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  1. themitchmann

    Adidas Shoes with Best Forefoot Cushioning?

    Hi TW. Can you steer me in the right direction? I'm looking for an Adidas shoe with the best forefoot cushioning. I've tried the Defiant Bounce, as well as the Ubersonic 2 and 3, but haven't tried a Barricade in a couple of years. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. themitchmann

    Limited Edition Bryan Brothers Racquet

    Hey guys. Looks like Prince has finally released the Bryan Bros stick. Here's a link with from their website:
  3. themitchmann

    Lotto Stratosphere

    Hi TW Any idea what the small pocket on the tongue is for?
  4. themitchmann

    Prince T22 Lite and Warrior Lite

    Hey guys. Prince just sent out their 2016 product catalog, which includes 2 new models: T22 Lite Warrior Lite Both shoes feature more mesh in the upper, as well as a new Ortholite sock liner. I have a pair of the T22 Lites to review for another website, and I'm pretty happy with them so far...
  5. themitchmann

    New Prince P7000 Stringing Machine

    Hi guys! Thought you all might like to see the new Prince stringing machine. One of my friends was stringing for Prince at the Gerry Weber Open in Halle, Germany. He was kind enough to share a couple of pics. Check it out!
  6. themitchmann

    Big Hitter Blue 17 Reel

    It's listed as in stock on 5/28. Do you currently have any? Thanks for your help!
  7. themitchmann

    Bryan Brothers with new Prince TeXtreme Tour 95

    All of these pics are from Isner's Ebix Charity Challenge 2015:
  8. themitchmann

    Isner's new racquet - Prince TeXtreme Tour 100T

    Just found this image on John's facebook page. Looks like he's switching to the new Tour 100T.
  9. themitchmann

    2015 Prince TeXtreme Specs

    Hey guys. Just got an email from my rep with the specs for the 4 new models coming in March. Here you go: Tour 95 Power Level: 750 Weight: 11.29oz / 320g (updated with correct spec) Balance Point: 12in / 30.5cm Swingweight: 290 Cross Section: 19-22mm String Pattern: 16x19 Tour 100T Power...
  10. themitchmann

    Gamma RZR Bubba 117

    Hi TW, Just wanted to point out the skipped holes in the spec section of the Gamma RZR Bubba 117 is incorrect (just strung one up). The skips at the throat are correct, but not the head.
  11. themitchmann

    Prince moving to ATL!

    Just found this online: Prince is moving its HQ to the ATL from New Jersey!
  12. themitchmann

    New Prince Strings Available on TW

    Hi guys. For all of you waiting to give the new Prince strings a go, they are up on TW now. Not all of the gauges and colors are available, but everything (with the exception of Tour XT) is now available. Here's the link to the Prince string page...
  13. themitchmann

    Wilson Optimus String

    Hey guys. Have any of you hit with the new Wilson OPTIMUS string that's coming out in 2014? I just received a sample and was wondering what the initial feelings are regarding this string. I'm thinking I'll eventually hybrid with Pacific PRIME Gut. I'm hoping it will TRANSFORM my game.
  14. themitchmann

    2013 Stringers Symposium

    Hey Guys! Are any of you going to Saddlebrook for the 2013 Stringers Symposium?
  15. themitchmann

    Prince Premier Attack getting updated!

    Hey guys. I just heard from my rep that Premier LT, Premier Attack, and Beast are all getting updates for the Oct product release. I'm not surprised with improved LT and Beast, but leave my Attack alone! Hahaha. Apparently, that's why it's been discounted to $7 a set on TW.
  16. themitchmann

    Head on the Cover of Tennis Magazine

    I'm sorry, but apparently Tennis Magazine has completely sold out. This is the second issue in a row that utilizes the entire cover to advertise Head racquets. What's up with that? I know it brings in ad revenue, but selling a cover as ad space...come on!
  17. themitchmann

    TW String Dampeners

    Hi TW, Any chance you would share how you had your TW Vibration Dampeners made? Looking into having some made, so is appreciate your referral. Thanks!
  18. themitchmann

    What Frames Should Prince Bring Back?

    Hey guys. Since some threads are coming up regarding the direction Prince should move it, I thought it would be fun to discuss what models Prince should produce going forward. Here's my take: I would like to see the EXO3 Rebel 95, and the Tour 100 series continue into the future. In...
  19. themitchmann

    GSS Symposium 2012 - Who's Going?

    Hey guys. Any of you headed to Tampa on Saturday?
  20. themitchmann

    Sore feet, need a good rec!

    Hi guys. I'm a teaching pro and just wrapped up my busiest season to date. I'm sponsored by Prince, and really like my Rebel 2s, but the balls of my feet are killing me from all of the footwork/impact of the summer. I'm still teaching, but need a show with more cushion in the forefoot (I've...
  21. themitchmann

    2012 Prince String Hole Inserts

    Hey TW. I've managed to get me hands on some string hole inserts for the 2012 Rebel 95, but others on here were not sure if they were available. Are they in stock (if not, any idea when they will be)? Thanks!
  22. themitchmann

    New (to me) Starting Method

    Hey guys. A friend of mine recently told me about the method that he was taught to use at a pro shop. I thought it was a bit odd, so I thought I'd let you all weigh in. Here it goes (my initial responses in bold): 1-lace the first 2 main strings (one on each side of the frame) far, so...
  23. themitchmann

    Business Card - I need a "title"

    Hey guys. I'm in need of a little brainstorming/feedback. I'm currently working on some new business cards for myself. I have my own small business, through which I provide primarily tennis instruction and racquet services (I also offer video services for potential college recruits). As of...
  24. themitchmann

    Taking the MRT Test on January

    Hey guys. I'll be testing on the 4th. I've been practicing with gut and changing out grommet strips to be as quick as possible without sacrificing quality. Any suggestions as to other things to prepare for or to expect? Thanks!
  25. themitchmann

    Pacific Classic Gut Shearing

    Anyone run into this issue with Pacific Classic Gut? I started stringing with it when Babolat Tonic went up in price and have had multiple issues from shearing.
  26. themitchmann

    Best Racquet for MRT Test?

    Hey guys...any suggestions? I'm thinking open pattern 16x19 or so (for ease of stringing). The big choice depends on grommet/bumper replacement. I'm thinking that Babolats can be a pain. Maybe a Head Radical Pro? Something decent I can sell off after the test. I'm a teaching pro that...
  27. themitchmann

    New Prince String Available

    Hey Guys. Just noticed a new Prince string show up on TW. Premier Attack. I received a sample set a couple weeks ago, but haven't gotten a chance to hit with it yet. Anybody try it yet? Wondering if it'll replace Prince Syn Gut Multi for my crosses.
  28. themitchmann is on a new server

    Hey fellow stringers. Recently, I was noticing some issues with's load times, so I contacted their support. Apparently, they were having issues with page hangs with users on Macs. They switched to a new server and I've noticed a HUGE IMPROVEMENT in speed. I'm glad to be...
  29. themitchmann

    Beast Dampeners!

    Hey Guys. Just thought I would share something I managed to get my hands on: Beast XP inspired vibration dampeners. Haven't tried them yet, but looking forward to hitting with them installed.
  30. themitchmann

    Davydenko back to Prince? - Done with Dunlop already?!?

    I know there is another thread about this, but I'm just so shocked I wanted to start anew. As a loyal Prince player, I was a little tweaked when he went to Dunlop. This guy BASHED the Prince name last year, but now it looks like he wants back in. Here's a link to the original thread (page...