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  1. MAXXply

    Best discussion forums/sites for oldskool and retro sneaker lovers who stopped at the OG Air Max 90

    Can anyone recommend any websites, forums or blogs that focus exclusively on old skool sneakers and trainers from the 70s to the early 90s? I have no interest in sneaker culture after the early 90s. All old skool and vintage discussion. I am familiar with website 80s Casual Classics but that's...
  2. MAXXply

    The smug hypocrisy of Wilson's ''Uncontaminated Design'' philosophy

    I noticed in the TW product descriptions for Wilson’s Ultra series that Wilson gives the term ‘’Uncontaminated Design’’ for the paintjob philosophy behind the Ultra, Blade and Pro Staff lines. You know, the plain, simple two-colour (or mono-colour in the RF97A’s case) cosmetics. It has been met...
  3. MAXXply

    Laver Cup commentators = The Justice League/Avengers of commentators

    The lineup of commentators (US: analysts) at the Laver Cup is like the organisers sent out the Bat signal. Most of us have probably heard them all but it's the first time I've seen/heard them assembled together sharing the same booth. It's like they're The Justice League or The Avengers or a 70s...
  4. MAXXply

    Laver Cup black coloured court - THUMBS UP

    I like the black coloured court innovation at the Laver Cup. Admittedly it appears dark gray when viewed on the TV screen however the ball visibility is much improved. Helped along by the black hoardings along the court. It creates a sharp monochromatic look. Probably wouldn't work outdoors though.
  5. MAXXply

    Is the 1990s PC600 mold exactly the same as the original 1987 Prestige Pro?

    I have in my possession a red Prestige Classic 600. ''Designed in Austria'' printed above the grip collar. I think it is circa 1994 from Czechoslavakia? Is this frame exactly the same mold shape as the original burgundy-brown coloured Prestige Pro from 1987? I have previously held a black 1986...
  6. MAXXply

    HEAD announcement: Tomic dumped
  7. MAXXply

    HEAD dumps Tomic
  8. MAXXply

    Best iOS app for learning Mandarin ?

    Any suggestions as to what's a good iOS app (or the best app) for learning Mandarin? Absolute beginner level. Thanks in advance
  9. MAXXply

    Added a leather grip to my Pure Drive. What suitable lead mods?

    I've added a Babolat leather grip to my 2012 black Pure Drive. Can anyone suggest some basic lead mods to the hoop that work for you? I suppose I'm after something similar or heavier to the PD Tour. The main thing is keeping the swingweight manageable. Thanks for any ideas
  10. MAXXply

    Please critique my Daily 30min Average Joe non-gym workout

    I'm 45yo male, 173cms (5ft 6'') and around 80kgs (176lbs) My daily workout routine involves only the following: 20 deep knee squats 20 knee to chest raises/crossovers 20 situps 20 chestups 60 pushups Plank 30secs -- I don't even know if I'm doing it right Plank with calf lifts 10 each leg PLUS...
  11. MAXXply

    HEAD: Bought 2x same rackets, one came TK82 the other TK82S = mid-production change?

    I bought a Graphene Extreme MP (original black and yellow version from a few seasons ago). I grew to love the squarer, blockier TK82S grip shape. I then separately bought another one as a backup. It was very lightly used and I could see no evidence of grip modifications, however it feels like...
  12. MAXXply

    Pro Bernie Tomic dropped 11lbs in a week - why can't I?

    During the Brisbane tournament, commentators made mention of Tomic's weight, specifically the excess flab around his stomach. A week later by the time he got to Melbourne he had lost 5kgs / 11lbs. How does a guy drop 5kgs that quickly? It took me months. I've cut sugar, do high intensity...
  13. MAXXply

    Slimmed down nicely but can't get rid of belly fat

    I've managed to drop down two pant sizes just by doing hill sprints for 30mins each day and simple straight up/down sit ups and push-ups. Despite looking better I still can't get rid of the layer of fat around my waist. A simple pinch test shows an inch and a half thick of fat still sitting...
  14. MAXXply

    Why did my iPhone 6 storage suddenly free up space?

    I have an iPhone 6, 64GB memory It was running out of space with only about 500MB of space left. Suddenly the other day I checked and it said it had 25GB of free memory and was using only 30GB of space. None of my photos or videos have disappeared, they're still on my phone. Nothing that was...
  15. MAXXply

    Umpire Jake Garner's amazing weight loss - what's his secret?

    Anyone know how Jake Garner went from chubby friendzone territory to GQ Man of The Year svelteness? I wish I could shed the pounds as easily as him.
  16. MAXXply

    Racket hipsters: What would they talk about? How would they sound?

    An Austrian Prestige is cool but a Czech-made one has a more bohemian feel. I like that. I was using the Pure Drive when it was a Pro Kennex. You can't beat the feel of a St Vincent, it's like it was made by nubile island virgins. I believe Fair Trade pricing should extend to gut strings too...
  17. MAXXply

    Replacement insoles for Barricades? Available?

    It would be a shame to toss out my perfectly good Barricade 5's just because I've blown the insoles. Are replacement insoles available for the Barricade? I mean replacements best suited for the Barricade (Barricade 5 in particular)
  18. MAXXply

    Tour de France: Why do cyclists jump onto a stationary bike right after a stage?

    I just saw the end of Stage 18 of the Tour de France. Less than 5 minutes after crossing the finish line, both Froome and Quintana were in the tent riding stationary bikes, still with post-race sweat dripping off them. Why do pro cyclists jump onto a stationary bike right after finishing a...
  19. MAXXply

    What did you think of the Mad Men finale?

    I was disappointed Don found creative enlightenment at the hippie retreat and returned to McCann-Ericksson to come up with the Coke campaign. I didn't think Don 'hurt enough' in the series finale. There wasn't enough 'payback'. I wanted to see his past unravel right before his eyes...
  20. MAXXply

    There are TW playtesters, and then there's TW's Mark Boone:

    I wish to offer kudos and compliments to the incomparable TW playtester Mark Boone. Mark is like the lone cowboy who strolls into the wreckage of a town and blows everyone away with his quiet, contemplative power (ok, maybe not a cowboy. How about Jack Reacher?) Like a tennis outlaw he plays his...
  21. MAXXply

    Made in USA? 19mm HEAD Graphite 105 - (PICS)

    This USA-made? 18x19 model seems to be the same mold as my Austrian-made Graphite Radial 22x23. Where was this Graphite 105 positioned in the overall HEAD model range at the time? Was the mold later used in other models? e.g, Graphite Director? 660cm nomenclature? Thanks for any info
  22. MAXXply

    R.I.P Richie Benaud (1930-2015)

    The doyen of cricket broadcasting has passed away. Just weeks after Australia won the Cricket World Cup, the most influential caller of the sport has died from skin cancer complications. I may as well stop following cricket now he's gone; a loathsome arrogant Australian team that embodies...
  23. MAXXply

    Japanese junk food, candy and sodas beat American-made crap

    ORIGINALLY TITLED: "Japanese packaged food and drink: Better quality than US/EU?" I've just returned from an enjoyable week in Tokyo. My first time in Japan. I have been exposed to Japanese packaged food and drink brands before, but not to the extent I was in-country. It was amusing and...
  24. MAXXply

    7 Days in Tokyo: What would you do? Bill Murray Suntory Time?

    I am visiting Japan for the first time, spending one week in Tokyo. My wife is attending a conference and I am tagging along, just like Scarlett Johansson did in the movie Lost in Translation. I would be grateful for experienced TT Tokyophiles' tips on the best way to spend a week in the...
  25. MAXXply

    Selling my 1980s comic books - need advice

    I am clearing out my very small collection of comic books. They are all from the mid-to-late 1980s. The only title I have that I think might be worth anything more than lunch is Frank Miller's The Dark Knight series, the original 4-issue series from 1986. I also have the early X-Factor...
  26. MAXXply

    Janowicz's AusOpen white Adidas polo: Golf shirt, custom made or old line?

    Jerzy Janowicz is rocking a plain all-white Adidas polo in Melbourne right now. It features a pocket on left chest with simple blue trims there and on the collar. I like the traditional stand-up shirt collar and deep 3-button placket. The sleeves are one inch too short for JJ and its also...
  27. MAXXply

    Will Fed reach $100 million in prizemoney earnings?

    Fed is currently at about $88 million career prizemoney. Just $12 million needed to reach $100 million. Can he reach this money milestone in the next few years? A few semi-finals at the Slams and a Masters 1000 title here and there (per year) should mean he can reach the mark in another three...
  28. MAXXply

    What other Prince sticks if I liked the Prince More Attack 920 Air Handle MP?

    I had the random pleasure of playing a thrift store Prince More Attack 920 MP The one with the slotted handle and translucent headguard. I flipped it because the gripsize was too big but I really enjoyed it and want to revisit it. Apart from hunting down the same racket again in a...
  29. MAXXply

    Is there a better smartphone camera than the iPhone 6?

    After a poor experience using the pathetic camera on my Motorola Moto G (2013), a quality camera is top of my checklist for my next smartphone. All the reviews say the camera on the iPhone 6 is awesome. What are your thoughts? I am very keen on the Sony Experia Z3 Compact but some say its...
  30. MAXXply

    Djokovic Photoshopped! Eating Wimby grass like a Serbian mountain GOAT

    No, I don't have a picture. Nor do I have the photoediting skills to turn that picture of him kneeling on Centre Court munching on a blade of grass into one of the meme things. I was kinda expecting it to show up here on these forums moments after his victory, but I haven't seen one yet...