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    Yonex Ezone Tour 98

    so are these still scheduled to come out on 7/24 or are they delayed? Looks like a couple of other websites have them up for preorder already
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    Australian Open 2019 gear leaks.

    I think the the kyrie collab actually looks really cool, buncha old geezers in here Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Santa fe, New mexico

    Will be in Santa fe for a conference next week, will be free Sunday afternoon and all Monday. Looking for any 4.0+ in the area Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Describe the oddest, weirdest, legit weirdo you've ever played....

    Was this in central Texas or Houston? Had a similar guy show up a newks and all he could talk about how he was wheeling and dealing in oil and gas. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    From Pro Staff 90 to ?

    I'm considering switching from my ps90 blx 2013. I love this racket, but I think the weight is really starting to hurt my game especially with my shoulder and wrist injuries. I've been experimenting with the new PS97 and the yonex dr98. IMO, the PS97 doesn't have good feel. Not sure if it's the...
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    Nike elite tennis socks

    ETA on more elite tennis socks in Large?
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    New Ubersonic 2.

    Anyone know what the upcoming colorways are? Not a fan of the red, would like a more neutral color scheme Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
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    Yonex Ezone DR CLUB!!!!~~~!!!

    bought this racket used last week, came strung with head hawk touch but the tension is unknown. During, the first hit, the racket played like a dream very crisp and stable. However, I played a set tonight and it definitely was not as crisp. Does head hawk touch have bad tension maintenance or...
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    Critique my serve

    I appreciate your comments and any constructive criticism. I'm truly looking for good feedback so I can improve my game. You say that I look off balance, is there anything in particular that shows that? Stance? Follow through? What exactly should I work on and what drills/exercises would help...
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    Critique my serve

    Yeah I was serving when I think I injured it initially. Took a week or two off before playing again and it still didn't feel good. Took a month off, still not better. Took several months off before playing again, still not better. Finally went to see a doctor and do an mri. The first 2 orthos...
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    Critique my serve

    Hi all, Just got back into the game after a year long break, trying to recover from a rotator cuff/labrum injury. I was playing with a blx prostaff 90, but I've recently found that I can't serve like I used to 2-3 years ago. I bought a yonex dr98 to demo and so far it's gone fairly well. I...
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    Post Pictures of Your Apparel!

    And my girlfriend thinks I'm crazy about tennis clothes... Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
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    Differing BLX 6.1 90 paint jobs?

    dang that sucks, the 2012 version looks a lot cooler
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    Differing BLX 6.1 90 paint jobs?

    I've had one for a while that has "prostaff 90" painted along the hoop, but the two I just bought say "prostaff ninety" instead....Did Wilson decide to change paint jobs during production?
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    The only officially authorized IW 2013 travel thread

    we are going tomorrow, have day and night loge tickets. Planning on leaving San Diego around 7, getting to IW around 930. Any good, cheap places to eat in the area for going in? How's the food on the grounds? Also, I assume there will be a break between day and night sessions, what can we do...
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    The only officially authorized IW 2013 travel thread

    Going to San Diego with my girlfriend for spring break, and she bought us day and night session tickets on the main court on Wednesday (men's 16, women's Quarters) This is going to be my first big tournament and I couldn't be more excited :) We'll be driving from SD that morning and coming back...
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    What past shoe do you want to see reintroduced?

    nike vapor speeds and Vapor VIs for sure
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    Post Pictures of Your Tennis Shoes!

    what size are those and where did you get them?!
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    Top 3 Nike shoes

    if those other two guys don't work out, lemme know.
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    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    just picked up 3 really nice Nike golf polos for $20 each at TJ Maxx, 2 were originally 50 and the other was 60. Also just got 3 Nike Pro Combat compression shorts for 15 each, originally 25
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    Post Pictures of Your Apparel!

    eh, it doesn't really matter, it's up to the players
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    Post Pictures of Your Apparel!

    yeah, I know A&M has some team managers, but it's all about knowing people so you can get that job. A&M's team is really good so I'm sure that would be a pretty cool job as well. Funny story, a couple of years ago the A&M manager actually walked on for the team. We had no idea why because the...
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    Post Pictures of Your Apparel!

    yeah it's pretty cool. We have opportunities to travel with the team as well, but I've only gone to Houston with them when we played an exhibition against Texas A&M. The other stringer told me he also got to workout with the team sometimes last year, but I haven't done that yet. Probably gonna...
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    Post Pictures of Your Apparel!

    there's 2 of us this year, last year we had 3
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    Post Pictures of Your Apparel!

    Nike hooks us up really well with custom colors for wristbands, socks, and running shoes. The socks are those Nike Elite Basketball socks that everyone in that thread raves about, and you can't buy these colors anywhere. Warmup jackets I have a couple of Nike Texas sweaters and...
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    Post Pictures of Your Apparel!

    I'm a student at The University of Texas at Austin and I’m also a stringer for the men's tennis team. One of the great perks is all the awesome custom Nike gear we get. You can't get most of these shirts in stores These shirts are specifically made for us, drifit/cotton material. Definitely...
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    Post Pictures of Your Apparel!

    I have a ton of Nike tennis stuff, so check it out drifit tshirts more drifit tshirts my drifit crews/polo. No, I'm not interested in selling the federer crews :)
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    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    I have this and the same shirt in blue/yellow Fed wore in the US Open that year. The material and sphere react on the back is great, but the sleeves are just so damn long for a size medium.
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    What is the color code for this polo?

    I would be interested in buying it if you have a medium available
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    Nadal Nike Woven Short fit?

    I dunno about the shorts, but you should probably hit the gym if you're 6'1 and only weigh 165 lol