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    Gold Vapors

    Has anyone seen Feds gold Wimbledon shoes for auction anywhere online or in person......niketown maybe?
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    Happy B-day Pete!!

    Greatest of all time
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    Agassi never takes shower ....

    Who the hell cares where Agassi showers
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    Is this John Daly?

    Muster got fat and then got ripped with abs and the whole nine!
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    Federers Shorts somethings not right!?

    His are custom made like everything else he uses. if you think he has the exact shorts as you .......well keep dreamin
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    Looks like Agassi can't lose in his new Adidas gear!

    Shorts are too short, but his game is shaping up. Hope he is not peaking too soon.
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    Worst #1 Men's Player?

    Roddick for sure
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    So how come Agassi was wearing Adidas?

    Nike will not leave tennis. It has been afiliated with tennis for a long time, and they still get plenty of exposure when they market things like gold shoes on fed and sharapova. niketennis in america will not go anywhere
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    Drank PROs ?

    A lot of players smoke pot because it doesn't make them hung over like alchohol will do.
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    Petition for the return of Nike Air Oscillates

    He doesn't have them
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    Did Gilbert just said "F**K on TV???

    so what have we never heard the word
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    Gold nike shorts

    I have these shorts, and they look nothing like gold
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    Gold nike shorts

    Are these tennis shorts? Where are they at? Pics.....
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    Federer's Headband. What's Really Inside?

    I have this chip from catching his headband at last years us open and I am selling it for 5k.
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    Sampras vs. Federer - at their best, who would win?

    Sampras in three straight sets at their best
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    Legg Mason final: Roddick vs Blake *spoilers*

    Roddick wins 7-5 6-3 is my prediction.
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    XBOX or PS2??

    XBOX has better sports games. XBOX 360 has topspin 2 which will be the ****
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    Agassi for another major???

    There is an element of luck to winnng a slam. Someone will have to take out Fed and other top five players before the finals. People said Sampras couldn't do it and he shut them up so I believe Agassi can do it.
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    What car do PROs prefer?

    Sampras has a private jet, but I don't think he drives it. If he did, he would drive it better than Fed would. ha ha ha
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    Why Roddick doesn't currently wear Babolat

    Why does tennis warehouse have the babolat shoes in stock and Roddick has signed on to wear them in the near future, why doesn't he wear them now? It says a lot about a product if the products spokesman chooses to wear something else. He obviously isn't with Reebok anymore, so why is he...
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    Great live band, not as good as my fav. DMB
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    Sampras has 2nd kid

    It is nice to see Pete living a normal life. He deserves it
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    Why am I great on practice and awfull playing match?

    that is the mental part of the game my friend
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    Andy Roddick's serve Video. Damn!!!!

    Yeah fake, they did the same thing with Mike Vick throwing a football 90 yards and Labron hitting like 10 full court shots in a row. Pretty sweet though
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    Tip for toss

    They do that to make it easier to kick the serve when they curve it.........A straight up toss normally means a flat serve
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    Who's feat is greater?

    All of us can ride a bike......can anyone win wimbledon here? Pete's accomplishment required athleticsm whereas Lance is just in superior shape. I say harder to win Wimbledon. Sampras can ride a bike too......Can lance return a 140mph serve?
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    Where To Get Protein??

    Tuna or Grilled chicken.....weight lifter's best friend. Eggs also have a ton of protein.
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    Taylor and tour trainer: It's Called a Hat

    I have heard Taylor say that he has always battled with his weight. Glad to hear pros have that problem too!
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    Who had the better career: Sampras or Agassi?

    Pete has had the best career of all time.
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    The real reason for blue courts at USO

    I like this change.