiting list for a few months for them, and all five were spoken for. I was the first back-up on the waiting list. When they came in, turned out that one...
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    Watson proves GOLF is not a sport..

    Gordie is an exception, JUST LIKE WATSON IS AN EXCEPTION. He is not consistently at the top of the leaderboard, and neither are ANY players over the age of 50. Watson is NOT among his best in his 50's. He had ONE good tournament at a course that suits his game perfectly. He even said himself...
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    Watson proves GOLF is not a sport..

    You can play tennis hammered off your ass, you just won't be very good. Trust me, I've tried. Same with golf. You can (most recreational males do) play drunk, but it usually doesn't end up well. Golf is a sport, or a recreation, it just depends on HOW one plays. Professional golfers do not...
  14. ambro

    Most ridiculous sport?

    Why is this? Apart from one being fast paced and one being slow paced, tennis and golf are remarkably similar. Mainly individual sports (save for doubles), heavily momentum-influenced, and one must be very strong mentally in order to be good at either one. Also, it is very, very easy to...
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    As if Federer's ego couldn't get even larger!

    So much for Federer's ego. More like OTHER PEOPLE celebrating his dominance. Notice how not ONE of the things you listed involved Roger actually doing or saying something about his own accomplishments...
  16. ambro

    "Federer's 15 slams way easier to achieve in tennis than golf..." - Skip Bayless

    That's not the point. It (golf) is a harder game to play, but not necessarily involving athleticism. It is harder in a much, much different way.
  17. ambro

    "Federer's 15 slams way easier to achieve in tennis than golf..." - Skip Bayless

    I agree on all points, except the stamina and athleticism part. Maybe it is not needed, but in order to be at the top of the world, you do need to have just as good of stamina as any tennis player. Mentally, moreso. Golf is soooooo much more draining than tennis, even though it may not be as...
  18. ambro

    Prince Neos 1000 or Alpha Apex 2

    Mike, I believe the price is nearly identical, unless Alpha has raised the price. The Neos is $1099 (from what I remember), and the Apex II is $1095. The Neos has free shipping, but you get more freebies with the Apex (more string, and the string is better, overgrips, badminton clamps, two...
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    What would be the ideal string and tension for a racket specificially for doubles?

    Something that is not poly would likely be better for doubles, to have a bit better touch and feel. Don't get me wrong, using natural gut will not turn you into Pete Sampras at the net, but you should notice enough difference. If you are not a huge string breaker I'd suggest something like...
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    New to Stringing. (Sorry)

    Watching someone else string (either in person or on the internet--i learned on the internet) is by far the best way to learn how to string. I recommend watching the majority of YULitle's videos on YouTube to learn. Also, read tips from experienced stringers on this board to refine your...
  21. ambro

    out of these 4 hybrid strings, which should i get?

    X-Plosive would be my choice, with Ultimate Duo second. Either way, I'd put the poly in the cross. BTW, it's Klip Legend natural gut, not Klip X-Plosive gut in the X-Plosive hybrid. Just to let you know.
  22. ambro

    How to string a racquet to make its head have a proper shape?

    I've had this problem, even on a 6 point mount. LM Radicals are the worst I've seen (both OS and MP), but I've seen it on other Head frames as well. Never anything but Head though. Wierd.
  23. ambro

    Vote for Greatest Match Ever

    No doubt, IMO, Federer-Safin AO '05, with Ivanisevic-Rafter Wimby '01 in 2nd. This years final was fun to watch, but not nearly as great as these two.
  24. ambro

    Nadal's mini comeback

    Tendinitis in the knees is not an injury you are healed of after a month off. That will never go away, for the rest of his career. I am willing to bet he will never reach #1 in the world again, solely due to the fact that his knees will need a break every now and then, and won't be able to...
  25. ambro

    Wimbledon 2009 Men's Final: [2] Federer vs [6] Roddick

    Anything this guys says is arrogance to you guys, jeez. Comes off like it a tiny bit, maybe, but what do you want him to say? "Andy, I'm sorry you had to play against me. I mean, you really had no chance today because I was on the other side." There's nothing he could have said to Andy that...
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    Why Federer is not the GOAT

    Ahh, my bad, didn't pick up on that. I'm usually pretty good at that, but I guess my radar was off for a bit. That is definitely a point they'd make though...
  27. ambro

    Why Federer is not the GOAT

    That's a whole different point. I never said he's playing in an all-star era with the best players ever in his draw. I said his draw was about as tough as you can make it, which implies, given the players available that are currently playing. You can't make a draw with guys that are not on...
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    Why Federer is not the GOAT

    Laughable. His Wimbledon draw this year was damn near as tough as you could make it. Terrible topic.
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    Is there such an animal?

    There is such an animal, and its name is Technifibre TFight 320 (non-VO2). Weight and Balance are strung measurements: Headsize: 97 sq. in. Length: 27 inches Weight: 11.7oz Balance: 8pts Head Light Depending on your preference of 16 or 18 mains, you can have your unicorn. You may have a...
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    Tennis Warehouse Shoe Ordering Etiquette/Sizing Question

    Nevermind, I've been reading up on the Genius a bit and realized they are narrower than Barricades and Accelerators (I thought the Accelerators were a bit narrow!). They look like they aren't the shoe for me. Ignore this thread, delete if you'd like.