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  1. Kalin


    Are we sure it wasn't a one-on-one basketball match? :unsure:
  2. Kalin

    Emma Is The Most Marketable Player In History.

    Nothing wrong with her Mandarin (I do speak it quite OK); she just has an accent which is hard to place. Her mother is from the North, which has it's own accent but Emma's is something of a mix; natural for someone who learned a language abroad. And her family name is very recognizably Romanian...
  3. Kalin

    What happened to Sampras will happen to Federer

    Sampras' backhand is still way better than Novak's net game :)
  4. Kalin

    Greek god new Spin King

    Truer words have never been spoken. The layout is indeed incomprehensible.
  5. Kalin

    Argh... Got bageled by a girl

    He-he... you just committed the sin you accuse the OP of. That is, presuming too much and being rude about it.
  6. Kalin

    Thiem and big finals

    Yesterday was bad because he missed two easy sitters into an open court for what would have been the go-ahead break in the second set. No line painting was necessary :(
  7. Kalin

    If Nadal wins this WTF, the GOAT discussion is over

    So, did Rafa win? :unsure:
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    The Ascent To The Throne Begins For Felix Auger Aliassime

    Maybe this is what the future has for him - a doubles champion and a good singles player. Not the worst gig in the world, if you ask me.
  9. Kalin

    Hawk-eye vs. ball mark

    Ah, missed the sarcasm, sorry. But, having read many serious attempts at defense of horrible umpiring throughout the years, I am quite sensitive to whitewashing of refereeing crimes :mad:
  10. Kalin

    Your top 10 ATP servers of all time

    I sincerely hope you mean Mischa Zverev or maybe his dad...
  11. Kalin

    Hawk-eye vs. ball mark

    Eh? Have you not been watching sports, especially in HD? Viewers always know and players, most of the time, do too. Protecting incompetent umpiring by handcuffing technology is not the answer. Most sports have already figured that out. Ban slow motion replays? What is this, the 12th century...
  12. Kalin

    Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

    They have also destroyed a generation of older, dumb phones. Ooops, can we call them that? They're all special in their own way, I guess.... but destroyed nevertheless.
  13. Kalin

    Wawrinka lead placement, quantity?

    20 grams of lead in the handle and 3 pounds of steel in each ball.
  14. Kalin

    ....PS I hate you!

    Well, given who he got married to I'd venture a guess that the ecstatic orgy of ululation is still going on quite strongly :eek: :X3::happydevil:
  15. Kalin

    ....PS I hate you!

    To be honest, hitting a volley on the sweetspot of a PS 85 usually causes discombobulated ululation in its users.
  16. Kalin

    ....PS I hate you!

    Methinks you're taking these discussions way too seriously...
  17. Kalin

    Cyclone vs Cyclone Tour

    Take it with a yuuge grain of salt since it's been a long time since I've tried both but I remember finding the TBHB7 much stiffer (or you may say crisper) that what I was led to believe it would play like. It did give some pretty ridiculous spin especially when it was fresh. Based on that...
  18. Kalin

    ....PS I hate you!

    This is, alas, probably very unlikely. But I'm sure it is entirely possible Wilson does a limited run at their current factory/ies while trying to get very close to the original specs, whatever they were. Similar to what they did with the PS 6.1.
  19. Kalin

    Murray PT57A-2 is switching to XL +10mm??

    Nobody has Feliciano Lopez beat on Murray family discounts, I bet!
  20. Kalin

    Murray PT57A-2 is switching to XL +10mm??

    This thread's poasts are making me confuse. So what is Andy Murray selling? I've always been very complimenting of his mother; do I get a discount?
  21. Kalin

    ....PS I hate you!

    The 6.1 and its many iterations, yes, but it is a very different frame. Nobody in the pro ranks, to my knowledge, uses a 6.0 85 or anything similar to that (OK, maybe some old school S&Ver still does). Federer was the last holdout. I think most of the ululating (nice word!) is due to the...
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    ATP player with coolest name?

    Oh, absolutely :cool:
  23. Kalin

    2020 Roland Garros Mens QF: Dominic Thiem [3] vs Diego Schwartzman [12]

    Pete Samprtzman isn't playing too badly today... some crisp volleys, as expected :)
  24. Kalin

    ATP player with coolest name?

    Shlomo Glickstein, and it's not even close. Somewhere Deuce nods in agreement...
  25. Kalin

    2020 Roland Garros QF : (1) Novak 'Throatgate' Djokovic vs (17) Pablo 'Karen'no Busta

    Where is the 'Novak gets so bored he falls asleep during match and gets defaulted' poll option?
  26. Kalin

    PETE right now is unbeatable

    Pete was awesome; one of the best ever and probably the best ever on grass. But clay wasn't his thing. Just like Ivan Lendl's cows ate grass, Pete's ate clay.
  27. Kalin

    2020 Roland Garros QF: (5) Stefanos Tsitsipas v (13) Angrey Rublev - ———————————————————————-2020 Hamburg Final

    Noooooo, you didn't! :cautious: One of the most potents kisses of death that TTW can deliver. Beaten only by a full-on Sureshs endorsement.
  28. Kalin

    What replaced Prince Synthetic Gut Multifilament ?

    Never heard of Prince Synthetic Gut Multifilament... I thought all synguts are monofilament by design. The original Prince Synthetic Gut is most definitely a monofilament. Either this is a rare string or you got the nomenclature wrong or I need to brush up on my string history knowledge.
  29. Kalin

    Serena Williams withdraws from the 2020 French Open 2R

    An Achilles injury is no joke and she should take care of it. As for Serena's (or Venus' or Roger's) time being up- it's up to the others to convince them their time is past, no? As long as they keep going deep in big tournaments why should they retire. I wouldn't and I bet none of you would...