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  1. galain

    What racquets are the friendliest for the player's arm?

    Any of the Pro Kennex Kinetic series are very easy on the arm. It's a technology that actually does work very well. The Prince Phantoms as suggested, also seem nice and soft.
  2. galain

    Where would Rafter rank had he won AO & WMB?

    Well, the OP was also considering Rafter winning the AO when he was thrashing Agassi until he started cramping. That and two hypothetical Wimby wins (which I'm maintaining were very close losses) plus his US crowns would have put him past Courier I think.
  3. galain

    Where would Rafter rank had he won AO & WMB?

    We have no way of knowing but a two sets to love lead on grass....he'd have had to have been feeling pretty confident if he'd taken that second tiebreak.
  4. galain

    Where would Rafter rank had he won AO & WMB?

    I think he could have taken Sampras at Wimby as well. He had chances to go up 2 sets to love - that second set was a close one. I think he'd be above Courier too.
  5. galain

    Muster’s paint job rackets .

    Medvedev is a spastic??
  6. galain

    Muster’s paint job rackets .

    i recall checking them out some time ago and I don't think they had many offerings so I was probably looking at a White Star or a Red Star in their line.
  7. galain

    Muster’s paint job rackets .

    i always found it interesting that Muster wanted an extended length frame for hardcourts but was happier with a standard length for the clay. It would seem to make more sense the other way around where he would have had a little more time to manouever the longer stick on the dirt than on a...
  8. galain

    Different versions of Rossignol F200

    i never realised the Diva was considered rare. I have one here in my bag. Nice stick - need to play around with the strings a little.
  9. galain

    Different versions of Rossignol F200

    Oh my mistake. I thought you were speaking about the first waves of the F series which the F200 came from. In this latter case I'm not much help - I wasn't playing a lot of tennis at the time and wasn't keeping track of what was out there. Am I right in thinking the Vectris line also appeared in...
  10. galain

    Different versions of Rossignol F200

    The FT's were much later frames. I think for their era they were still reasonably soft but they were nothing like the old F series frames. The FT5.80 is a very sweet stick though.
  11. galain

    How much potential does Seb Korda have?

    you think? Never made the comparison before.
  12. galain

    How much potential does Seb Korda have?

    I've really enjoyed seeing him play. He has the same effortless game his dad had but it seems safer and more solid overall. I think Carlos Alcaraz is shaping up to be a sensation, Jannick Sinner already has a lot of you think Korda belongs in the same conversation? I do.
  13. galain

    Alcaraz is everything.

    I first noticed him at the tournament where Nadal thrashed him on his birthday. I thought then, even despite that bad loss, he might be the one to make some waves. I hope so - he's got an exciting game.
  14. galain

    Stefan Edberg Adidas Racket

    that's interesting. I always thought Carling Basset was with Prince her whole career.
  15. galain

    Racquets at the First Pro Match You Attended Live

    I wouldn't have been paying much attention back then but it was the 1983 Davis Cup quarterfinals doubles match in Brisbane between Australia and Romania. Paul McNamee had his POG, Mark Edmondson a graphite composite Fila, Ilie Nastase had a graphite composite Adidas, Florin Segarceanu (who I...
  16. galain

    Legend! Thanks mate.

    Legend! Thanks mate.
  17. galain

    Hi Rohan - Thanks for reaching out. I actually have a Vila 2000 but I've looking for a Yonex...

    Hi Rohan - Thanks for reaching out. I actually have a Vila 2000 but I've looking for a Yonex Pioneer for ages. It's a shame I'm not still living in Camberwell, I'd have driven out to you directly. I'm hoping to visit Oz mid next year. Would you mind if I hit you up then before I come? I'd like...
  18. galain

    Anybody still using a "Classic" racket (1990s and earlier) as their main racket?

    I haven't played a lot in a while but the first stick out of my bag is usually my PT630. If I'm feeling strong and moving my feet well, I'll pull out my Völkl C10 as well because it feels so good. When I'm allowed back to Australia for a visit I'm shipping the rest of my collection to myself and...
  19. galain

    Safin tells how he saw the games other big players of his time + his career + kyrgios

    Fascinating stuff! Thanks for the translation @TennisLurker .
  20. galain

    Borg, McEnroe, Lendl, Becker and Edberg

    Beautiful stuff! Thanks for sharing.
  21. galain

    Just letting everyone know now...

    I'm far from being a Djokovic fan but the guy is amazing. He wins every major this year except the US Open where he still reached the final and now he's being written off? He has a lot more tennis in him and Melbourne Park is like his second home. We have a big Aussie-Serb community in...
  22. galain

    What’s the one elusive racket that you still have not bought or found yet?

    sorry @mad dog1 - didn't see your post. How did you find your F250 on court last week? I have mine back in Oz with a full bed of VS gut in it. Always found the balance a little odd with the 250.
  23. galain

    93" 18x20 Classics?

    Oh really? I had no idea!
  24. galain

    93" 18x20 Classics?

    Actually forgot about him. You'd think he could have just rebranded it and sold it as a BB frame.
  25. galain

    93" 18x20 Classics?

    Don't know why Völkl didn't let this one have a good run. Seemed to appear, get rave reviews and then vanish.
  26. galain

    The real reason why Medvedev won, and why Djoko looked like that

    Djokovic was off and Meddie was playing really well. I didn't think it'd happen like that. I really believed that to beat Djokovic, it would take a player who would be able to overpower him, because he anticipates so well. That was Zverev for me, not Medvedev. But full credit to him - it's a...