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    Peng Shuai: Speak Up Tennis Community

    This morning I read a nice article on the disappearance of Peng in China after the tennis star accused a Chinese government official of sexual abuse The Suspicious ‘Disappearance’ Of China’s Tennis Star Is Right Out Of The Chinese Communist Playbook The Chinese Communist Party will do anything...
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    Knee Pain!!!

    It has been rather nice here of late with my knee health. I began eating a pescatarian diet recently and for some reason any knee pains I've had for years have disappeared. Before to keep my knees feeling better I'd do some light weight lifting on my legs s couple times a week. Now for what...
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    Leaves on the court in the fall

    I haven't played on a court with many leaves. I do have an electric leaf blower now though. I suppose if that issue should come up I'll have an answer. When I was a kid, and my parents would ask me to rake leaves, I would point out that we should leave them alone. It is why they were named...
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    How many tennis players can run one mile in under 5 minutes 30 seconds?

    Not I! I'm a slowpoke at running the mile. I jog barefoot so speed isn't important to me.
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    Springsteen wins medal at Tokyo Olympics

    Congrats to Bruce' daughter Jessica for her Olympic win. I have a cousin with a daughter that would travel around the country competing in equestrian events. She often won is what I understand. She didn't make the Olympic team though she tried out.
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    Oldest Living Americans

    Don't know. I read the article many years ago and don't recall their theories, if any where mentioned. Ever since though I've noticed when tall basketball players pass away, which tends to be younger than the average it seems.
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    Oldest Living Americans

    I once read that height plays a roll in life expectancy. It said that men and women of the same height have similar life spans. hard to say if that is true or not, but I have noticed in my family shorter guys tend to live longer. that hasn't always been the case though. When i worked on my...
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    Djoker's Gluten Intolerance Test

    Eh, hard to fight success. He wanted to be the worlds best tennis player likely best player of all time, and he's found the different keys to make that happen for him, even changing his diet. I did get a chuckle recently about his spirit of the wolf story World No. 1 Novak Djokovic Says...
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    What’s the #1 thing to be successful in life?

    I'll go with to be a successful parent.
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    It is a cold, hard, cruel world today when you are in a divorce proceedings!

    Poor guy. I thought he had good advice in that if in a legal situation best to document everything and if you can record events.
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    Where do the Rockies rank?

    Hmmm, nice pictures. I wish I was i the cool mountains right now. It is a bit on the hot side in Florida right now. They remind me of the Cascade mountains, an area I used to frequent often when younger. The few times I've been in the rocky mountains I had a good time. My sister and her...
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    I'm tired of fixing things with my body...

    I was quite pleased here of late in that a long term knee and hand arthritis type issue has resolved once I stopped eating all beef, pork and dairy products. I'm eating a lot of fish. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I'm pleased about it not having that pain. Avoiding mammal meats...
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    Your take on Steve jobs?

    About the only thing that comes to mind for me with Steve Jobs is my parents laughing when they learned where he want to college for awhile. My folks are from Oregon. They didn't think all that highly of the Portland Or. college he briefly attended. It wasn't the academics that made them...
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    The health of Tennis as a sport moving forward, what are your sentiments.

    I don't know. Since moving here to Florida I haven't really reached out much to the tennis clubs and other local players. The lady that lives next door to me is much more into playing tennis than I anymore. She is a top player locally. When I see her next i'll bring the topic up as I'm...
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    The health of Tennis as a sport moving forward, what are your sentiments.

    Where I live, at one time the area was big into playing tennis. Tennis courts can be found everywhere around here. Yet today I rarely see anyone playing tennis. Instead it is the pickle ball courts that are crowded and popular. One HOA I'm familiar with is even talking about converting the...
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    Who is Suresh?

    The legend of Suresh, long told by the Wampanoag tribe about his fuzzy green ball hitting abilities......
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    Why can't you put a tennis court in a greenhouse?

    It would be nice and warm, but a pain to find the balls in the plants.
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    S.O.B. It is an older Blake Edwards film. It was kind of cute, having some humorous bits to it.
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    Biking anyone?

    I just recently bought an electric bike. This is my second e-bike that I've owned. The Dutch made electric bike I first bought had broke down, again. To fix it cost the same as buying a new bike. So I bought local this time, another electric bicycle and I love it. It is lots of fun to bike...
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    I will marry Bill Gates

    Might want to call off the wedding. A not very flattering look at Bill Gates I read this morning. Big Tech uses ‘socially awkward’ and ‘the spectrum’ to cover their sins
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    For me, if I'm awake at 3:00 and not tired I get up and eat breakfast. Then breakfast makes me tired and I end up passing out on the couch for an hour.
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    Something Fishy going on.

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    Your biggest financial mistakes?

    With the stock market I made many mistakes when I was younger. Now I have a better feel for how things work and thankfully have done better in the market. Fingers crossed that remains the case in the future. I'm sure though i'll still make errors on the future.
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    Supplements for Athletes over 50?

    For me my favorite supplement is a nitric oxide (NO) booster. It gives me more energy, I breath easier and I've found I sleep better since I began taking it. It is good stuff. I like and take a magnesium and sulfur supplement. It is a spray supplement. I spray it onto my skin which then...
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    Anybody here into e-bikes aka electric bicycles?

    I've owned an ebike for awhile. I have a Van Moof electric bike that no longer works. The company has been the pits with service and repairs and I've given up on it. I'm hoping a nephew who is studying to become an electrical engineer will take interest in the bike and take it for himself and...
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    I will marry Bill Gates

    Good luck with dating Gates. Hope you enjoy being vaccinated. I've often joked that i'm guessing to shake Gates hand one has be vaccinated a half dozen times in advance. Couldn't imagine requirements for dating.
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    I'm falling for pickleball...

    As I like to joke, the vegetable sports are becoming more popular around here too. I rarely see people playing tennis anymore. I've suspected the increasing power of tennis racquets, and how fast tennis balls travel anymore, is turning off the older crowd from playing tennis. That is my guess.
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    What does Finland think of the rest of the world?

    A former neighbor of mine in Florida was from Finland. Lets see, she liked to ski, taught skiing some in the winter out west, and well was married to a bald wealthy American playboy that was likely twice her age. They seemed to like each other so it worked.
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    Sperm counts could reach zero by 2045

    I'm currently slowly reading a book about the negative health effects of cheese. Something brought up in the book is that the cow hormones found in cheese increase female estrogen levels and lower testosterone levels in men. I guess if worried over your T levels cut cheese out of your diet...
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    What does the rest of the world think about New Zealand?

    Hmmmm..... I guess dairy cows come to mind when I think of New Zealand. Where I used to work at a NZ salesman involved in dairy farming came to visit us in America. Chatty nice fellow that knew a tremendous amount about dairy farming and mad cow disease.