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  1. WhiskeyEE

    Poor Next gen... getting destroyed again LOL!

    I'm assuming the "Next Gen Flop Watch" thread was deleted because it included match thread results in the general pro player discussion. Regardless, these destroyed threads are allowed so we can continue the discussion here. Updated through 4 Rounds: Already Out - Medvedev 4R (Stan) - Kyrgios...
  2. WhiskeyEE

    Is this the worst version of Nadal to ever make a slam SF?

    I think it is. And it says a lot about the next gen/lost gen. Not that we needed more information.
  3. WhiskeyEE

    In 2014, 22 year old Dimitrov missed a volley to go up 2 sets to 1 against Nadal at the AO

    2014 ended up being Dimitrov's 2nd best year. And 2017 was only better because most of the top 10 was injured at the end of the year. Likewise, Raonic and Nishikori have not improved since 2014. We all heard the excuses. "The tour is more physical now." "Players peak later. The game has...
  4. WhiskeyEE

    An honest take on Nadal’s comeback, RG, and the GOAT race - from a Nadal fan

    Three years ago, Djokovic finally beat Nadal at Roland Garros and it sparked a revolution that changed the course of professional tennis history. The GOAT race was over. In the words of Jose Aldo, Federer was King, Djokovic was Prince, and Nadal was the jester who provided comedy to viewers...
  5. WhiskeyEE

    DR 98 Grip sizing

    I read some comments and couldn't find a consensus. If I am not planning to change the replacement grip (which I guess is thin in Yonex), does the DR 98 run true to size or should I size down? If it runs big, is it by a full size or half size? I normally play with 4 3/8. Thanks.
  6. WhiskeyEE

    Roddick on clay vs. Nadal on indoor HC - who is better?

    Roddick on clay - 5 titles (4 on red clay, 1 on har-tru) - 5-2 in Finals (wins over Davydenko, Sampras, Malisse, Grosjean, Lee; losses to Agassi and Haas) Nadal on indoor HC - 1 title - 1-5 in Finals (win over Ljubicic; losses to Nalbandian, Murray, Federer, Djokovic)
  7. WhiskeyEE

    Was the Shanghai final the moral USO final?

    Both are played on Decoturf II in an outdoor stadium that has a roof in case it rains. US Open - Injured Federer loses to Del Potro and would have met Nadal in the next round Shanghai - Healthy Federer beats Del Potro and then dominates Nadal in the next round I think we all know what...
  8. WhiskeyEE

    This slam won't count in my books

    Whether Nadal wins or loses tomorrow, he still has 15 slams. R1 #85 Lajovic - Random journeyman. R2 #121 Daniel - Challenger Tour player who can't even serve properly. Resembles a club player more than a pro and just lost 1 and 0 to a 17 year old. Still managed to go up a set and a break...
  9. WhiskeyEE

    Babolate Xcel tension?

    What tension should I go with a flexible/control oriented frame like the RDX 500? Thanks.
  10. WhiskeyEE

    Was Nadal's 'match-up' advantage over Federer really just a racquet advantage?

    Head to Head Old Pro Staff 90 vs. Aero Pro Drive - 10-22 New Pro Staff RF97 vs. Aero Pro Drive - 4-1 The only match Nadal won against Federer with his new racquet was at AO 2014, immediately after he switched and before he got used to it. Federer played most of his career with ancient...
  11. WhiskeyEE

    Wimbledon 2R - Nadal vs. Young

    Once the great American hope, Young quickly became the great American hype and, eventually, an American embarrassment. Not counting Istomin's retirement today, Young is 1-6 at Wimbledon and 0-3 in Wimbledon qualifying. Since 2012, Young is one of the few players with a worse Wimbledon record...
  12. WhiskeyEE

    Feedback on these racquets? Looking for a player's frame. 1hbh.

    Looking for a player's frame with some flex, but not too much flex. Good balance between control and power, but leaning slightly toward control oriented. Good feel. Don't want a muted racquet. I don't even like using a string dampener. I take fast full swings. Considering: Pure strike 98 one7...
  13. WhiskeyEE

    Is Nadal about to get Soderling'd again?

    Back at the 2014 Australian Open, Nadal was gunning for the double career grand slam. After Stan knocked out Novak in the quarterfinals, Nadal and his fans had already began celebrating. But, in the final, Stan showed us something we had seen before. Nadal has no answer for a zoning big hitter...
  14. WhiskeyEE

    Similarities between the next gen and old gen 5-8/9

    I was just thinking about how happy I was that Goffin is out of RG, since he has no shot of beating Nadal in a potential SF, and then I remembered that I always had a similar feeling when Ferrer was knocked out of RG, since he had no chance of beating Nadal there. Then I realized that Goffin is...
  15. WhiskeyEE

    Tribute to Fedal and the Australian Open Final

    One of the best matches I've ever seen. I figured I would sum up my thoughts and feelings about the players and the match the only way I know how. In a song. A long long time ago I can still remember how His tennis used to make me smile And I knew if he had his chance That he could make us...
  16. WhiskeyEE

    Alec Baldwin's speech from Glengarry Glen Ross sums up how I've felt about Federer the past year

    He can't close. His comeback against Cilic and other players notwithstanding, he can't convert break points when it matters. He won, what, 30% of returns points today and 11% (1/9) of break points? This has been a theme for a long time. In big matches, he can't convert break points unless his...
  17. WhiskeyEE

    Looking to upgrade from old Pure Drive team

    I've been playing with an old Pure Drive team for the last 10 years and figure, if Nadal and Federer are upgrading racquets, maybe I should look into it. The Pure Aero looks like the obvious choice. I almost chose the aeropro drive over the pure drive way back in the day, but I went with the...
  18. WhiskeyEE

    An ounce of reason to balance out the insanity: Nadal is not beating Novak this clay season

    ...or winning "La Decima"... ever. Sorry. We've all read the headlines. Nadal triumphed in Monte Carlo and Barcelona. He just won his 8th straight match. Christ on a cracker. Watch out everyone, Nadal is back. He's ready to sweep the clay season and become relevant again. This is back page...
  19. WhiskeyEE

    Djokovic vs. Nadal

    Looking at the most important criteria: Slams: 12 - 14 Nadal WTFs: 5 - 0 Djokovic Big 5 titles: 17 - 14 Djokovic Holes in resume: None and WTF (indoor) Djokovic Weeks at #1: 202 - 141 Djokovic YE#1: 4 - 3 Djokovic Masters: 29 - 28 Djokovic H2H: 26:23 Djokovic Most dominant season: 2015, 2011 >...
  20. WhiskeyEE

    Novak trails Nadal by just one Big 5 title

    Novak - 13 (9 slams + 4 WTFs) Nadal - 14 ( 14 slams + 0 WTFs) Novak will also likely surpass Nadal in Masters titles and the h2h shortly. And he already leads in time at #1. Both are missing one big title. Novak is missing RG and Nadal is missing the WTF. Masters count is currently 27-24 and...
  21. WhiskeyEE

    The Fedalovinci Code

    Roland Garros is underway and this year’s tournament is the most highly anticipated in at least a decade due to the likelihood of a Nadal loss. After 10 years of torment, everyone from fans to pundits expects his reign of terror to finally come to an end. Considering the occasion, I have...
  22. WhiskeyEE

    ATP 1000 Madrid SF - Nadal vs. Berdych

    At 29 years old, Berdych is finally realizing his potential. It has taken a very long time, but after nearly a decade of choking, underachieving, and just embarrassing himself in general, he finally beat Nadal again at this year's Australian Open. Berdych may have been Nadal's pigeon, but in...
  23. WhiskeyEE

    2015 Barcelona Open - Nadal vs. Fognini

    It has been a slippery slope for Fognini. Ranked #13 just 1 year ago, he is now ranked #30. But even at his best he never had the game to trouble Novak or Federer, having gone a combined 0-10 against them in his career. Yet in Rio he showed that even a past his prime clown has what it takes...
  24. WhiskeyEE

    2015 Barcelona Open - Nadal vs. Almagro

    Last year, Almagro lost in the 1st round of RG and finished the season ranked 71. He also withdrew from Monte Carlo with a foot injury, but he was still good enough to beat Nadal in Barcelona. Can he do it again?
  25. WhiskeyEE

    Will Nadal defend any of his summer hc titles?

    Nadal has never defended a non-clay title, but he has 3 cracks at it this summer. If he doesn't do it at one of these 3 tournaments, he never will imo.
  26. WhiskeyEE

    Wawrinka's grass court season

    People are complaining about Federer's draw, suggesting that Stan is weak on grass, but lets look at his results this year. SF at Queens (lost to Dimitrov) QF at Wimbledon (lost to Federer) Dimitrov won Queens and made Wimbledon SF Federer won Halle and has made Wimbledon F (so far). Outside...
  27. WhiskeyEE

    Is Nadal's grass peak a myth?

    Apparently, Nadal's grass peak was 2008-2010, the years that he didn't lose in the final. How coincidental is it that he hit his "grass peak" between the primes of Federer and Djokovic? This is also the period that he won 4/5 of his non-clay slams.
  28. WhiskeyEE

    Novak's consistency

    Dating back to Wimbledon 2011, Novak has either won or lost to the eventual winner of 12 straight slams. This is probably the 2nd best streak next to Federer, who won or lost to the eventual winner of 23 straight slams from 2004 to 2010. Nadal's longest streak was 5. Even in the 3 slams he lost...
  29. WhiskeyEE

    Djokovic’s impressive record against the rest of the Big 4 on slow HC

    Djokovic may have to beat Murray, Federer, and Nadal in consecutive matches to win the title in Miami. It sounds like a difficult task, but let’s take a look at his record against them on rubber. He has competed against Federer, Nadal, and Murray on slow hard courts 19 times and won 16 of those...
  30. WhiskeyEE

    Every open era great has won the YEC

    Roger Federer – ’03, ’04, ’06, ’07, ’10, ‘11 Pete Sampras – ’91, ’94, ’96, ’97, ‘99 Ivan Lendl – ’81, ’82, ’85, ’86, ‘87 Bjorn Borg – ’79, ‘80 John McEnroe – ’78, ’83, ‘84 Jimmy Connors – ‘77 Andre Agassi – ‘90 Novak Djokovic – ’08, ‘12, '13 Stefan Edberg – ‘89 How can Rafael “I wish the WTF...