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    Question on customizing

    Let's assume you take a racket that is 10.7 oz, 1 point HH, What would you do to make it 11.2 oz while keeping it 1 point HH?
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    I have been using an Egnas Flex 940 for 2 years and never had any problems with the machine. So far I used it about 20 times because I only string for myself and my wife. We rarely break the strings so we change them only because of tension loss. The 940 takes more room than I would like so I...
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    Luxilon why?

    Every time I see Couurier on TV he is pushing this string. First what string exactly he is touting and second is he being sincere? Thanks
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    Prince Air DB

    MP and OS. Any comments on this racquet is appreciated especially comfort. Did any one experience arm trouble with it?
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    Stiffer racquet

    How do you make a heavy racquet (player racquet) stiffer? lcw
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    Pallets on the V1 classic

    Does anybody know if it is possible to change the pallet(grip) on this racket say from 3/8 to 1/2. Thanks lcw
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    Older Volkl

    I hope this is the right thread for this question. Does anyone remember (have) the VOLKL V1 Hotspot ? If so can you please post the specs especially the weight. I even asked VOLKL and they don't have the answer. Thanks lcw
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    Hand gets tired

    What is is the most likely cause for the hand to get tired while hitting tennis balls? Is it swing weight, racquet weight, grip type, balance, manufacturer etc.....? Let's assume the swing is correct and the person is strong enough for the sake of discussion. Thanks.
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    Brad Gilbert clips

    Looking for Brad Gilbert clips? Forehand, backhand and volley? Thanks lcw
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    Swing late, hit flat

    What stick (player racquet) is best suited for some one who swings late and hits flat? Heavy racket?, low tension? etc... Also what is more likely to get the arm more tired? Higher swing weight or lower? Thanks lcw
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    Proud pusher

    Proud pusher. I get a chuckle out of people calling me pusher. That’s their excuse for losing because their game lacks consistency. Poor losers always blame everything and everybody else when they loose, wind, lines, sun, racquet, noise, you name it. No one in their right mind could expect to...
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    A question on power

    Let's assume an average 12 oz racquet, head light, 63 swing weight, what is the logical way to add power to the racquet while not messing with the stroke? More weight to the handle, head , both, looser tention, different string type ...? Any comments? lcw.
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    Knee replacement

    Any one had a knee replacement procedure lately? If so can you share your experience playing tennis before and after the procedure? Thanks lcw
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    Volkl tour 10 VE MP vs tour 9 VE MP

    NoBadMojo and others. Did any one play with both racquets and if so any opinions? I know there is a weight difference but I am interested in a comparaison of all other aspects like power, volleys, slice and so fourth. Thanks lcw
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    Lead tape

    I am curious on how much weight lead tape can add to the weight of the racquet. Assuming a racquet weighs 12 oz, what will the weight be after adding 1/2" lead tape at 3 & 9 of the head? Thanks lcw
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    Matching strings to racquet stiffness

    Is there any guidelines to match the stiffness of a racquet to the type of string to use while staying within the recommended tention? Do some strings work best with certain racquets? lcw
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    What is a POG?

    Prince something? Thanks.
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    Racquet prices

    It doesn't seem right that racquet manufacturers require dealers to post a minimum advertised price on racquets. The only looser in this process is the consumer.
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    The serve again

    Is there a movie or even pictures showing just the racquet action step by step during the serve. Forget the toss and body motion, the best way IMO to understand the mechanics of the serve is to see the racquet action from start to finish. For instance, when we say brush the ball for top spin...
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    Fisher M PRO-N0 1 105

    I demoed this racquet today for one hour. I found it to be very flexible with plenty of power on ground strokes, very maneuvrable at the net and descent speed on the serve. The catch? Well it hurt my arm and if I continue hitting with it I might develop a tennis elbow. Is there any possible...
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    Need suggestions switching racquets

    I played with VOLKL V1 Hotspot for a long time and my racquets look and feel old like me. I need to switch to a similar racquet preferably a VOLKL. Did any one use this racquet in the past and what racquet did they switch to. It would help if the manufacturers publish a guideline explaining...