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    Head Extreme Series

    Hey TW, Any update on the next Head Extreme version? I don't recall when the recent one came out. I know this is a bit of a shot in the dark but I was a huge fan of the Extreme Pro. Any news if Head plans on releasing a Pro? My guess is no but thought I would ask...personally I think they...
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    Gamma Stringer

    TW, Do you service stringers? I have a Gamma crank stringer that I purchased probably 10 years ago and have no idea what it is pulling. Still works great and haven't noticed any issue with my racquets as far as tension is concerned but curious if you do that. Thanks.
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    Question - Head Extremes

    Hi TW, Do you know if Head plans on releasing an updated Extreme series this year? Thanks!
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    Chris: perspective on Pure Drive Tour vs XT Extreme Pro vs Pure Ero Tour

    Chris, Title correction: meant Pure Aero Tour. Sorry! Assuming you have hit with all three, what would your perspective be as it relates to control, comfort and power / plow through with these racquets? Meaning, out of the three what do you find most control oriented, most comfort...
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    Loyalty Program?

    Hi, Before I ask my question or make my comment please note that I am just bummed about not being selected for any play tests so far. :-). Does TW have a loyalty program? Meaning, if you spend a certain amount for the year you get x off your next purchase or something? I live in a big city...
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    Head Graphene XT Extreme Pro - question for one of the play testers

    Did Head change the grip shape on this frame? The demo I used did not feel like a speed pallet but it also didn't feel like a pallet from the prestige or radical line. Honestly, I couldn't tell and am curious now. I didn't get a chance to pull the grip off to look at the pallet. Thanks!
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    Perspective on these racquets?

    hi, Member for a while here but do not post too much. Curious if anyone has a perspective on any of these three frames I am trying out. I am looking to switch as I currently use the 4d 200 tour. I am a 4.5 player with semi-western forehand and a one handed backhand. Here are the racquets I...
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    Question: similar racquets to Juice Pro

    Hello TW: What current racquets in your opinion are similar to Wilson's Juice Pro? Also, do you know if Wilson is going to release a similar racquet sometime soon? Thanks!!
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    Crisp thin string

    Any recommendations for a crisp thin string? Something less than 1.20 as I want to open up a tight string pattern (18x20) and get a little more bite. I like Pro Hurricane 1.20 but would like to try something thinner. Thanks for any recommendations.
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    My meniscus recovery

    So, I know there have been several threads on this topic. Some of which have been very insightful, comforting and reassuring that I can get through this. I wanted to post my experience to share what I am going through and to get advice from others who have been there. Also, maybe this thread...
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    Volkl Organix 10 325???

    Why is there not much 'love' for this frame? On paper, spec wise, looks great (at least in my opinion). I am going to demo it later this week but certainly would appreciate any comments from those who have tried it. I just never hear about it. May be because no pros play with it that I know...
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    Question for Chris: Head IG Radical Pro

    Chris, Curious for your input here. Sorry for the confusion. Meant Graphene Radical Pro - not IG as title says. What would be a good control oriented hybrid for this frame? I know it was play tested but it was all poly right? My arm can't handle that anymore. Did you experience any...
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    Question for Andy: Wilson PS 95

    Hi Andy, In your video review of the PS 95, you indicated that the racquet was customized to your specs. I am tinkering around with one and would like to know how much lead tape and where you applied it? I have mostly explored with lead at the top of the frame but would be curious as to what...
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    Chris: question re: 6.1 and Organix 10 325

    Hi Chris, Regarding Wilson's new 6.1 (16x18) and the Volkl Organix 10 325 mid plus, how would you compare / contrast these racquets? Which one has the edge in your opinion? Thanks so much!
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    Dunlop racquets

    Hi, Any update as to when Dunlop will release the M200 classic? Will it be in the US? Thanks.
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    Dunlop F2.0 Tour Feedback

    Curious as to what others think about this frame. I am a long time Dunlop 200 user currently using the 4d 200 and used previous iterations of this frame in the past. I tried the F2.0 tour and strung it exactly like my 4d's. In my opinion I feel like Dunlop screwed up a great frame. The new...
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    TW: new Dunlop racquets

    Hi, Does Dunlop plan on releasing a new 200 tour racquet? I see the F2.0 tour but that is an 18x20 and the M2.0 is lighter but an open pattern. Thanks!!
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    Question for Chris. Pure Drive Roddick

    Chris, I know you once played with this racquet. What poly would you suggest that will be soft and control oriented? I was maybe going to try Solinco Revolution. Thoughts? Thanks!!
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    TW: New Dunlop Racquets

    Hi, I know Dunlop is introducing some new frames in the next couple of weeks. Any idea as to when the new 200 (or F 2.0) will be released? Thank you!
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    Juice Pro vs. Radical IG Pro vs. Pure Storm Tour

    So, I am new to the board so be nice.....I recently had the chance to do an extensive play test with these three racquets. I know that there are separate threads for these racquets but thought I would create one based on these three. A little bit about my playing style...baseliner for the...
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    New Pure Storms?

    Anyone know when Babolat will update the Pure Storm racquet line? Thanks!